Comments Policy – No Christian Preaching or Propaganda

Hindu dharma allows for search for truth and debates have been an ancient Indian tradition as opposed to Jihads and genocides being the defacto means to quell dissent by followers of dogma based religion viz Christianity, Islam. These followers have little or no freedom to explore/question their religion.

We welcome alternate view points but cannot allow nauseating Christian preaching & propaganda in this blog. Christian lies, deceit, fake grace, love, stand in great contrast to the terrible misdeeds they have done to hundreds of pre-Christian cultures. Behind your love and sweet speech, I realize you want to commit genocide on Hindu religion and culture. Does it not boil down to it? !!


1 Response to “Comments Policy – No Christian Preaching or Propaganda”

  1. 1 Truth September 24, 2008 at 8:46 am

    If Western Culture and Religions are so great, then how come their societies are so degraded as shown below:

    1) One out of four teenage girls in US has sexually transmitted diseases.

    2) There are 800 cannibals in Germany.

    3) There are regular shootings and killing in Schools by deranged children.

    4) Murder rate in US is double that of India, even when we have so many murders by terrorists etc. There are 16,670 murder in a year in US. If US had been as big in population as India, then the murders would have been 62,000, where as murders in India are just 32,000 per year even though most people in India are poor.

    5) The lies that are propagated by Time magazine and Swami Agnivesh that there are 25,000 dowry deaths in India per year, where as in reality the the number of convictions are just 1830 per year even though it is easy to convict under dowry laws.

    6) Women in India are two times safer at homes or outside than women in US. Every year, 3200 women get murdered in US compared to 7900 in India (please note, US has 1/4th of population) of India.

    So, why the God and faithful are not able to create harmony and peace in western countries if their religion is so great?

    The western powers are funding to destroy the peaceful Indian society. They have already succeeded to a great extent. Lets stop them now.

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