Boorish Bangalore Archdevil ready to die for Christian imperialism

It sure feels good to see these Christian scums on the defensive. How many times  they have denigrated our beloved Hindu gods.  Christians are on a genocide campaign in India to cleanse it of Hinduism and Hindus and Hindus have to confront these dangerous semitic cultists. Their plan is to eventually turn Hindus like what they did to American natives and hundreds of other prechristian religions.

Ready to die for Christ, Bangalore Archbishop tells Yeddyurappa
23 Sep, 2008, 0436 hrs IST,Gabriel Vaz, ET Bureau

BANGALORE: BJP chief minister B S Yeddyurappa got a taste of the wrath and anguish of the Christians over the continued attacks against churches in different parts of Karnataka from no less a person than the Archbishop of Bangalore Rev Dr Bernard Moras when he bluntly said that he was “ready to shed blood and give his life for Christ.’’

When the chief minister called on the Archbishop along with senior cabinet colleagues, including home minister Dr V S Acharya, on Monday afternoon soon after an emergency cabinet meeting, a visibly upset Dr Moras, who returned from a visit to the Holy Land early Monday morning, greeted the visitors with a grim face without the customary geniality and blurted out his anguish: “I am deeply hurt and saddened. This is not a happy occasion to meet the head of the state.”

“The church and the entire Christian community not only in Karnataka but all over India and even abroad is terribly angry and upset at the desecration of its sacred places, especially the blessed sacrament in the sanctum sanctorum, which is the Living Body of Christ,” the Archbishop said deploring the attempts to dismiss the incidents as minor involving petty thefts or burglary.

“For Christians, the blessed sacrament is the most holy religious symbol signifying the body and blood of Christ. I am prepared to shed blood and give my life for the cause of Christ and Christians,’’ he said.

Taken aback by the rude and uncivil welcome from the Archbishop, who is also the president of Karnataka Catholic Bishops’ Council, the chief minister gave up the courteous gesture of presenting a bouquet of flowers brought by his staff and straightway sought to enlighten the Archbishop and his aides on the various steps taken by the government to contain the situation and prevent recurrence of the incidents.

The chief minister apprised the Archbishop of state cabinet decision to invoke the provisions of Goonda Act, 1985, against anybody responsible for the attacks against churches and Christian institutions irrespective of whether they belonged to Bajrang Dal or any outfits or political parties.

Mr Yeddyurappa, who has been regularly meeting governor Rameshwar Thakur to brief him on the government’s steps to maintain communal harmony and law and order situation since the outbreak of violent attacks against churches and their places of worship, had another major cause for worry following the Congress-led UPA regime’s move to rush a high-level official team headed by Union special secretary (internal security) M L Kumawat to Mangalore and other affected places in the state.

The decision to despatch a Central team close on the heels of the public threats of invoking Article 355 against Karnataka, which is considered a precursor to dismissal under Article 356, has put the onus on the government to rein in all Sangh Parivar outfits on rampage.

Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi is also likely to visit Mangalore and Udupi to study the situation and the date for the visit is expected to be finalised shortly, according to union minister of state for labour Oscar Fernandes, who hails from Mangalore. Senior Congress leaders Veerappa Moily, Margaret Alva and Janardhana Poojary have also visited the state.

Condemning the continued attacks against churches since the last eight days starting from the violent incidents in Mangalore on last Sunday, the Archbishop impressed upon the chief minister to ensure that the rights of minorities enshrined in the Constitution to practice, profess and proclaim their faith must be protected and stringent action must be taken against all fanatic and fundamentalist forces.

He also demanded action against policemen guilty of forcibly entering churches and physically assaulting innocent people including nuns, women and children. “The righteous indignation and anger of Christian faithful against the attackers and police must not be equated with other normal criminal activities and all innocent persons arrested and detained must be released and the cases against them must be withdrawn forthwith,’’he said.

Earlier, briefing reporters after the emergency cabinet meeting, the chief minister said five persons have been arrested and their vehicles seized in connection with the proselytisation in Madikeri. The police recovered books, pamphlets and CDs from their vehicles.

Three persons, Raju, Raghavendra and Sudharshan, have been arrested in connection with desecration of a mosque in Sagar in Shimoga district. One Ravi paid Rs 15 lakh to three persons to desecrate the mosque. Sudharshan was son of the Congress leader and former councillor Lalithamma.

Another sitting Congress councillor was also indirectly aiding communal violence. Five persons have been held in connection with a theft case at a church in Hebbal in the city, Mr Yeddyurappa said.


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