Christians terrorists in Orissa threaten to blow up the Mahimapith
Police clueless on threat to bomb Mahimapith

Friday, September 05, 2008
By Orissadiary Correspondent

Dhenkanal: Even after two day, the police have not yet been able to trace the caller, who threatened over telephone on Wednesday to blow up the Mahimapith, the seat of the Mahima cult at Joranda in Orissa’s Dhenkanal district.

District Superintendent of Police Sanjaya Kausal , said that adequate police forces have been deployed to prevent any kind of untoward incident. Moreover, he has requested the telephone department to extract the computer copy from the place the call was made. But the SDO telephones said local calls can not be detected before any prior intimation. The caller only can be located if he has talked from a STD booth or has used any mobile phone.

Sources said a Mahima saint, Lambodar Das received a phone call on the land line number 239035 of Bada Muth at about 12 pm.The caller threatened the sadhu that they will bomb the Mahima cult shrines as the Mahima sadhus are coming on the way of conversion to Christianity. They also threatened to kidnap Sadhu Nityananda Das and Sadhu Naroyan Das.

The head of the Mahima Sadhus has lodged an FIR at Gondia police station in this connection after the threat call. In their FIR, they have also mentioned that a few disciples spotted two unidentified persons moving on the roof Purba Lahadi Kotha. They were armed with guns. The two unidentified persons managed to escape, as the disciples started shouting.

However, it is to be noted that the Mahima cult, which was propagated by Mahima Swami from Dhenkanal in 1873, is in no way a rival to Christianity; rather, the Mahima cult rejects the presence of 33 crore deities and worship of idols by Hindus. They do not believe in mantras and tantras. They only pray Shapeless God (Sunya Devata) by reciting Mahima Alekh.

For the last 135 years, they are engaged in converting Hindus and other upper caste people to the Mahima cult. Mahima sadhus do not enter any Hindu temple. Even if they accompany anyone, they remain outside the temples.


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