Documentary on Christian Conversion in India to uproot Hinduism

Documentary on Christian Conversion in India Released

Posted September 20, 2006

The Dharma Raksha Samiti recently released a 22 minute documentary video highlighting the modern-day activities of Christian missionaries in India. The English film entitled \”Invasion through Conversion\” gives an overview of the rampant conversion by Christian missionaries across the nation. The film covers the issues such as the ongoing evangelisation of Tirupati, the almost complete conversion of Northeastern India, and conversions villages through deception and false miracles. The documentary can be viewed online at the source link above or at:

it can also be downloaded at:


56 Responses to “Documentary on Christian Conversion in India to uproot Hinduism”

  1. 1 JYOTIRMYA PANIGRAHI November 29, 2008 at 11:55 am


  2. 2 sowmya April 8, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Jyotirmya – are u so innocent to think that these missionaries really did some good work, and even if they did, they did it because they were good hearted?? They did it with the intention of converting them, not to really help them. My maid who was recently converted says the missionary who converted her stopped helping her financially the moment she was converted!!!

  3. 3 varun August 16, 2009 at 7:45 am

    Just like the Christians have organized to demonize Hinduism; we Hindus also need to embrace the modern day media outlets and refute the countless baseless allegations that Christians lob on us.

    Frankly, I don’t understand why Hindus in India are willing to allow these despicable allegations and turn a blind eye to the rampant conversion fraud that Christians are committing.

    Indian religions like Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism have coexisted side by side for centuries but the sole purpose of Christianity is to demonize every other religion and prove their superiority. The very fabric of India is been rotted from within by Christian churches.

    I have nothing against Christ or for that matter any other form of God. I take issue with the institution of Christian religion with operates more like a well funded corporation seeking world domination and the clear target is India at the moment.


  4. 4 prashant September 8, 2009 at 4:15 am

    Once Hindu people will wake up then all Christians will vanish from the India.

    I am from small village from Karnataka these Christian missionaries approached to our village also there main target is on dalits – They will spend some money on them to take there confidence – Then they will fill there mind with some or other stories – All so called Christian (He is also converted)is an educated person.

    I think we Hindus also has to do the same things by re converting the converted peoples……If these things goes on then within some years this 3% will raise to 30%.

    I heard from some source that this YSR is right hand of SONIA GANDHI – Who is actively doing this conversion in AP costal areas.

    Please let me know if we can do some thing to stop this conversion.

    I request every HINDU to actively participate in this debate and share there thoughts.

    It is crystal clear that this Christian missionaries are helping (Acting like helping poor people)- 10% they are helping and 90% there intension is to convert Hindu’s.

    Best example is raichur – 10 years back we do not had prayers form Christian apart from church – But now you can see more than ten prayer houses…….why, so….any one can answer this…….

    • 5 Ganesh (Bharat) September 5, 2011 at 6:27 am

      Hindus are get Converted to other religion bcoz Hindu’s don’t have knowledge of Hindu Dharm.
      Chritians are gathering once in a week to know about Bible,Muslims are also gather on Friday in Masjid..where in they will get education of Kuran by Imama or Maulavi…
      Are Hindu’s coming together to get the education of Geeta,Puran,Upnished etc.? answer is NO….
      This the reasons Hindus don’t have Faith on Hind Dharma…
      ohh Hindus if we get united on the basis of Dharm then no one will dare to covert us.
      Please come and work with….Hindu Janjagruti Samiti
      Uniting Hindus Globaly.

    • 6 aswin117 November 27, 2011 at 6:46 pm

      my dear prasanth its time to wake up Hindus to vanish all Christians from HINDUstan
      i already awaked nd started YAGNAM to banish nd create terror in missionaries


    • 7 sanjoy March 12, 2012 at 7:51 am

      there r so many frauds n cheating cases in hindus, brahmin making huge money by performing pooja, hindu diffrentiate people,superstions r prevailed, so many gods demi gods, 80crore population remain poor inspite of 33crores gods, all chritian countries live faboulous life they just have 1 god.

      • 8 siddarth April 18, 2012 at 8:00 pm

        mr sanjoy….we dont want ppl like u in india….the cast discrimination was never there in vedic times…it was again brainwashed by the britishers to hindus that such discrimination was der…they had the divide n conquer policy which ruined india….brahmin is not a caste…brahmin means one who imparts knowledge… if a dalit or low caste is a teacher in a college..then his act is like a brahmin..brahmin is the way of living..go and read the real vedic texts..which has been misunderstood due to the false casting of the britishers…stop saying 33 crorce gods blah blah…one god for west blah blah…i hv a irish as my friend n he hates his own religion christianity wer in his country the priest himself has raped minor children… stop pointing out on hindu brahmins..bad is everywhere…and the truth is…todays india hardly knows about the real vedic system only becos britishers planned and plotted the divide n conquer policy….they taught that aryans and dravidians are different and aryans came somewer from north and dravidians wer blacks….its so wrong….aryans are ppl who follow vedas…and dravidians means in sankrit…drashta-vid…means the one who imparts vedas to ppl…so dravidians were aryans who preach vedas….britishers said aryans follow vishnu and shiva is dravidian god…all bullshit….y there are so many shiv temples in north and main vishnu temples in south…y shiva is white and vishnu is black….poor hindus have got confused and even the google says the same all due to the planned culprit plot of the britishers who invaded india…and todays india is so innocent…..i wish hinduism is back to the world…even the word hinduism was given by britishers….hindu as in indu..indus valley…..we are not hindus..but vedic followers…..

      • 9 stormchaser1988 August 15, 2012 at 4:32 am

        sanjoy, you do know that India was the richest country in the world before the invasion by muslim and british folks? hindus accept everyone….others are not like that. nobody is stopping you, please leave to whereever u want to go

      • 10 ravi October 27, 2012 at 3:33 pm

        the one god not is god, he is man like gandhi

  5. 11 Anup October 14, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    What happened in the last five centuries and what is happening in Kerala today is nothing but silent terrorism in the form of organized and externally fuelled religious conversion. It was Christianity which started first with the intention of conditioning the ground ready for European colonization. In every colony of we need quite a few of our people. In distant lands the only way to get own people is by way of aggressive and accelerated cultural conversion. Religion is an integral part of culture and religious conversion is the best tool available for easy conditioning of the target population. Increasing rigidity of the caste system provided a golden opportunity for the European missionaries to penetrate into the Indian society. Enemies of India had budgeted big sums for the project and India�s toiling masses could be easily made disgruntled and aggrieved. As most of them were lacking any formal education, tricking them into a new religious system was easy with the help of material inducements in terms of milk powder and rice.

