Hindu strangler FIOCONA protest violence in Karnataka, Orissa

First get to know more about Christian loving from Fiacona here FIACONA President arrested while attempting to murder Hindu and here


Indo-American Christians protest violence in Karnataka, Orissa

Washington (PTI): A group of Christians of Indian origin held a prayer vigil here coinciding with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to White House to protest the ongoing violence against the community in Orissa and Karnataka.

The event organised by the Federation of Indian American Christian Organisations of North America (FIACONA) at Lafayette Square, across the street from the White House was attended by a large number of people, organisers said.

“A clear and definite pattern is emerging from these coordinated assaults on the Christian population in these states where the BJP is in power on one or another pretext,” they said in a statement.

The Federation also blamed the Indian government for failing to stop the violence, which has led to loss of lives and damage to churches.

It demanded a number of things including rehabilitation of the victims and a ban on Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Bajrang Dal and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

The rally was supported and coordinated by organisations including Jubilee campaign, Christian Solidarity International and all Christian church organisations.



Washington DC, Sep 2: A press release from the Host Committee of Indian American Christians of Greater Chicago has appealed to all the peace-loving citizens of Greater Chicago to join at the Christian Solidarity Assembly to uphold and pray for those affected by the terror that continues to strike Christians in Orissa, India.

The committee has requested the community to solemnly reflect and show their support of solidarity and to formulate a collective resolution in order to stop this bloodshed on Christians in India. The committee has requested the members of the American Christian community living in Greater Chicago to join them on Saturday September 6 at the All American Bank Community Hall, 9380 Ballard Road, Desplaines, Illinois.

The progrmme will start at 9 am. Breakfast and admission will be free.

For more infomation, the members are requested to call: Varghese Chacko: 773-793-8191, Joe Anthony: 630-730-6200, Dr. Nandan Thoguru: 630-605-8186, Jaychand Pallekonda:  847-858-9470, Keerthi Ravoori: 773-802-4188, Dr Regi Paul: 773-631-4276, Vasanth Charles: 773-727-3664, Herald Figuerdo: 630-400-1172, Varsha Christian: 630-660-6067 or Austin Prabhu: 708-771-3177.

This event is supported by a host of pastors, priests and church leaders: John Kuraikose, Sam George, Suresh Kumar, Jaswant Singha, Mohan Katta, Sam Nittala, Thomas Polepaka, Babu Varma, Louis Mitra, Chacko Ittycheria and Milton Pandya, the release has added.

Now here is more of Christian love from genocidal christianity which they hope to copy in India

Past genocides committed against Native Americans

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bullet The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world.” David E. Stannard. 4
bullet This violent corruption needn’t define us…. We can say, yes, this happened, and we are ashamed. We repudiate the greed. We recognize and condemn the evil. And we see how the harm has been perpetuated. But, five hundred years later, we intend to mean something else in the world.” Barry Lopez. 3
bullet By then [1891] the native population had been reduced to 2.5% of its original numbers and 97.5% of the aboriginal land base had been expropriated….Hundreds upon hundreds of native tribes with unique languages, learning, customs, and cultures had simply been erased from the face of the earth, most often without even the pretense of justice or law.” Peter Montague 1

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The population of North America prior to the first sustained European contact in 1492 CE is a matter of active debate. Various estimates of the pre-contact Native population of the continental U.S. and Canada range from 1.8 to over 12 million. 4 Over the next four centuries, their numbers were reduced to about 237,000 as Natives were almost wiped out. Author Carmen Bernand estimates that the Native population of what is now Mexico was reduced from 30 million to only 3 million over four decades. 13 Peter Montague estimates that Europeans once ruled over 100 million Natives throughout the Americas.

European extermination of Natives started with Christopher Columbus’ arrival in San Salvador in 1492. Native population dropped dramatically over the next few decades. Some were directly murdered by Europeans. Others died indirectly as a result of contact with introduced diseases for which they had no resistance — mainly smallpox, influenza, and measles.

Later European Christian invaders systematically murdered additional Aboriginal people, from the Canadian Arctic to South America. They used warfare, death marches, forced relocation to barren lands, destruction of their main food supply — the Buffalo — and poisoning. Some Europeans actually shot at Indians for target practice. 14

Oppression continued into the 20th century, through actions by governments and religious organizations which systematically destroyed Native culture and religious heritage. One present-day byproduct of this oppression is suicide. Today, Canadian Natives have the highest suicide rate of any identifiable population group in the world. Native North Americans are not far behind.

The genocide against American Natives was one of the most massive, and longest lasting genocidal campaigns in human history. It started, like all genocides, with the oppressor treating the victims as sub-humans. It continued until almost all Natives were wiped of the face of the earth, along with much of their language, culture and religion.

We believe that:

bullet Only the mass murder of European Jews by Christians from 306 to 1945 CE was of longer duration.
bullet Only the mass murder by the government of the USSR of about 41 million of its citizens (1917 to 1987), and by the government of China of about 35 million of its citizens (1949 to 1987) may have involved greater loss of life.

The following essay contains only a small sampling of the horrendous atrocities inflicted on Natives by Europeans.

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Christopher Columbus:

Christopher Columbus has been a genuine American hero since at least 1792 when the Society of St. Tammany in New York City first held a dinner to honor the man and his deeds.Columbus Day has been celebrated as a national holiday since 1934 in honor of this dedicated and courageous explorer. Unfortunately, his character had a dark side.

Columbus described the Arawaks — the Native people in the West Indies — as timid, artless, free, and generous. He rewarded them with death and slavery. For his second voyage to the Americas:

Columbus took the title ‘Admiral of the Ocean Sea’ and proceeded to unleash a reign of terror unlike anything seen before or since. When he was finished, eight million Arawaks — virtually the entire native population of Hispaniola — had been exterminated by torture, murder, forced labor, starvation, disease and despair.” 1

A Spanish missionary, Bartolome de las Casas, described eye-witness accounts of mass murder, torture and rape. 2 Author Barry Lopez, summarizing Las Casas’ report wrote:

“One day, in front of Las Casas, the Spanish dismembered, beheaded, or raped 3000 people. ‘Such inhumanities and barbarisms were committed in my sight,’ he says, ‘as no age can parallel….’ The Spanish cut off the legs of children who ran from them. They poured people full of boiling soap. They made bets as to who, with one sweep of his sword, could cut a person in half. They loosed dogs that ‘devoured an Indian like a hog, at first sight, in less than a moment.’ They used nursing infants for dog food.” 3

The Spaniards eventually went on to conquer Mexico and the southern U.S.  read rest here


1 Response to “Hindu strangler FIOCONA protest violence in Karnataka, Orissa”

  1. 1 shivaji choudhury September 30, 2008 at 6:17 am

    we must condemn killing or violence in the name of religion in Karnataka, Orissa,MP, Nagaland,MizOram,Tripura or any where in India.First we are indian ,then we are what we are

    .I also hope that whole world will condemn killing and violence by christen insurgent in nagaland,mizoram,tripura.

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