How loving persecuted Christian church destroyed temples, libraries and work on art

All done in the name of loving, merciful Jesus source

From the fourth century and forward, the now mighty Christian Church, used harsh measures to suppress other faiths.
With pious enthusiasm the ancient pagan temples, works of art and libraries were destroyed, and trampled by rampant Christians in a frenzied religious demolition craze. Under the command of bishops and abbots Christian monks were often the most active. The Greek called them “swinish black-cloths”, because “they looked like men but lived like pigs”. A contemporary writer tells us “armed with clubs or stones and swords they ran to the temples, some without these weapons only with their bare hands and feet” (Libanios “Pro temples” 389 AD). As soon as they had destroyed one temple, they dashed away to the next. They toppled over walls, smashed idols, statues and art-objects and altars, and stole the temples wealth for themselves.

Bishop Theophilius of Alexandria participated personally in levelling pagan temples and altars. This busy bishop is personally credited with destroying a huge statue of Sarapis with an axe in 391 AD, a statue made by the great Athenian artist Bryaxis. The Christian demolition craze destroyed a huge parts of antiquity’s religious artworks and written texts. Numerous priests and bishops made a name and a career for themselves as temple-destroyers. A bishop named Marcellus distinguished himself in this area, he demolished among other things the big Zeus temple in Apameia. Among the ravaging Christians it soon became popular to gather souvenirs and trophies from the holy pagan places they levelled. Bishop Theophilius organised boisterous mocking-processions with these trophies through the streets of Alexandria.

Some were more drastic than others. Particularly in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire, pagans, priests and priestessses were exiled or massacred during the temple destructions, or chained to the ruins and left to starve to death. The East Roman Emperor Theodosius 2 (401-450) executed even children for playing with pieces of a broken pagan statue. An early Church historian tells us that Theodosius 2 “exceeded everyone with his kindness and humanity”. Right!
Theodosius 2 became emperor in the age of seven, and he was thoroughly indoctrinated by the priests and became a very effective instrument for the Church. He removed all non-Christians from official positions, and introduced in 434 the death penalty for the practice of all pagan religions. The reason given for this was, funny enough, all the natural disasters the pagan gods caused(!).

Not all temples were destroyed but transformed into Christian Churches instead. The ancient pagan idols, altars and religious art were removed and smashed, and a cross was nailed up on the wall instead. By destroying the pagan temples, torching the libraries and with them huge parts of antiquity’s rich written literature and accumulated knowledge, – the Church were responsible for turning of the lights off and sending Europe into a darkness of superstition and ignorance. They destroyed a flourishing civilisation, set science and progress back centuries and created a Dark Age that crippled Europe intellectually for over a thousand years. And we have still not fully recovered.

As we have seen, real systematic persecutions of the early Christians by the authorities happened within a timeframe of only five years in the first three centuries. When the Church itself rose to power and became an authority, it has been merciless persecuting thousands of people, both non-Christians and Christians alike, more or less constantly, for seventeen hundred years. They have started wars, crusades, the Inquisition, burned people as heretics and witches, they’ve killing Jews since the very beginning, slaughtered Indians in the New World, and most of their “martyrs” are lies.
Who is the bad boy here? Oh, yeah, it is Emperor Nero.
Yeah, right!

(c) R.L. Børsheim


2 Responses to “How loving persecuted Christian church destroyed temples, libraries and work on art”

  1. 1 N.C.Raj October 22, 2008 at 11:33 am

    Dear Author,

    Congrats! for your founder full scholarly writing. I do apprecaite your concern for Indian religion. But don’t forget that all have history. And we learn from our History a lot of things. You may be a great Historian to say that christians destroyed flourishing civilization. Since i am not competant in that feild I can only say that each religion has its own dark ages and draw backs. You can’t blame on particular religion for the economic crisis, if by chance the Economic minister happened to be a christian. It will be really a folly.

    It’s pretty good that you write about the christian short coming they are part of History nothing to hide and seek. Those days countries were ruled by religions. But now we are in a democratic country the whole situation is different. Now people fight for everything. Today religion, tomorrow for language and time comes they will fight for their own family killing is own relative. there is no end for fightings.

    Today a dalit can speak of many astrocities done against humanity. Untouchability etc. Mind you even today there are places where people are still treated as untouchables. How can you justify this? Here the question is not religion its something else, i believe you need meditate over and come to a conclusion. I hope you get hold of some Hindu scripture which will help you to realise the Atma.

    I believe you are an educated person. In this globised world how can you support discriminatin. If your brain is washed with water of conversion my dear friend u r mislead. Do you think the so called Missioneries have no other work than converting. As far as Catholics are concerned Forcible conversion is a crime. Even logics fails you know.

    How long will a forced conversion servive or even if financially helped how long will hold to it.Do you think Hindus are so cheap to get converted to the western dogs who come to convert.

    I will be happy if you could make a study all the beneficiaries of the Christain run schools. And come out with a result of converted people.

    For your information, once i was in a school doing part job, i once happened to meet a Hindu wants by all means to educate is children in a Christain run school. Why? Is it because he wants all be converted to Christianity.

    By this I don’t say all the christians are saint there may be some devils working they may do some harm. Bring the person to task after all Christians are just 2%.

    Just try be a an Indian and not Indian Foreigner.


  2. 2 christianwatchindia October 22, 2008 at 9:45 pm

    One does not understand the need for religious conversions to obtain social benefits.
    This is what christians are attempting.

    Sure individuals, communities benefit from Christian missionary schools, hospitals. But it has been seen that those graduating from mission schools tend to be Hindu hating and become supporters of Christian missionaries and their heinous, often covert activities Is it also not surprising many support the West/Christianity and have strong anti Hindu/India feelings. In the long term we have a coterie of Christianised Indians as NGOs, academicians, journalists whose full time business is to find fault with everything Indian and support Christian/Western interests which are harmful to India

    Come to think of it, there is really no need for any explanation. Any look at countries that Christian missionaries infiltrate with love and kindness, ultimately the native religion perishes. The latest example is Buddhism in South Korea.

    South Korean Buddhists angry over Christian favouritism

    Religious peace threatened in South Korea

    India has a lot of problem — eg dalits, language and the like. But these will not destroy the country. Religious violence, stemming from religions with allegiances to mecca and vatican (and consequent hate for India/Hinduism) as can be seen in various instances from jihad to holocaust and genocice, can destroy a nation. This blog is about protecting India from the rampaging hordes of Christian missionaries and their desire to subvert Hinduism in India.

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