    The next predator in Kerala started their work in terms of organized conversion much later. Though we had sizeable number of Muslim population in the coastal areas, especially in the north Malabar region, their intrusion into the interiors of Kerala as an organized religion is only about one century old. The Mapillah Rebellion in 1921 was perhaps the first organized assault aimed at religious conversion under the guise of so many other objectives. Though North India was under Muslim rule for several centuries, its influence in the southern regions of the country was minimal. Also their enmity with the European colonial powers was not helpful in increasing their numerical strength by targeting Hindus. But the situation has changed drastically in the 20th century when millions of Oil money started flowing into Kerala. Increasing their number by all means and capturing power by organized might is high on the agenda of the Muslim mind of Kerala.

  6. 12 helpless_guy November 22, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    i am a victim myslef ….
    well in my case its just a little different .. they promised to marry their daughter whom i liked , to me once i finshed conversion to chrisinaity … unwillingly which i did( i never wanted to do it , but at that age , i was that stupid to believe those bast****) . once after that they talk to me as if they are done with me … they are such horrible ass***… When doubting thomas first came to kerala , the biggest mistake we made was welcoming him with open hands …. and to that courtesy we did to him , our own religion is under the biggest threat at the hands of the christians …
    In a country where the interests of the majority is not considered , i don’t understand why the gov supprts these minorities … why why ?? is it actually worth to sacrifice the countries majorty for just getting a pat on the back from some western countries …
    pls guys do something … just like we kicked the british out , kick these ***** out , before they become an incurable disease

  7. 13 A.S.Mathew January 19, 2010 at 4:01 am

    Hindu religion is a great and one of the oldest religions of
    the world. Majority of the people of all religions are
    trying to find peace and salvation through their religion.

    When I talked with my friend Anil Kant (he is recording artist
    in Bombay, was born in Punjab as a Hindu), I asked him, why
    did he change his relgion and followed Jesus Christ? He told
    me that he was a very religious person and prayed and conducted
    pujas, but he was missing something deep down in his heart.
    Hinduism is teaching “karma and salvation” and that is a
    never ending process of life, but Anil told that he wanted
    an instant bliss of salvation and peace in life. He used to
    compose music for churches based on the chapters in the Bible.
    One night, he was very miserable, and something prompted him to
    read the passage from the Bible which he already knew. It was
    what Jesus said ” I am the way, the truth and life”. He read
    that passage and gave his life to Jesus, and instantly his
    life was changed. Nobody is forcing anybody to convert, but
    human heart is seeking after truth, peace and joy; and when
    the seekers find that ultimate goal, they change their religion.
    By following Christ, it is not changing religion, but simply
    following Jesus Christ.

    • 14 Krishna December 15, 2010 at 5:50 pm

      Hey Mathew,dont act too smart….we Hindus are not fools..who the bloody hell are you to say that no one is forcing Hindus to convert…

      I studied in a christian school,That basterds always called and insulted our Hindu gods as demons…,I as a kid was not able to do anything against them, they use to distribute bibles asking Hindu kids to study and believe it…

      I use to stand on that dirty book,rub it on dust and sand, and later sets it on fire in kerosene…

      Whoever convert,we dont care….But always remeber you will receieve back for all these basterdic works…

      I have commited my life to end as many christians as possible…
      Youth in large numbers are joining us..

      your charity is nothing but an act to convert people…

      Jesus is the biggest FUCKER the earth has ever seen..

      I had a christian girlfriend as that help less guy, she also asked me to follow jesus… I just asked her to go to hell…

      I dont want anything other than HINDUISM…..once again HINDUISM…

      Jai Shri RAM….Hara Hara Mahadeva…

    • 15 asha December 31, 2010 at 1:27 am

      @ matthew
      Christainity teaches love and peace lol
      Please go through these two websites. I can refer if you need a more.

      More you people will give your bible to well educated people like us who are living in west we will expose the evil.

    • 16 Freedom Fighter January 18, 2012 at 8:08 am

      You and Jesus are criminals and have looted our region and belief. you are criminals

    • 17 siddarth April 18, 2012 at 8:07 pm

      u r a bad man mathew….ur friend doesnt know that even if he gets converted the law of karma will never leave him….he has to pay his karma for sure in whichever religion he is…he might hv got good days cos he wanted to escape his sins….and he was guilty for his sins which made him restless….and wen he thought jesus is the solution..he got he thinks his sins are washed out..but not…..karma wont leave people…u keep a watch on his life….u will come to know soon or later one day wat i tell is true….

    • 18 Rupeshkumar July 23, 2012 at 9:03 am

      Christ wasn’t GOD. He was murdered by Romans. If he was a GOD how can he be died? Almighty GOD never dies. surely we can call him a philosopher or a patriot. In Hinduism number of patriots are there who accepted death for their faiths. also one thing about Christianity and Islam is that they were forcing people to ACCEPT their religion. e.g. st. xaviors converted Hindus in Goa with devil’s brutality. I can show a heap of papers regarding this truth. on the other hand any religion, any philosophy, any wisdom can not stand a bit in front of our vedas, upnishadas, bhgavat-geeta, shri-mat-bhagvat, smrutis and vivek-chudamani.

  8. 19 A.S. Mathsew January 22, 2011 at 12:34 am

    Mr. Krishna, I have simply and openly told my personal
    experience with Anil Kant. If anybody is forcing religion
    on somebody through incentives, that is not ethical.
    Even among some Christians, they may be overzealous, but
    foreceful conversion is a terminology sounds like physical

    Indeed, nobody likes to see that the religious followers of
    their own religion leaving for other religions. Where we need
    to draw the line between personal freedom and religion as a whole?

    Among the converts to Christian faith, how many have set
    fire or engaged in any form of anti-social or terrorist

    Please don’t get mad at other’s personal opinions; we all have
    the liberty to express our views in a friendly atmosphere.
    God bless you, and I respect your love for Hinduism.

    • 20 Vikram August 16, 2012 at 4:52 am

      Mr Mathsew,

      I have serious suggestion to you. We loved in this countries for centuries as Hindu. When some one comes and covert you in Christan. All culture of vedic Hindu is lost in a sec and person like you become different all together. I suggest you to get back to Hinduism and practice same culture as our grandfather use to do. We welcome you to Hinduism. Get courage to convert back as Hindu and motivate other people like you.

      This will be an good example set by you and it will be a slap on conversion. Do it my brother….BE A PROUD HINDU

  9. 21 jay March 6, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    christian missionary had documented problem all over the world for bribing or buying people to religion or forcing . it happened all over the world muslims and budhist and sikhs and africans and south americans had been complaining and still continue to complain about this issue. only in india the the fight started because for hindus it was question of survival. india was ruled by chritians for long time. and even now majority of congress party people are chrsitians . even indias majour and jpc head and antony sonia and many other officials are chritians. we dont behave like pakistan and try to kill your leaders for defaming our gods. we just want you guys to leave us alone so that we hindus can catch up with thousand year old abrahic religious force and humiliation. we may be poor due to such invasion . but we are not fools like african american in usa or native indians in canada

  10. 22 hindu March 7, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    Mathew , hindu religion is great and it does not need any foreign savior and it will never ever accept any foreign savior. if you want use our savior for you . Lord Rama is our rakhsak he is our protector and we live and breath our gods . if you want to add one more god to our gods system you should be willing to take fight. because rama is in war with foriegn gods and he will not rest until all foriegn teaching is eliminated from bharath to create heaven on earth. he will distroy all body concious gurus came from arabia. the queen of hyderabhad use to eat 10 pound banana for break fast . you can see this is arabian people and american people. lord rama teach you to eat less and consume less and be friendly to your body. what do american people do you know?

