The treacherous Kerala Christians

Excerpted from Conversions with foreign fund-II

To understand the true nature of Christians around the world, we should take a better look at Kerala. In the 4th century a.d. Christianity became the dominant religion and later become the established religion of the Roman Empire. The Sassanian rulers of Iran wisely foresaw that the Syrian Christians within their borders would develop into a fifth column of their powerful neighbours. Their aim was to persecute the Syrian Christians. Some of these Christians fled Iran in groups. In a.d. 345, around 400 odd persons from 72 families comprising men, women and children, reached Cragananore (Kodungalloore) Kerala, under the leadership of a merchant known as Thomas Cananeus. The Hindu kings gave them refuge. What these treacherous Christians did in return was to invite Vasco da Gama to invade India. This information has recently came to light from Portugese documents.

Sanjay Subrahmaniam in Lisbon went through the Portuguese documents Career and Legend of Vasco da Gama and found that these Kerala Christians, known as Syrian Christians, were indeed a fifth column who were engaged in spying and were brought by Vasco da Gama to Kerala shores that began the colonisation of India. They had promised the Portugese, French and British their support to defeat and evict the local kings, the Zamorins, who gave them refuge. Vasco da Gama had bombarded Calicut in Kerala when the Zamorin ruler refused to be dictated by him. He plundered the Kerala ships bringing in rice to the city and cut off the ears, nose and hands of the crews. The Zamorin sent to him an envoy after getting safe passage from the Portuguese. Vasco da Gama chopped off the nose, ears and hands of the envoy and strung them around his neck together with a palm-leaf on which a message was conveyed to the Indian king that he could cook and eat curry made from his envoy’s limbs.”

These facts came to light from the Dutch history of Travancore, and also through the French records. That the Syrian Christian refugees of Kerala wanted the Europeans to help them to finish the Hindu kings who gave them refuge is now the most shocking piece of information received that no Keralite can digest.

5 Responses to “The treacherous Kerala Christians”

  1. 1 Samuel October 6, 2008 at 11:46 am

    author of this document is a fool.

    He did know that Syrian Christians and Portuguese were rivals.

    Syrian Christian are converted jews and Buddhist.

    Christianity started in India in India in first centuary

    This Idiot is telling Christians are not Indians!!!!!!

  2. 2 R.Sajan October 12, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Actually, the story of St.Thomas’ coming to Kerala in AD 52 is only a story; not history. It is the case of Caanaayi Thomman or Thomas Cananeus that was made into the St.Thomas story.

    Syrian Christians of Kerala claim that they had all been Namboodiris and nothing less. That is why they claim that they are the ‘forward caste’ Christians, unlike the Latin Catholics etc.

    • 3 Jo April 15, 2012 at 12:02 pm

      Knanai thoma came in 4th century and they are not even integral part of Syrian christians in kerala even today. When they came the kerala syrian christians did not accept them as equal. Since they were foreigners and economically poor they were considered mlechas according to Indian terms ,standards and cast system then existing. Then how can Cnanai Thomman’ group could make such a story and be accepted. Now they have their own separate diocese,bishop and ethnic community and cultures. Cnanai thomman is thomman and they are ridiculed by kerala syrian christians as “charam kettikal” . So R. Sajan’s comment is also baseless.

  3. 4 D.N.PANDEY January 3, 2011 at 4:03 am

    I am a Kaanyakubj Brahmin from Rampur (formerly known as Ahikshetra ) in Uttar Pradesh from where the Nambudiris of Kerala claim to have come. They further claim to be superior to all other Brahmins of India. This is a TOTALLY FALSE CLAIM. The Nambudiris are in no way superior to other Brahmins. They are probably descended from the BHUMIHARS who were originally NON-BRAHMINS & subsequently claimed to be Brahmins. Moreover I learn that the Syrian Christians are cross between foreign JEWS, Phoenicians & Malayalis. Both the Syrian Christians & Nambudiris are wily, cunning & scheming.

  4. 5 ajay menon November 22, 2012 at 6:09 am

    answer to sajan..syrian xtians are mainly jews and some converted brahmins. and was given very special privilages till the arrival of portuguese but portuguese stripped them of many high privilages which was kinda similiar to namboothiris but they regained it back after 19th century…Its not they are saying that they are forward caste,Actually they are one of the 3 main forward castes of per record, history, voters register, constitutional records and books, other forward castes of kerala are nairs, khastrias, ambalavasis and namboothiris..but they are actually migrants and have a mix of foreign blood.

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