Christian priests in India indulging in paedophilia

Why do Christian priests indulge in paedophilia. Because it is a sick religion. Catholicism forbids marriage for priest, and so the natural desire gets perverted.

The Catholic Church in Los Angeles pays out $660 million for paedophilia claims to more than 500 alleged victims

Christian priests in India indulging in paedophilia

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Another fallout is the paedophilia activities of the Christian missionaries in India. In USA recently, the Christian Church paid 100 million US $ as compensation to children who became victims of Christian priests. Last year, a 62-year-old Christian priest Simon Palanthingal from Kerala and linked to St. Bedes and Don Bosco schools in Chennai was charged on four counts for sexual assault on a nine-year old American boy and can get maximum 20 years in prison on each of the four counts. He is being held in the US on a $1 million bail. In India, with no enforcement of law, it is a free run for these paedophile Christian missionaries. Yet some time back in Jharkhand, a court sentenced a Tamil Christian priest, Christudas, 48, who was principal of St. Joseph’s School at Guhiyajori, to three years’ rigorous imprisonment for sodomising a 14-year old schoolboy. In March 2005, the Christian priest, Prasad Gonsalves, was arrested in Radhanpura town in Gujarat for demanding sexual favours from a woman.

Indian Don Bosco priest charged with pedophilia


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