  11. 23 Mahavakya May 12, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    If you look at the pattern,before Independence there were few churches and Now they have churches at every corner of the road.In my home town ,there were only two churches and now when I visited my town after 2 years and I see that that there are more than 21 churches.There is a system planning which undertaken by congress and missionaries to convert people.First they offer them money and beef and then they’ll ask the new converts to ridicule their previous religion.By converting people Missionaries are bridging a gap in society.They convert using propaganda and prejudice against Hindus.They ask new converts not to go near Hindus or talk,eat with them.This Gap is getting so wide that it would be very difficult to control the outburst.

    • 24 Peter 89 June 25, 2011 at 9:03 pm

      @Mahavakya your views are very prejudicial regarding Christians. But I can assure you one thing that nobody in The Church tell anybody to avoid hindus nor they ask to anybody to ridicule hindu gods. I can assure you because I myself is a convert and I still live with my hindu family and my love for my country, family, teachers and friends remain same. May Lord Bless You!!!

      • 25 christianwatchindia June 27, 2011 at 1:02 am
      • 26 Sudha October 18, 2011 at 8:56 am

        Hello Peter,

        Iam a new person entering this conversation. you said u got converted and still with the hindu family…

        My questions are
        1. Do you now follow hindu principles and way of life or Christian way of life.
        2. When you don have a proper principle in your life and u change your religion as you change your job or house then what is the difference between you and a dog or an animal living on the roads. I don find any difference.
        3. Do you change your parents in your life like your religion?


  12. 27 raajashekkar reddy July 6, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    hi,this is Raajashekkar Reddy form Bhagyanagar(hyderabad).

    mathew and peter ,i feel pity on ur so called ignorance regarding the bastardic acts of missionaries in india. this is a known fact that how these missionaries are putting their soul and body to convert all the hindus into christianity. these bastards are following each and every order given by the bastard POPE from vatican city and it is our hindus bad fate that our own leaders are backing these missionaries.

    To be frank, we should appreciate these missionaries for their activities inspite of so much hue and cry from hindus. their only work is to convert and increase the number of christians in our country. they are able to do this only because of help from abroad funds and internal helpers.

    we hindus waste our time in disscussing all these things pointing towards these missionaries but we should think about what we are doing to stop all these and save our country.these missionaries wont stop their activities inspite of any no. of allegations on them. let them do what they want to do but we should do what we should do to stop these bastards.

    i want to give some examples about how these bastards are insulting our country and religion:

    1) in secunderabad, there is a missionary school which has got branches all over twin cities. its name is st. anns girls school. this school dosent hoist the flag on 15th aug. and 26 january. when we came to know about this we went to talk to the management but already there were police and arrested and sent to ps. at that time ys rajashekar reddy was the cm. this bastard is also a christian and supports his son bastard jagan and his bitch wife vijamma are continuing his mission.

    2)the incident of tirumala tirupathi at the time of ysr in ap.
    3)insulting the idol of ganesh in hari hara kala bhavan in secunderabad.

    so, my humble request to all my hindu brothers and sisters is to come forward and fight against this mission of missionaries by uniting ourselves.

    we should support and join RSS,VHP and other organisations which are fighting for the cause of our nation and hinduism.

  13. 28 indian August 4, 2011 at 7:06 am

    hey christians ..don’t think jesus is the only god in the world.i have nothing against jesus.he was a great man and a messenger of god.but i hate all evil chritians who are of the view to convert innoucent,ignorant,poor hindus.poor hindus are converted by assissting financially.they are made to believe that jesus is the only lord and hindu gods are made fun of in the churches.christians always have the habit of mocking religious pratices of people even say that we are copying the practices of c

  14. 29 Sonuram August 13, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Cristian mission, means Union of mental petients in india.

  15. 30 Shastri October 4, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    my hindu friends, Krishna bhagwan said this is kalyug and that evil shall prevail over good in this era. but at the end, lord Kalki, the 10th maha-avatar will take birth and annihilate all of these non hindu believers. i would love to see that, but sadly it has many years to go. i also want the name india changed to hindustan and the indian flag as only deep saffron orange with a picture of sun in the middle and ‘AUM’ symbol in it. sanatana dharma will prevail again.

    • 31 siddarth April 25, 2012 at 7:34 am

      we indians are so damn innocent….i m a hindu and most of my friends are hindu….even i myself….few years ago used to respect christianity and islam a lot….its our natural hindu mentality….wen i see a temple..i bow…..and wen i see a church…though i dont believe in jesus…i still used to respect it thinking it is something holy similar to temple and same for a masjid….i was innocent…my girlfriends mom tried to convert me but lord shivas grace was on me i dint listen to her bullshit….and i saw many christians especially blaming hinduism and hindu gods…my apartment neighbour once came to my home and was telling my mom that hindu gods are satan agents….and all that kind of bulshit and that they are minorities…i told her only one thing…being a minority in hindu majority country u came to a hindu home and openly blamed that hindu gods are evil….and still u r sitting safe….this can happen only in hindustan and no where else….muslims christians the freedom u ppl get in india…u wont get anywhere…..that aunt even tried to convince us saying….there is only one god…and y u ppl hv so many gods…they are not gods n all…i told her only one thing….yes in vedas its written there is only one god….and the reason we hv so many gods is….

      for example….i told this to aunt….ur name is ann….but ur son calls u mom and ur husband calls u darling….i call u aunt and the school wer u teach children call u teacher and the staff calls u madam…..

      in the similar way…..the supreme god…we he was creating he was known as brahma..wen he was preserving..vishnu….and wen he was destroying evil…shiva…..god has different roles…and got diff names while doing it…like we get diff names at diff places… the same supreme god wen he came in human form to protect ppl…..he was called krishna….

      she was even against idol worship….i hated the ways she was openly blaming…i asked her….do u hv idol of jesus at home? she said yes….i u hv photo of jesus at home….she said yes….do u bend before it? she said yes….do u pray..she said yes…and she said….we dont worship the idol of jesus…we just remember him and pray to him and the idol or photo is only for remembrance…and we only pray to jesus….

      then i said….miss ann…think twice before blaming ganesh idol worship….we pray to lord ganesh not to the stone….the stone is for his remembrance….we think of him wen we see the idol and we give respect to the idol by giving flowers and praying….and thinking of ganesha wen looking at the idol….so even u worship idol of jesus….cos bending respecting and praying to jesus seeing the idol is nothing but worshiping the same jesus….so we respect bend and worship ganesh thinking of him..there is not difference at all…..can u dare to kick an idol of jesus wid ur legs…no u wont…cos u ppl respect jesus…in the same way….though the idol is not ganesha…it reminds us of him the demi god ganesha… we respect the idol…..

