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Christian missionaries plans to convert Hindus at the Kumbh Mela

Christian’s plans to convert Hindu at the Kumb

Created by Y J on November 6, 2005, 2:21 am

Dear Friends,
Do you think “freedom of propagating” religion means approaching other faith’s religious gathering and “propagate” own religion ? Like “International Mission Board” has plans to do during 2006 Kumbh Mela in India that is Biggest Hindu gathering and misusing tourist VISA.
Read the link have and if you feel this is NOT correct .Please sign the petition .Also visit their website you can see they call “darkness” to those countries where majority doesn’t belong to their faith ?Is this shows respect for others faith ?

Please Signature this petition if you think such practise should not be allowed ,this list will be sent to all concerns authorities in India and Unites States .

Thank you for your interest in the Mission: Goliath job number 77940 in India. Additional information on this opportunity has been provided below.

Mission: Goliath – #77940
(General Evangelism • Prayer Walking )

Location India
In February of 2006 an estimated 2.5 million people will be visiting a holy site in a South Asian country to attend a major religious event that takes place infrequently. It is doubtful that any of these people will have ever heard the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. This represents an unequaled opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many people. Join us as we join the masses at the holy site, bathing the site with prayer and sharing the good news at every opportunity.

Dates Any 10 days between Feb. 1, 2006 and Feb. 10, 2006
Specific Date Instructions The festival will last from February 4-19th. Teams should arrive in time to attend orientation for a day before attending the festival. Though any team is invited to stay as long as they want, at least one team is needed on site throughout the festival.
Team Description Personnel Type (individual/team) Team
Number of Teams 2*
Number on each team 12
Total Number needed 24
Is team size flexible? Y
Minimum/Maximum team size minimum of two, maximum of 12
Are children under 15 permitted? N

Costs Total on field cost PER PERSON $520 + airfare
Total on field cost PER TEAM $0
Instructions for collecting field costs: Not applicable

Minimum education required for team members College Freshman
Health Considerations
Health conditions that could prevent a volunteer from accepting this assignment Though great speed is not required, volunteers must be able to walk some distance and should be able to walk in the heat.
Factors that could influence the volunteer’s ability to do this job The climate will be warm, probably 80-90 degrees. There will be much walking, and, though not required, there are many stairs. Combination of heat and walking will require at least moderate good health. Malaria prophylaxis and mosquito repellant should be used. See your physician for recommended immunizations.
Health care facilities available Health facilities on site will be very limited. Very good health facilities are available 4 hours away.

Travel, Location and Culture
Geographic Settings Climate is tropical. Primary religion of the region is Hinduism, also Jainism, Islam, Buddhism and Tribal religions. The holy site is in a small city, and lodging will be in another small city about an hour away.
Other (customs, clothing, shopping, etc.) Clothing should be discreet, cool, and comfortable. Pants or long skirts are acceptable for women. short-sleeve shirts are also acceptable, but not spaghetti straps or tank tops or low-cut tops.Tops should be loose fitting and cover the midriff. Comfortable walking shoes are advisable.
Available Housing Housing will be hotels. Rooms will have showers and western style toilets.

Mode of in-country travel plane and rental vehicle w/driver
Possible Visa/Passport Restrictions Tourist visa will allow entry into the country.

Items/materials to bring to the field Team members should bring personal neccessities. Though medicines are available, it is advisable to bring all needed medications. Toiletries are available, but type and brand may not be what you are used to.
To find out more about this job
How to participate
You have indicated that you are not interested in leading job number 77940. Please complete our “Ready to Serve” form by clicking Team Member Ready to Serve Form and we will pass on your information to a team leader when one has been identified for this job. Please be sure to include this job number 77940 in the comments field on the Ready to Serve Form.

If, however, you have changed your mind and would like to be the team leader for job number 77940, please complete a short Team Leader Information Form, which will be sent to the Field Contact for this job. He/She will contact you with more information. Please be patient while the Field Contact considers your request.
*If more than 1 team is needed for this job, please indicate how many teams you wish to lead.

