Indian Christian denigrates Chandrayaan – India’s mission to the moon

Re: [indiathinkersnet] Fw: [NewsToday] Chandrayaan – India’ proud moment

What make us so much PROUD?
When Man landed in the Moon first time the whole world surprised and filled with
joy over the human achievement.

Yesterday China Landed in Moon, Today India is motivating for it. Tomorrow our
tiny neighbour Srilanka may follow us. The same way if not possible for Pakistan
they rent Chinese rockets and reach the Moon.

Do we really need to be so much self centered and proudfull on such matters?

When the bomb blasted in the name of Lord Buddha, We named it another proud
movement. Do we ever care the poor victims living around Pokhran? Have any
Indian heard a single scientist uttering a single word for the poor of Pokhran?

The poor millions who starving and looking for one meal a day are the
beneficiary of this Proud movement?

Before even India started its mission the news start coming out how much money
India can make out of this new technology, how many other poor countries are
ready to provide us business on this mission success. We never heard any
scientist saying this is dedicated for the poor and oppressed of India, the
technological advantage nation achieving by this mission will be used for the
advantage of the poor indians.

For sure this proudfull mission make our Made in Indian tools and equipments
reaching in the surface of the Moon. But will our Scientists stop watching the
“Rahu and Kethu”? will they stop looking the Best time according to the Stars
and Moon rotation? Will they stop smashing the Coconut infront of the rocket

And we can dig down further with the help of this Chandrayaan and find out the
religion of our scientists and staff in the space center and we can divide this
proudfull movement to different religion and its fundamentalist leadership.

Scientific and technological advantage need to be counted for the greater
advantage of mankind and we should be proud of that.

(Regi George)


1 Response to “Indian Christian denigrates Chandrayaan – India’s mission to the moon”

  1. 1 vishnu patel m.d. November 6, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    sir, god created us all..we all are responsible for ourselves and our family…I remember..when I was a medical student..a south indian out-pt..dept with puemonia..crying.. even though he was not in danger of dying ..or asked for money.”.why did my parents bring me in this world..if they had nothing better to offer.” I am sure they did best they could..but it was his own interpretation and expectation, that made him suffer.emotionally..he made a move for search of better pastures in cities..No one can live or die for others..Be proud and responsible..All religions are aware of poor and advise to give alms..But, noone can die for you so you can go to heaven..vishnudada.

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