      she was silent….then she started asking many other questions…i told her…madam hinduism is vast it will take a lifetime for u to complete questions on our religion…and another life time to answer it for me….but i ask u the same thing….even in bible it is written theres only one god….but u ppl say that there are 3 gods father son and holy spirit..all there are gods and not inferior to each other and equal….and it is also said there is one god…..and it is also said god while making a human wanted to see himself in human so he made human sth like him….so god also looks somewhat human…this was told to me by a parish member..none other than my christian gf’s mom who converts ppl……can u give explanation for this?….

      she was saying….u ppl hv been filled wid junk…one day u will know truth is jesus…i said..may be truth is jesus but y r u so far away from truth….we just worship a idol remembering god…so its a sin? killing is a sin raping is a sin….how can worshiping be a sin…so if one doesnt worship jesus he is a sinner? even jesus told acc to bible..that he wanted ppl to do good deeds… prasad….which is again food…mere food a sweet which we distribute….wer in bible is it written eating prasad is a sin….all western christians eat it…then y only indian christians make fuss? its becos u ppl hv been converted saying anti hinduic things to u…..

      she was just silent…she dint speak much and left….this is how ppl are doing and we are just sitting silent….jesus never said ppl who dont follow him are sinners…he said dont do sins….he said do good deeds….so making a person believe that his religion is fake…is it a good deed? preaching anti hinduic anti islamic things is it a good deed?enough is enough…..just enough…huh….

      do good deeds…if u ppl like christianity just follow it…nobody has ever opposed cos this is india…the freedom land….but dont dare to convert ppl…the karma wont leave u… will follow u….

    • 32 Rupeshkumar July 23, 2012 at 9:16 am

      dear shastri if you wait for AVATAR of bhagwan VISHNU; Hindus will face DASHAAVTAAR of misfortune. read the geeta careful. every person who is fighting against injustice; he himself is a smaal avatar of bhagavan. so don’t sit quite till avatar. we have to do efforts right now to neutralize the christian missionary.

  16. 33 Sam October 22, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    What is happening with a forced conversion?

    – A destitute hopeless person’s poverty is exploited by a foreign-funded missionary, who regards the former as an inferior being. In proving that inferiority, there are attacks on the rights of others to practice their religions – this is against secularism.

    – A person made destitute by a natural disaster is also at such risk of being exploited. One bishop described the Bihar floods as a divine event that “sent the heathen flocking” to the church.

    – A person’s religious affiliation is “bought.” Would we be concerned if votes were bought in a similar way? What implications does that have for democracy? Especially one in which political parties play religious politics, appealing to religious vote banks. Hence, conversion becomes a political event.

    – When one person converts, their family suffers, as it is tantamount to the convert rejecting the ways of his/her family. As such it is an act of violence, if they are forcibly converted in a “convert or die” ultimatum.

    Read Naipal’s Among the Believers and Beyond Belief to see the extent of the self-deception – invented relatives, denied family histories, the rejection of affinity to one’s own country replaced by a glorification of some foreign land. Quite a number of British Muslim converts from Pakistan hate Britain even though they are citizens. The Taliban extremists blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas, too, to cover up their pre-Islamic history.

    -According to Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, “Conversion nowadays has become a matter of business, like any other. India is in no need of conversion of this kind. To those who would convert India, might it not be said, “Physician, heal yourself.” (Young India: 23 April 1931)

    – Usually conversion is a precursor to some other form of invasion. Her Majesty’s armed forces consisted of the Admiralty, the Air Force, the Army and the Church.

    – Those opposed to forcible conversion, such as Swami Lakshmanananda of Orissa, have been assassinated by those fundamentalists who are for it.

    If this was a harmless thing, no one would oppose it. The fact is, forced conversions are harmful. To reject the harm caused by forcible conversions and saying it is ok, is to look at life with blinkers on.

  17. 34 Adwaith October 31, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    I love jesus and i love bibe…i love allah and i love quran….

    ” Aa No Bhadra Kratavo Yantu Vishwatah ” -Rig Veda ~ Let noble thoughts come to us from every side from quran from bible and from everywhere. …

    “Ekam sat Viprah bahutha vadanthi” -Rig veda Many path one god

    After all i am a swayam sevak….i love my culture…i repect other culture…but christains dont cheat us….i and many swayam sevaks will fight for it….for dharma that lord krishna showed to us….JAI SREE RAM…JAI BAJRANGBALI……

  18. 35 Shammeem Suniel Vallath November 5, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    How many ‘so called Christians’ follow teachings of Christ. He tells us to lead a simple life. Do all members of church lead simple life. Take the case of RC church. The Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests lead a luxurious life. Similarly it is with other Christian denominations like Syrian Orthodox, CSI,
    etc. I have heard of men who were converted to Christianity by preachers who said they will be peaceful and better after their conversion, they were poor men who were laborers. Initially they were happy for their action. during the course of time they being levied money by the church. this was compulsory. the priest lives in luxury, travels by car, eats fruits and drinks wine. Now he is a parasite who drinks the blood of poor. They regret for their conversion.

  19. 36 t.m.poorna chandra December 1, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    it is not good to convert the hindhu from cristian

  20. 37 t.m.poorna chandra December 1, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    it is not good to convert the hindhu from cristian
    cristians are the dieseas tohindus

  21. 38 vijayan December 18, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    my brothers who are converted and doing Pastor job, protested me of seeing my mother for about 20 years for not accepting Christianity. Even the news of my mothers death was informed to me one hour before the the last rites. Such was there arrogance, in the religious view.

  22. 39 Harish Kumar December 28, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    The main reason which is cited often for the mass exodus of people to Christianity is that Hinduism is plagued by Untouchability and that it is a faith which encourages inequality and Oppression. This cannot be fully denied, but my question is Will the conditions of these converts actually improve after their conversion? I don’t think so!
    If the economic&social conditions of an Individual or a society can improve by means of conversion, Philippines should have become a developed nation long ago as it is Asia’s Oldest Christian country. Surprisingly I have come across many instances wherein dowry is demanded from the bride by the groom’s parents(Christian converts) and also an upper-caste converted groom is sought for an upper-caste converted Christian girl. This is particularly seen in North Karnataka and Rayalaseema region of Andhra pradesh. This clearly demonstrates that all the social evils like dowry and casteism have just passed on to the Christian community even after conversion. JUST A CHANGE OF MODE OF WORSHIP DOES’NT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE! THERE HAS TO BE A CHANGE OF MINDSET.

    People who quit Hinduism should keep one thing in mind that nobody is going to keep a throne/pedestal ready for them after they get converted to Christianity.