Churches Convert Vulnerable Hindus by Hook or Crook

Bangalore Churches Convert Vulnerable Hindus by Hook or Crook

Posted December 30, 2005
by Shwetal Pramod Kamalapurkar

Bangalore, August 1: Janmashtami, September 2004, the Infant Jesus Church Complex, Bangalore held a week-long festival during which a tent was set up in the community with long tables and benches and a shrine of Infant Jesus at one end. The sides of the tent were covered with pictures of Meera, one of Krishna’s greatest devotees, accompanied by peacocks. Meera seemed to be adoring the Infant Jesus, who wore a small peacock feather in his crown. It appeared that the residents of Koramangala were thus, being led to believe that Infant Jesus was the reincarnation of Krishna.

Most of the dwellings in the locality are thatch huts or small houses erected with mud and used pieces of bricks and stones. Many of the nicer houses, built with new bricks, cemented and painted, are owned by recently converted Christians. They are given generous amounts of money for converting. The road leading to the Infant Jesus Church is proposed to be named ?Infant Jesus Road?. The street earlier had a Hindu name.

The situation at the St. Mary?s Cathedral Complex, Shivaji Nagar is no different. Two hundred people, mostly belonging to the lower strata of society, have been converted about a week ago. It has been learnt that a plan has been made for converting more Hindus in the area.

Austin Town and Ulsoor are other well known hubs of conversion activities. They even have small community halls where sermons and other get-togethers take place. The missionaries? strategy is well planned. They refrain from coercion but its the vulnerable (read unsuspecting Hindu) mind set that is played on. They are either manipulated or lured into Christianity.

Christian missionaries are all over Bangalore, preaching that Hinduism is an error and Christianity is the only true religion. They move from place to place like vendors of goods. They have no special spiritual merit that distinguishes them from the commoners. They however possess material goods which they promise to those who join their fold.

Recently, in Orissa, a missionary descended on a famine area with money in his pocket, distributed it among the famine stricken, converted them to his fold, took charge of their temple, and demolished it. He promised the converts material benefit and assured continued support if they attended Church.

It is an accepted fact today that fringe church groups are converting scores of Hindus to Christianity across India. In many South Indian villages, religion has boiled down to money. Flushed with funds from their headquarters in the United States, a number of church groups are converting hundreds of Hindus, especially those belonging to the low castes.

In Madurai, a year ago, around 250 villagers – all of them poor Dalits underwent baptism by water and converted to Christianity. The ceremony was conducted by the Seventh-Day Adventists Missionaries. In the span of six months after this mass conversion, reports say, Seventh-Day pastors have converted as many as 2,000 Hindus to Christianity in the Madurai region.

At around the same time, the Covenant and High Land Trinity, a church group working in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur district, converted 70 Hindu villagers. Reports said that all the converts were paid money and given jobs for changing their religion. In the latest of a series of conversion in Kerala, two dozen Hindus in a poor mason’s colony outside Pathanamthitta town were converted to Christianity allegedly under the influence of a charismatic Christian prayer group called Master Ministry of Jesus.

Church insiders admit that church groups with plenty of foreign money have mushroomed all across South India with conversion as their main agenda. “They have exotic names like Exodus Church, New Life Evangelists, Covenant and High Land Trinity, Master Ministry of Jesus etc. They reject church rituals. They are very Westernized and fundamentalist,” a senior Pastor, on the condition of anonymity, revealed.

An American missionary, Mr. Cooper came to India on a tourist visa, which prohibits missionary work. During his stay in Kerala, he overtly indulged in missionary activities and so was asked to leave the country for violating visa rules. The episode brought to light a plethora of facts. According to the residents of the Kilimanoor Dalit hamlet, Cooper spewed venom against Lord Krishna and attributed the modern scourge of AIDS to the avatar of a bygone yuga. Press reports suggest that around the same time, another foreign missionary in the area was hounded out by local residents for making derogatory remarks against Lord Ayyappa, the pre-eminent deity of the state.

[Mahatma Gandhis] message from Young India, speaks the minds of many, I hold that proselytisation under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least. It is resented by people here. Religion after all is a deeply personal thing. It touches the heart. Why should I change my religion because the doctor who professes Christianity as his religion has cured me of some disease, or why should the doctor expect me to change whilst I am under his influence?

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