Orissa: A fight between Rome and Jagannath Culture

10 Janpath advocates minority appeasement policy for Kandhamal
Wednesday, September 03, 2008
By Anurjay Dhal


Bhubaneswar: Call it a fight between Rome and Jagannath Culture. Since Congress President Sonia Gandhi has Church background, he asked her man in Orissa, PCC Chief Jayadeb Jena to strictly follow the party’s traditional minority appeasement policy while dealing with the Kandhamal crisis.

This secrete communication between the 10 Janpath and PCC chief has came to light following the UPA’s move to send Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil to visit Christians majority areas of Kandhamal on Wednesday.

According to sources, AICC chief has asked the Orissa Congress leaders to campaign aggressively against the Bajrang Dal and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

With the blessing from 10 Janpath, State Congress is planning a series of protests and rallies in Kandhamal, the hub of the recent communal violence, and other Dalit and tribal-dominated areas.

Ajay Maken, general secretary in charge of Orissa, argued that the Congress could not possibly meet the VHP-BJP challenge in Kandhamal. Congress leaders from Orissa

cited how Union Minister of State for Home Affairs  Sriprakash Jaiswal had to cancel his trip to the district.

After hearing all, Sonia forced Shivraj Patil to visit Kandhamal. Interestingly, PCC chief Jena, former Union Ministers KP Singh Deo and Srikant Jena, believe the party will gain nothing by holding back with the objective of keeping the Hindus on its side.

Patil’s trip to Orissa was another of his belated visits to a trouble spot. But unlike most other times, he will be going alone and not trudging behind Sonia Gandhi.

His previous trip to Kandhamal came last January although communal violence had flared before Christmas. When police firing killed nine persons in Orissa’s Kalinganagar in January 2006, Patil let nine days pass before he paid a visit, trailing along behind Sonia.


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