    • 40 siddarth April 23, 2012 at 5:34 pm

      very well said harish….and the caste feeling about which u spoke is true…but even hindus hv been misguided….in real vedic text there is not space for discrimination….if one can understand the vedas clearly…caste is the wy of living the way which we choose…its not in blood….if one preaches or teaches good education and eats veg and is chaste…hes a brahmin…if one protects a land he is kshatriya and if one is serving someone he is a sudra….by this…it doesnt mean sudra is a wrong caste or a low caste….we interpretted it wrong…in todays world if we compare it wid vedas…most of them are sudras…becos we all are working for some or other company or software field…so even if a so called brahmin works for a company his role is like a sudra….and here sudra is not low…its just that it means serving others….so are software company ppl low? i dont think so…in the same way if a so called sudra is a teacher in a college and imparts education then his role is like a brahmin…..this is wat our vedic texrs teach us which we misinterpret and this is agin mainly due to britishers wid there divide n conquer policy they ruined indian brains wid confusion….

      vedas never believe in discrimination it believes in purity of the soul….and wat u said is right harish…even this converts they hv not left the caste feeling and they want a seperate caste in christianity called the dalit chritianity caste…wat the hell…wat hv they gt getting converted…godliness? leaving gods one home n going to another is a solution? they get money..thats the fact…

      these converted christians act so bad and as if everybody is sinner except christians….go and see european history..just 10 yrs back history 20 yrs back history…u can find..catholics and protestants hv bombed on each otherr….evil is evrywhere in some or other form…and converting is surely not godly or connected to godliness…..if lighting a candle is not a sin and a good deed so is lighting a diya or deep….

      i also request true christians not to support converting….its not good….i hv european christians as friends…they happily come to a hindu temple take the prasad…be good to everybody…becos they dont hv grudge or negative feeling for nebody…they are true christians….and the converts here are brainwashed wid anti hinduist things…which make them behave so weird….

      if somebody does good then it is godliness…that i belive…so a person of any religion does good or lives in a good way…he is getting connected to god….

      jai mahadev…..may peace be upon india

  23. 41 Harish Kumar December 30, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    For me as a Hindu I have grown up respecting every faith, and I don’t have even the slightest doubt that Prayers offered in the Church reach the same Almighty as the ones offered in the temple. I have Muslim friends, neighbours, Christian colleagues and I have studied in Catholic Institutions as a child.
    What hurts me is that despite being in India’s secular atmosphere for centuries, Christians have not been able to shed their narrow outlook that Christ alone is the redeemer and that other faiths are false and misleading. Such a view is extremely dangerous to the existence of secularism and democracy in our country. Proselytizing is in itself an assault on truth and has to be stopped at any cost. Why don’t positive Ideas influence people as Negativity and extremism do? We have had a great Scholar and thinker like Dr. Abdul Kalam as the president of our republic and I suggest all people to read his books.

  24. 42 vasu January 25, 2012 at 11:20 am

    christianity was a good service oriented religion till about two decades ago. and then started the downfall of christianity in the west. in india the converted christian missionaries are spreading lies about hinduism and converting poor gullible people and tribals. they even resort to sex, drugs, dollars and white nun ass for converting. today abrahamic faiths have become seekers of power and not givers of freedom and respect. shame on them.

  25. 43 raghu February 6, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    at peter 89 u wanna talk here i come . liste up all you morons who follow christianinity.
    1) did the son snd daughter of adam and eve fuck each other to start up the human race is this ethical?
    2) what happened to the 12 mystery years of jesus whom was he fucking
    ( he was in india learning the wisdom chapters from sages who are hindus)
    3) do you know that
    Some parallels between Horus and Jesus Christ:

    1. Horus born of a virgin. Jesus born of a virgin.

    2. The foster father of Horus was Seb or Seph. Jesus was fostered by Joseph.

    3. Horus was of royal descent. Jesus was of royal descent.

    4. Horus birth accompanied by three solar deities [star gazers] who followed by the morning star of Sirius bearing gifts. Jesus birth accompanied by three wise men [Zoroastrian star gazers] who followed by a star “in the east” bearing gifts.

    5. The birth of Horus announced by angels. The birth of Jesus announced by angels.

    6. Herut tried to murder the infant Horus. Herod slaughtered every first born in an attempt to kill Jesus the forthcoming messiah.

    7. Horus is baptized at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser at a river. Jesus is baptized at age 30 by John the Baptist at a river.

    8. Horus resists temptation by the evil Sut [Sut was to be the precursor for the Hebrew Satan] on a high mountain. Jesus resists temptation by Satan on a high mountain.

    9. Horus had 12 followers. Jesus had 12 disciples.

    10. Horus performed miracles like healing the sick and walking on water. Jesus performed miracles like healing the sick and walking on water.

    11. Horus raised someone from the grave [his father Osiris] Jesus raised Lazarus [notice the name similarity] from the grave. Lazarus is short for Elasarus – the “us” on the end is romanized. Elasarus was derived from “El-Asar” which was the name given to Osiris.

    12. Horus was buried and resurrected in the city of Anu. The place Bethany mentioned in John was a derivative of the words “Bet” and “Anu” which translates “the house of Anu”. The ‘y’ on the end of bethany is interchangeable with the letter ‘u’.

    13. Horus was killed by crucifixtion. Jesus was crucified.

    14. Horus was accompanied by two thieves at the crucifixtion. Jesus was crucified with two thieves.

    15. Horus was buried in a tomb at Anu. Jesus was buried in a tomb located in Bethany [Bet-Anu].

    16. Horus was resurrected after 3 days. Jesus was “said” to resurrected after over a period of three days.

    17. The resurrection of Horus was announced by three women. The resurrection of Jesus was announced by three women.

    18. Horus was given the titel KRST which means “anointed one” Jesus was given the title Christ [Christos] meaning “anointed one”

    the one who sees the truth must first of all accept whats true come out you morons see the light do not let the devil take your life

  26. 44 meer93 February 8, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    These Christian missionaries aim not to help poor but only and only aim at conversion and bigotry! Screw them! Curse be on them! Hell be with them!

  27. 45 Vijay March 13, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    @Rajashekar reddy
    Your argument is poor, your english is worse.
    For a moment there at the beginning of your comment, it felt like you were supporting Christians (your usage of “so called ignorance” is one of the flaws).
    Coming to your argument (actually I can call it a “rant”), you state your opinions and stop right there. Logical argument needs proof !
    Pope is a bastard ( amazing opinion)
    missionaries putting their body and soul.. (opinion)

    Lets discuss your “so-called” proofs (by the way, this is the right usage) :
    1. st.anns not celebrating aug 15 :
    How, in the God’s name, is that against Hinduism??

    2., 3:
    Isolated incidents do not make up a people’s ideology, they are caused by zealots. There are zealots in every bloody religion, which tells something about the nature of religions – religions do not make zealots out of men, men choose to become so.

    By the way, I am a Hindu, and proud of it.

