Pope Tells India His Church Has a Right to destroy Hinduism

When the Pope says he has a right to evangelize — that is from his point of view. But from a Hindu viewpoint, what the Pope is saying is  has the fundamental right to annihilate religion and replace it with the Catholic cult.  Even Hitler would have said, he had the right to commit genocide on Jews.  Both Hitler and the Pope are children of the same intolerant,  hate mongering Christian religion. In the  last bastion of ancient  that the pope wishes to destroy.

Published: November 8, 1999

Pope Tells India His Church Has a Right to Evangelize
Published: November 8, 1999
Summoning all his moral authority, Pope John Paul II tried today to persuade leaders of other religions here that interfaith understanding should lead them to recognize the Roman Catholic Church’s right to evangelize.

”Religious freedom constitutes the very heart of human rights,” the pope, on a three-day visit to India, said at a interreligious gathering that included Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews and representatives of several other faiths. ”Its inviolability is such that individuals must be recognized as having the right even to change their religion, if their conscience so demands.”

But that is an argument that many religious leaders in India accept only with difficulty. Christian conversions are at the heart of a political and religious dispute that has made the 79-year-old pope’s visit a tense one. Christian proselytizing is fuel for Muslim fundamentalists, but it is also a source of uneasiness between the pope and some of his more moderate and like-minded religious peers.

”Conversions are a fundamental right,” Samdhong Rinpoche, a Buddhist monk who is the speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in exile, said after leaving the podium he shared with the pope. ”But what we fear is that between indoctrination and anybody’s inner-consciousness to choose his religion, there is a clean line.”

”Any kind of action to encourage, or to persuade or to motivate in favor of any particular religion, that is a form of conversion that we as Buddhists cannot recommend,” the monk said.

All the religious leaders who met with the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in a lecture room in the Palace of Science here praised the pope’s efforts to promote mutual respect and joint responsibility for addressing social ills. Shri Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, a New Delhi rabbi, draped a Jewish prayer shawl around the pope.

To fervent applause, Shankaracharya Madhavananda Saraswati, a moderate Hindu leader who has criticized fundamentalist protests against the visit, clasped the pope’s hand and held it high in the air, like tennis partners celebrating a Wimbledon doubles victory. Afterward, however, the Hindu leader also expressed private misgivings about Christian evangelization.

He said later that Hindus could not really ever be diverted from their original faith: ”Religion comes from the heart. Something may change outwardly, but what is inside remains with the human being forever. That does not change.”

The pope, who came to India to close a synod of Asian bishops, has declared the evangelization of Asia, where Catholics remain a tiny minority, to be one of the church’s top priorities for the next millennium. He said it was a ”mystery” why Christ is largely unknown on the continent and added, ”The peoples of Asia need Jesus Christ and his Gospel.”

In India, however, Hindu fundamentalists accuse Christian missionaries, who are most active in poor rural and tribal areas, of preying on the most susceptible in society — buying their souls with education, medical aid and economic assistance.

Anti-Christian attacks by Hindu fundamentalists, often encouraged by political extremists, have increased dramatically in the last two years, with more than 150 recorded incidents of church lootings, beatings, rapes and killings. In Orissa, the state that was recently devastated by a cyclone, a missionary and his two young children were killed in January.

The pope came to India with two agendas: He preached ardently for religious tolerance for all faiths, but also instructed his own to convert new followers. To even the mildest leaders of other religions, the two messages do not easily blend.

”Religious people are more busy with increasing the number of their followers rather than paying attention to the challenges that beset religion,” Acharya Mahapragya, head of the Jain faith, said at the podium. Speaking through a lavender-colored surgical mask — Jains are Hindus who revere all forms of life and veil their speech to prevent their breath from destroying living micro-organisms — he was the only leader, besides the pope, to address the issue of conversions publicly.

In the current climate, some Indian Catholics say, their simplest acts of charity are misunderstood. ”We help people with scholarships and medical aid,” said Bartholomew Abraham, 40, a businessman who traveled almost 1,500 miles by train to see the pope. ”If we were really bribing converts, after 2,000 years we wouldn’t still only be 2 percent of the population.”

