Missionary Physicians Deluge Bangalore to uproot Hinduism

Missionary Physicians Deluge Bangalore

Posted November 28, 2004

Bangalore, Karnataka, one of India’s fastest growing cities and IT hub, is now in the crosshairs of missionary physicians. The International Mission Board (IMB) says that through its efforts it will convert the local population to relieve them from “the spiritual suffering” of those “who fear Hinduism’s vengeful gods.”

A IMB map of Bangalore shows the city dotted with Baptist churches – mainly due to conversion through hospitals. Just a few years ago, when Baptist Missionaries scouted one community a couple of miles from the hospital years ago, there were no Christians and no churches. However, within a year there were 20 converted Christians. Today, the Trinity Baptist Church has started 18 other churches and is attempting to convert other communities as well.

The Bangalore Baptist Hospital, one of the most primary institutions used for conversions, delivers nearly 1,500 babies a year (about 4 a day) and treats more than 100,000 patients a year. Though these medical services are needed by the local population, there have been numerous reports of extortion by the local population. Many Indians have complained that the hospital only provides services to those who either pay an exorbitant fee or convert to Christianity. For many impoverished patients, they are forced to choose the latter in this life or death decision. Others complain that the hospital clearly discriminates against non-Christians and reserves a majority of the beds for those who have already converted to Christianity. The hospital also tries to convert patients when they in emotional distress. When a man died at Baptist Hospital some years ago, the staff gave the man’s wife and family a Bible and soon after converted the family.

With the government failing to protect the poor from these practices, the hospital has begun to establish clinics in smaller villages as it targets the “lost people” in the state of 52 million in 33,000 villages, towns and cities.


3 Responses to “Missionary Physicians Deluge Bangalore to uproot Hinduism”

  1. 1 Aloo September 16, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    At this rate whole of Bangaloreans must be Christians. Do not spread lies. The curse of God will descend on you!

    • 2 Ankitha July 9, 2009 at 12:03 am

      The person who wrote this email is either absolutely ignorant or uninformed. First of all,I was born a hindu and converted to Christianity when I was 20 years old. I saw first-hand, all the problems within hinduism. First of all, it is a “religion” that not have a founder, no historic origin, no one God , just millions and morality and values are relative.

      Jesus Christ, on the other hand, lived on this Earth, there is historical and arcahelogical evidence to show he existed, died on the cross and thus saved us from our sins. When this author of this article and every human being on this planet writes the date, looks at the calendar or mentions their date of birth, they are acknowledging the life and death of Jesus Christ (AD and BC). I heard about Jesus Christ and saw the example set by my neighbors who not only call themselves Christian but live according to the Bible and Jesus’ commands. My heart was convicted and I DECIDED to convert. I was NEVER forced. It is against the Bible, Christians are people who allow freedom, they believe that God gave us all a free will. BUT they DO preach the gospel. I do now! I am now free from rituals, bondage and worshipping stones/trees and dead idols. My life is changed. I have peace and more than anything, I know that when I die, I will live in heaven with Jesus and other saints forever. Now that I knwo the true way, I feel for people who don’t. i preach the freedom-assuring gospel of jesus to hindus and muslims and others. They listen, and if they believe and take heed, they decide to convert. What si wrong with that?
      I live in the US. Because the US is a Christian country, they have allowed all people of all faiths to build their religious places here. Do you know how many temples there are in the US? A secular country like India does not allow Christians to even build a church anymore.
      Folks, here is the bottom line. We are all going to die. When your time to die comes, where are you going? What abt your loved ones that you invest in and love so much? Let em tell you. Ia m ready to die at any time. I know that when I die, I go to heaven and so will my parents and siblings who have all trusted Jesus now. We will be reunited. I have a hope not like hindus who don’t even know what will happen to them when they die.
      The Christian churches and hospitals have done so much for teh poor. People have seen their example and wished to be like them , because they have the true joy and peace. Be thankfuyl for the mission work that they do and please accept Jesus as your Lord. He is the ONE and ONLY true God. You have only one chance, after you die, you can never come back and accept HIm.

      At least, just pick up a Bible and read it once. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke in the Bible, and out of curiosity, attend a hurch one day. Be informed. Don’t follow your religion just because your ancestors followed it. Just because millions are doing something doesn’t make things right. Be smart and wise.


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