  28. 46 ranjana April 5, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    People who convert themselves are like bastards; they have lost their origins they are born into, and thrown themselves in the hands of other religion, whatsoever they have adopted, demolishing and demoralising their own existence. But what can a poor do if it’s hungry? Religion is not going to save them from starvation. But the evil doer’s, the so called missionaries, don’t shame on taking advantage of these pathetic poor people or sometimes brainwashing the young and week minds. Their belief, their sect, their soul is so week that they are sabotaging the religion different to their own, like a parasitic maggots to feed their growth. But let’s not forget, the Veda’s have survived for thousands of yrs., it is pure knowledge that has no beginning and there will be no end. The great epic of Ramayana and Mahabharata whom which these satanic cults called as Mythology is not mere a myth but essence of our secular Hindu society. Let’s not forget our base of Karma and Moksha. Other layman manufacturers of religion and sub religion will come and go. But knowledge (Veda’s) will never die. Remember, when the tough gets going, the going gets tough. And also as lord Sri Krishna said, “Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati Bharata; Abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham. Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya cha dushkritam; Dharma-samthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge.” Whenever there is adharma – wrong action, wrong doing, wrong religious practice, when there is discrepancies and people are disturbed, especially the devotees are disturbed, when there is satanic influence, there is, devotees are very much disturbed. Whenever the balance of the universe is disturbed by external interference from any of its parts, then I reveal Myself as the Power of eternal balancing. For the protection of those who are in harmony, and the rectification of everything disharmonious, I incarnate Myself at every juncture of time.” And, simultaneously, when He comes, all these miscreants, they are killed. They are annihilated. Vinasaya ca duskrtam. Dharma-samsthapanarthaya, and reestablishing the principle of religion.

  29. 47 venkat. April 24, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Jesus often says You sinful and adulterous generations.
    There is no ugliest word than this.
    This means that you the son of mother who is a bitch and their mothers all are bitches.
    A person who cannot save himself is going to save the world. What a nonsense.
    Read the ten commandments.You can know the demonity of christianity.lWe ourselves should first of all wipe out differences among ourselves in the name of caste.Be proud to say I am a Hindu the follower of world’s ancient religion and most tolerent religion.

  30. 48 siddarth April 25, 2012 at 7:47 am

    in europe catholics and protestants hv bombed on each other…..even in india….catholics and protestant dont like each other…pls first clear the misunderstanding n flaw in ur religion and then go n attack another religion….speak of peace but y be like a silent poison or a slow poison….its so obivious the way they are approaching dalits and giving money to convert… it a good deed?

    my servant got converted and wen i ask y she accepted christianity she said….ppl came to her house….and told her that she is some angel sent by god and that she should not be in a religion like hinduism and that jesus is god and will take her poverty away…she will lead a happy life…and that she should remove all the hindu gods photos which is the real cause for her poverty….they even gave her 5000rs…..she was poor…..seeing the money she got converted….i feel so bad….

    now she doesnt wear a teeka….or a dot on forehead…she doesnt accept prasad from my home…she even wen it rains doesnt take shelter near a temple… much they hv brainwashed her…..

    but wat happened? she is still poor…the 5000rs got over and she is again back to the same old world….but wid a new religion and the ppl who promised her nice life are no where to be seen now…..and she is against hindus now….ohhhh see what kinds of sins are being committed in india…..i m so angry for wats happening….i want to find peace….daily its paining seeing these christian sinning around like this…i started meditation…its really helping me….i m jjust accepting the nature as it is now..but still as a duty….i m making ppl aware around me of how spiritual our culture hinduism is… namah shivaya….jai shree rama

  31. 49 Jims Ali Azher May 5, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    Hey Venkat have you read the commandments? What is evil in that say is it “love your neighbours as your own household” or “respect your father and mother” or “don’t commit adultery” or “don’t murder”. Even Gandhiji also use some of the words of Jesus “like someone slaps at your right cheek then show your left cheek also”. Christian missionaries erradicated most of the social evils in India like sati, untouchability etc. We christians started the first printing press and introduced western education. If you guys are against christians then why you guys use brands that are started by the christians like the colgate they spent 10% of their profit for God’s work or adidas or nike or mcdonalds and the last most of you guys wants to study in the west and after going there you don’t even come back but most christians don’t that they come back to India at any cost.

    • 50 siddarth May 7, 2012 at 2:53 am

      hey jims….who is against western people…nobody is against people…yes it good that india is little westernized….what the hell r r talking about western education…do u know that the worlds first university was a vedic university known as takshashila….what? britishers abolished sati and untouchability…well u r 100% right….i will be thankful to them for doing it…but for 2 good they have done 98 things bad…..u hv to accept this truth too….and jims….what did u say….we use colgate blah blah brands which is western….whats wrong in using wen everything is from god….all ppl are same equal…god made… the problem is not western people….nor christians from the west but the problem is from INDIAN CHRISTIANS who act weird…….and the main thing is about CONVERSION not about hating people or hating christians…..we hate CONVERSIONS cos it is eating up our religion which is the oldest religion on earth……we hindus feel bad and feel pain seeing people getting converted…the one who get converted are made to believe anti hinduic statements…sometimes i think ppl who get converted what good will they do to hinduism staying in hindu religion…..

      ok jims lets come to the point….u said jesus said dont murder dont commit adultery blah blah…then y there is so much adultery in the west….y catholics and protestant bomb on each other in europe..i hv full evidence of this…cos even i m cultural researcher…..jim u know wat….IT WAS LUCIFER WHO CONVERTED EVIL…IT WAS LUCIFER WHO TRIED TO MESMERIZE EVE TELLING HER TO EAT THE “APPLE” AND THAT SHE WILL FIND HAPPINESS AND HER DESIRES WILL BE FULFILLED…..IT WAS LUCIFER WHO DID IT……and wat are the christian missionaries doing in india….just touch ur heart and think about it….u believe in jesus right? touch ur heart..pray to jesus and think about it once…..IS IT GOOD TO CONVERT PPL BY SAYING THEIR RELIGION IS WRONG? IS IT GOOD TO CONVERT PPL BY OFFERING AND BRIBING THEM WID MONEY? IS IT GOOD TO BE ANTI TO OTHER RELIGIONS?….THE ANSWER WOULD BE NO…IF U R TRUE CHRISTIAN….chritianity can do lots of good by making the indian christians do good things….rather than focussing in converting ppl…u christians can focus on the good things which jesus taught to ppl……jesus never converted anybody…in general he used to tell ppl to be good….not do sins……it was lucifer who converts ppl… even a non christian can be truly godly man if he does good deeds……i always keep wishing that there is no conversion in india….nobody gets converted….govt takes out a law which says conversion is illegal and ppl will be jailed for that……let non hindus live in india with proud….let christians do good things like the way they are opening institutions in india…but many christian institutions preach anti hindu things in their institutes…this is sin again……i request christians…true christians out there if they believe in goodness and godlyness…ppl pls oppose this conversions….jesus never wanted to dominate ppl by his religion..he wanted ppl to be good…..PLS STOP BEING LIKE LUCIFER….AND BE LIKE JESUS……..STOP THE CONVERSIONS…STOP IT STOP IT…PLS….STOP IT……IT PAINS….