The pope wants church leaders to adapt their pastoral style to suit the culture and customs of their native lands, and he showed the way today by presiding over a colorful sitar Mass for 40,000 worshipers in Nehru Stadium. The Mass coincided with the most important Hindu celebration of the year, Diwali, the festival of light, which was noisily celebrated all over New Delhi with fireworks. At the Mass, under a huge abstract poster of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, women in brown and gold saris danced before the altar while a choir of sitar-players performed Indian-style hymns.

Fearing disturbances during the Pope’s visit, the government tightened security throughout the city, bringing in 3,500 armed paratroopers to assist the city’s 55,000 police officers. Protests near papal venues were banned, and would-be demonstrators swiftly arrested.

But there were odd lapses. Before the Pope arrived, his bulletproof popemobile was parked, unguarded, at an entrance to the stadium, as people streamed past. Anyone carrying a ticket to the Mass could have slipped an explosive under the vehicle before passing through security.

At the altar, however, scrutiny was far more intense. One top-ranking Vatican official, who wore a cassock and had all the right credentials, was repeatedly stopped and searched by zealous security officers, a Vatican official noted. India is no stranger to assassinations by people in close proximity to the victim, including the killing of Indira Gandhi by one of her own bodyguards.

Bhai Manjit Singh Sahib, a representative of the Sikh faith, was delayed by security officers, who would not allow him to enter unless he surrendered his sword. After 25 minutes, he prevailed, walking in carrying a gleaming, four-foot silver sword, which he placed on the desk before him.

”The sword is a symbol of my religious authority,” he said indignantly after the event. ”It is not a question of security; it is a religious symbol, and I carry it with me everywhere.”

John Paul, who has symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and other ailments, looked weak and physically spent on much of the trip. Usually, the Vatican is tight-lipped about the pope’s condition. But a pamphlet about his visit prepared by the archdiocese of New Delhi described with unusual candor some of the precautions taken to accommodate the pope’s ”poor health.”

The guidebook proudly described the ”elevator platform” built behind the altar ”as he is unable to walk well or climb too many steps.” It described the chemical toilet installed for his use during the three-hour Mass event, as well as special papal thrones to enable him ”to restrict the trembling of his arm.” It also explained that the seat was specially designed to allow the pope to rise without assistance.

The passage concluded, ”An ambulance and medical staff will be on standby just behind the main altar throughout the ceremony.”

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  1. 1 R L Francis December 11, 2008 at 3:55 am

    Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM)
    Office:- IIIA/145, Rachana, Vashali – 201010 (NCR)
    Telefax 0120, 4569131 Cell. 9810108046 Email:-francispclm@yahoo.com


    December 10, 2008 – International Human Rights Day

    Christians Demand Human Rights from Church in India

    New Delhi, December 10, 2008:
    On the International Human Rights Day the Poor Christians Liberation Movement (PCLM) has urged the Church authorities to pave way for human rights of Christians of Dalit and Tribal origin. The PCLM pointed out that while nearly 70 per cent of present Christians population in India are of Dalit and Tribal background their participation and appointments in high position in Church is less than 15 percent. This is gross injustice.

    The PCLM president R.L.Francis pointed out that on 7th December the ‘Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) and National Christian Council of India (NCCI)’ have released two spate posters depicting injustice and valance against Christians in India and called upon the faithful in India to observe ‘Dalit Liberation Sunday.’

    While it is true that violence occurred in Karnataka and Orissa but the Supreme Court of India issued stern directions for the safety of the minorities in those states. According to PCLM president RL Francis these posters are misleading and are only gimmicks to collect foreign donations during the forth coming Christmas and New Year seasons in the Western countries.

    The PCLM conducted a quick survey in Delhi to find out whether in the local churches the issue of Dalit Christians were discussed or not and to its surprise it discovered that not even in the Cathedral of Delhi which is located next to ‘Catholic Bishops Conference of India’ (CBCI) office there was any mention of the posters and its content. Like wise the NCCI also paid only lip service to the Dalit liberation.

    RL Francis, the Movement president, further stated that the Church office bearers are involved in conversion of the poor tribals and Dalits to enhance their political influence in the backward states and not really to bring liberation message of Jesus Christ to them.

    Calling for justice for the poor dalit and tribal Christians the PCLM has urged the Church not to malign the name of our country in the West. The PCLM has also urge the Foreign Affairs Ministry Govt. of India to investigate the false propaganda by the office bearers of the Church in India and Hyderabad based All India Christian Council (AICC) whose aim seems only to collect dollars.

