Satanic Christian headmaster bars 15 Hindu students wearing sacred beads

This is what is called Christian plans to commit genocide of Hindu religion. They first came in as guests, refugees, but note how evil and genocidal their mind works!

They are minorities but they show disrespect to the majority. Will the United States brook such nonsense. Such Christian schools should be outright stopped from functioning in India.  Say No to intolerant Christians.

Students barred for wearing sacred beads
Express News Service 04 Oct 2008

TIRUNELVELI: Fifteen students of a school in Palayamkottai on Friday were told to stay away until they removed a chain from their neck that had sacred beads.

The students of Cathedral Higher Secondary School returned to school after their quarterly holidays. Noticing the thread of sacred beads around their neck, the watchman asked them to meet the headmaster.

The headmaster, Asir Deva Manickam Rajkumar, reportedly gave them a choice: remove the beads or stay away from school. The students’ plea that wearing the beads was part of the rituals followed at the Mutharamman temple at Kulasekarapattnam fell on deaf ears.

Finally, the students left and informed their parents about the incident.

Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party and Hindu Munnani functionaries thronged the school and raised slogans against the headmaster. They asked the school authorities to allow the students to attend classes.

Taken back by the sudden turn of events, the school authorities asked the students to come back.“When I came to school, I was asked by the headmaster to remove the beads.When I refused to do so, he asked me to leave the school,” said a student. The headmaster, however, denied the charge.


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