      • 51 Jims Ali Azher May 8, 2012 at 8:05 am

        Hey come on man compared to the west adultery and violence is in India. I know because I am a India too. See in the newspapers lots of detestable things happen in India than in the west. In the west these types of things nowadays happen because the westerners are forgetting “The Bible”, the word of God. If you look back some 50 years back you see that the west was better than India in terms of morality when they were following biblical teachings and constitution. Yep there are differences between the Catholic and Protestant because before the reformation movement Christians were following things which were not according to Bible and some people tried to reform them but some didn’t like. So they started fighting

      • 52 siddarth May 8, 2012 at 8:57 am

        hey jims…i agree what u say…whatever religion it is…if u dont follow the holy books..things are bound to happen like this…ok for the sake of arguement i wil accept wat u say….may be 50 yrs back ppl were more into bible in the west so less sins…but today they dont follow much so more sins…..then y cant it be the same in every religion….ppl used to respect and greet each other in ancient india before invasion of britishers and mughals…the mughals used to rape/torture hindu women it is in the history…the nizams in the deccan are just 40 yrs old..they used to torture n rape hindu women just few decades back….there was never a caste feeling in india..nobody now knows the real india 1000 yrs back….aryans and dravidians are different ,this thing was told by britishers, the difference in caste was created by britishers…instead of cows milk..introducing buffalos milk waas done by britishers only wid the motto of divide and conquer policy….the moghuls entered….british advertised unwanted hatred between hindus n muslims for the same sake of divide n conquer policy….if todays west doesnt follow bible then todays east also ppl are not following vedas,bhagwadgita…thats y this sins are happening….dear jims….i m not against u…i m against unjust ppl and unjust way of converting ppl…

        hey jims…india has population of 1.2 billion…its not a joke…US has 300 million only..that is mere 0.3 billion….and europe…u can google it too….so much less population in every country…..u might find many bad deeds in india….but can u see the ratio….i have seen a program of muslim leader zakhir naik who clearly has potrayed how bad is US the number of rapes…ratio is highest in west….for population of 1000 if there are 10 rapes….and for population of 100 there are 5 rapes….whose ratio is more? where is more sin happening? now again u will say it is becos ppl dont follow bible so it is happening….i agree wid u….if u read godly things do godly things….u wont do sins….for the number of bad deeds in india ther eare double the no. of good deeds and good ppl whom u can believe in india….a indian wife is more true to her husband than any other western wife…ppl in US canada and europe are adopting hinduism…..ppl are coming to india to get married hindu style, ur own western christian ppl…and here the good point is nobody influences them to get converted into hinduism….they themselves due to their good karma…get inspired by hinduism and adopt the religion….we cannot convert anybody to hindu cos there is no concept of conversion in hindu…if u believe in god believe in karma…u r a hindu…need not have a certificate to prove hindu….religion has got something to do wid heart…..the famous actor julia roberts also chose hindu religion becos she felt the meaning of life after knowing wat is karma,she believes in karma now….

        jims,here try to know what are we arguing for…we are not arguing saying chritianity is bad religion….we are arguiing becos of the false conversions going on especially in the south india….they are telling ppl that hindu gods are evils,muslim allah is evil…only jesus is son of god..and pray to him….misguidiing ppl just like wat lucifer does….jims,if u believe in west wen ppl used to read bible they were good….but not now..then i assume that wat these ppl are doing by converting ppl in wrong way is also a wrong and sinful deed….if jesus was in this situation he would hv shed tears…he never converted anybody……

        do u know in US army women were appointed to show equality in gender and most of them got raped by their own seniors….and clinton had to apologize to them personally in court…..for recruiting them….now again u will say they dont follow bible…then even i can say jims..that ppl who follow vedas n bhagwadgita always do good deeds…ppl who believe in karma will be good…in india also ppl are out there who are not into godliness and they do bad deeds….



        the way u had been speaking is like west has favoured east a lot and east will be more favored only by christ….no jims….doing good…ppl will be favored by god….before christ…there were not good ppl???? mary was good so god chose her for the birth of christ……

        see….let me come down to the point……good ppl are everywhere….but THE CONVERSION GOING ON IN INDIA IS BAD…BAD..BAD…SIN..SIN..SIN……thats wat i m trying to say…so if u r true christian jims…then stop those ppl who are converting poor innocent ppl by giving money and making them believe there religion is wrong….

  32. 53 siddarth May 8, 2012 at 9:41 am

    hey jims…i asked this thing a couple of times in this blog but dint get replied for it……i have researched in the origin of religions for past long time…..dont take me wrong wen i m asking u this…i m asking u only wid regard to my research work… be frank..i dont believe in jesus christ…..but i do respect ppl and love ppl who are good and who are godly….so a christian who does good deeds will be surely lovable by me……i believe in humanity first..then religion……ok now the doubts…i have doubts about christianity….even u could ask doubts about my religion hindu…but my hindu religion is so vast that there wont be few questions but thousands of questions and this blog would be a small place hehe…anyways….my doubts….

    jims….tell me….25th dec is not the day when jesus was born….then y ppl celebrate his bday on that date? and if this is 2000 AD that is 2000 yrs passed after jesus died…then y new year is on jan 1st….y not 25th dec….ok if we calculate the death of jesus…then it should be somewhere in april during good friday…then y jan 1st is the new year???

    another question……in sanskrit,latin,english,german,and the very roots of chritianity…the hebrew……septa…octa…nova….deca….means…7..8…9…10… sanskrit we say sapta….ashta….nava…..dasha…..and it meaning is same.7..8..9..10…..and even in hebrew the meaning is absolutely same……then y IN ENGLISH CALENDER….THE FAMOUS WESTERN CALENDER….SEPTEMBER..OCTOBER..NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER IS 9TH MONTH…10TH MONTH….11TH AND 12TH MONTH?


    another question…..y jesus arrived only 2000 yrs back..wen mankind was known to be flourishing many millions yrs ago….y god only sent one guy 2000 yrs back to earth? ok leave this…tell me…bible says theres only one shape…neither male nor female..neither darkness nor light……then y there are 3 gods? father.son and holy spirit? how can there be 3 heavely souls when der is only one supreme soul? jesus told that he is son of god but not god…and he pleaded ppl to pray to his father and not him…he never said he is god…but y it is written in father son n holyspirit all there are equal..nobody is inferior to anybody…..??? is this not contradictory????
    and jesus vanished for 18 yrs…he ws not to be seen for 18 yrs of life…where was he?????

    u know wat jims….my ex gf is christian…i broke up wid her becos she wanted me to get converted…their family literally forced me to get converted….her mother had a second marriage love marriage wid her second husband….wid her first husband she had two daughters and wid her second husband one dauther who was in love wid me….i liked my ex gf she waas nice n innocent…once wen i went to hv dinner at their home…her mom started to ask me….hey son u r wearing rudrakshas…do u belive in shiva? i said yes…..then she slowly started telling me about jesus..i thought she likes jesus so she is telling let her tell….whats wrong in it…but slowly she started saying… best friend is also a brahmin from priest she and her family are christians….i showed her the rig vedas versus where it is written that son of god jesus will come down to earth who will be made to worm the crown of thorns and will be crucified in a cross…..and hearing this the brahmin family got converted…they continued saying…her husband…her second husband…was a hindu and now he got converted into christianity……i went silent for some time…then i belive christianity…is it necessariy to be a christian? is it necessary for the proof? she said yes…then i said…but its not necessary to be a hindu….u being a christian..can be a hindu lifelong also being a christian…u can hv the tag as christian life long…and still believe hinduism…religion has got something to do wid heart…not papers or conversion….she was silent for sometime and saaid….did u read rig veda? it is written it it….these gods shiva vishnu….are sent by lucifer to earth to expand sinful deeds..those are evil gods…..

    i got angry hearing that….i dare u say that widout knowing the truth about hindusim…..vishnu and shiva are the names of the same god….the way…a human is given a name wen he takes birth…but is called as son wen wid mother and is called as friend or budddy wen wid a classmate and is called as honey/beloved or husband wen he is wid his wife…in the same way the only supreme soul wen creating was brahma adn wen protecting was called vishnu and wen destroying evil was called shiva…..shiva is not human wid serpent on him….that shape was given by devotee of shiva who were artists who imagined wat if shiva was a human how would we potray him….shiva has no shape…cos he is supreme…and the pic of shiva is created by devotees to which shiva would never mind cos every devotee has his own choice of worship….the third eye represents the supreme conciousness and the serpent represents the control over evil…..then..

    i told her….aunty….i also read that rig veda text…there no mentioning about jesus christ…it is written that prajapati…will be sent to earth to shed is blood to wash away sins of humans by making him wear a crown of thorns and give him bali on a cross…bali means crucification acc to wt that aunt thought… prajapati means….prince of subjects….the common point is that jesus was also prince of his subjects…….but prajapati acc to vedas..was sent by lord shiva was was chose by 33 demi gods… be sent on earth… for the sake of arguement even if i think prajapati was jesus…then he ws sent by shiva…then aunty u should worship lord shiva….y r u converting ppl like lucifer?…..

    she went silent…and i askedd her the above questions too…again she went silent…..then i said….aunty dont hurt the sentiment of others….u ppl say idol worshipping is sin..and u keep pics and idols of jesus…and u say u dont worship the idol but kept and respect it as rememberance of him…it is the same wid hindus…we keep idols as rememberence of the god…we donno how god looks wen he was destroying evil..cos god has no shape…so we gave a shape and the idol doesnt hv the god in it..but to feel close to god…we pray to shiva in our hearts and bend before the idol as a mark of respect cos we remember him through that idol….but the idol doesnt hv a god…it is written in rig veda itself by god that…i m not in pics and idols….so..we just remember god taking idol as a medium..the way u ppl pray jesus taking his idol as a medium….

    our relation broke becos and u can understand now y…i dont want to get converted…i like my religion….and i hate conversions…..

    acc to my research….there was only one land…one religion and one language… religion..that is vedic rule…no christian,no muslim , no hindu…..and one language…sanskrit…..

    everyythng has come from sanskrit….u can find more than 30000 words in english extracted from sanskrit..same in persian…arabic..malay…man many many thousands of languages or any language of earth….

    INFACT….THE TERM “JESUS CHRIST”….IS A SANSKRIT MALPRNOUNCIATED WORD CALLED “YESUS CHRISN”…in hebrew….j and y is pronounced n written same and so is t and n……so “YESUS” became “JESUS” and “CHRISN” became “CHRIST”…..yesus chrisn means…..chrisna the form of god……chrisna is none other than lord krishna…the 8th incarnation of lord maha vishnu……








    so jims…..the history has eaten up few truths about life….st paul is again…malprounciated sankrit term….sant gopaul…..and the ficutious beard picture of jesus is the same of that of sant gopaul who was krisna devotee….

    i dont believe in jesus becos he never lived…well this is acc to me…but i knwo that there are ppl out there who believe in jesus….god wont be angry even if u pray jesus…all he wants he ppl to do good…..even if jesus was der acc to u…ur bible saays the same thing….jesus saaid the saame thing….

    even today my christian friends call me to church…i go wid them..but only them who wont try to convert me…i go wid them for the mark of their respect…though i dont belive in their god….they hv spirituality…if u believe god..than that doesnt mean u hv godliness…..if u do good deeds..that means u hv godliness…..and godliness is in doing good deeds……

    so my friend jims…i donno whether u r a born chrstian or converted…but for sure if u r indian…atleast ur forefathers were hindus who got converted to christianity by ppl who would hv mesmerized them…..jim…do believe in jesus…i will never be agaisnt u or ur relgion…but pls help indians to stop this conversions….wats the point in building population of christians who were converted by a sinfull deed…making them believe wat they have been following is wrong?

    saying hindu n muslim are wrong and chrsitian is good…do u is a right way to convert….if jesus is really the son of god..let ppl realize themselves..and come…jesus never converted….again n again i hv to sy this..he only preached good things…and ppl followd him….dont do sins is wat he said……

    so jims….i m assuming u read bible and u do good deeds…if it is so….then pls stop this conversions….its not the right way….its like christian terorrism in form of conversion…..

    i never opposed a christian till date…though i dont believe in jesus….i hv gone to churches wid my christian friends…but sad part is..they are just not ready to visit a temple wid me….it makes me feel sad….atleast the originial european christians are good…they comie to temple wid me…..and i realized that…goodness hs nothing got to do wid religion….it has got to do wid our good karma..our good deeds

  33. 54 srinivasan June 6, 2012 at 4:03 am

    the reason for all ths is due to spineless self centered poliicians.why there are numerous HINDU organisations doing social services in health care,education and so many things.hare baihi wife of graham stanes was confered with bharat ratna for what service?our own leaders killing our own people like parents killing their own child.HINDU RASHTRAM iS the only solution for this.

  34. 55 indian1947 June 24, 2012 at 10:08 am

    u indian christian f**kers converted for money ,u give up ur world’s oldest religion for that cheap $$$$ currency, u can do anything for $$$ u may sell our country , our heritage even u sell ur mom,sister,wife and daughter for money .please vanish all these assfuckers from india they r serious virus
    u christian bastards

  35. 56 Rajeev July 21, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    I think, first of all, Indian Churches and their missionary group should study Indian Religion like Hinduism, Jainism, Sikh ete. After that they should co-relate with Christian.Some missionary understand what is teaching of Jesus that is unique but wrong. It is already Given in India far-before the birth of Christ in the form of Buddha, Buddha having lots of healing power, only by touching to patient gets cured. Ignorant’ s gets knowledge and lots of miracle. Whatever missionary is cheating to the name of Jesus. Missionary propaganda should be completely banned in India. It is only misguiding innocent people. It is violation of fundamental right of Religion.They are intruders in personal life of Non-Christian Is Indian Government awaken up.

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