    Let Church work for the social justice for the poor Christians on the International Human Rights Day, said RL Francis, the PCLM president.

    RL Francis
    President – PCLM

  2. 2 James Massey January 21, 2009 at 10:18 am

    Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) President R.L.Francis, Address 4th National Assembly of Delegates————————————————————————————————————————–
    Good News. Indeed we wish to give the ‘good news’ in its true original form and in its true biblical form. It is PCLM’s basic slogan ‘Truth will make you free’. In August 2003 over three hundred delegates assembled for National Assembly of Dalit Christians. The topic of the seminar was a discussion: “Dalit Christians in the context of Conversion.” After the seminar the “Presidential Address” was circulated to all PCLM ideologues and senior writers, journalists, friends and benefactors. A request was made to the ideologues to adapt, redraft where necessary, or ever overhaul the entire Presidential Address. The ‘good news’ is that soon all PCLM delegates receive “ a coherent and practical handbook. ”

    It is October 2004, over a year since the address was delivered. We must express gratitude to the PCLM ideologues. Many of you will have read and studied the ‘original text’ of this address. Hence it is for you to judge the labour of love of the ideologues. They spent time reading, grasping, adapting, editing and in several places overhauling the address of 6-8-2003.

    Verily, what Freud said should be pondered by all PCLM cadres. “An unreflected life is not worth living”. Or better, Dalit Christians should daily put into practice ‘the Marian Art’: ‘His mother pondered and treasured all these things in her heart’ Luke. 2:51. what the renowned psychotherapist said of an individual applies to organizations and movements. And what Mary the Mother of Jesus, the type of the Church uniquely performed and rigorously put into practice in her lifetime becomes a salutary exercise for all Christians. I feel assured that this ‘pondered’ and revised edition will be a source of inspiration and guide for PCLM activists at the grass root level. It is for these activist to evolve a praxis and thus help Dalit Christian towards moving effectively towards achieving the goals and filling the dreams of the Dalit Christians who have been experiencing sufferings for centuries and that too uninterrupted suffering and discrimination from womb to the tomb.

    Dear and respected delegates,

    It is my privilege and joy to extend a hearty welcome to you. My rough estimate is that there are over “three hundred delegates”. Braving all odds you have come here to discuss, share your concerns and dreams. The previous PCLM National assembly was in April 2002 and the topic of the seminar was: “The role of the Church in the Development of Dalit Christians”.

    On this historic day we move ‘one more step ahead’ hence we have decided to discuss in detail the present condition of the “Dalit Christians in the Context of Conversion.” I repeat the topic for this seminar is: Dalit Christians in the Context of Conversion.

    This topic is chosen because ‘Conversion’ in our land famed for religious tolerance has emerged as a foremost controversial topic for politicians, social activists, and religious leaders. It must be our effort to unravel what conversion really means. Initially it can be stated that, Conversion for every true Christian has a completely different meaning than what the non-Christians persons mean. Besides, Christians for centuries were using the term ‘evangelization’ and conversion as co-related. But PCLM, right at the outset has deliberately equated conversion and evangelization to avoid confusion in our sharing and discussions.

    Christians all over the world are clear as to what they mean by conversion/evangelization. Yet, in India conversion has a lot of misgivings. We have to exercise tolerance, patience and wisdom. Conversion/evangelization is a matter ‘of conscience’. Obviously the Christian conscience will feel hurt in situations like passing of stringent ordinances, as it has happened in the cases of ordinances passed by the Government of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

    These ordinances should be ‘eye openers’. Indian Christians should realize that all is not well with the way Peters, Christians Leaders, various churches are going about their mission to evangelize. Peters and Church leaders were caught off guard. Most Indian Church leaders presented vague arguments and lame excuses as per their own vested interest and theological jargon.

    My address for the topic on ‘Dalit Christian in the context of Conversion” is divided into three parts:

    The pre-conversion/ evangelization scenario for any non-Jewish/pagan land and for India in particular.
    The post-conversion/ evangelization scenario for Dalit Christians and the various dramas and games played by Peters/Church leaders.
    Towards a solution for Dalit Christians in India.

    Part one

    Part One: The pre-conversion/evangelization scenario in any Pagan Land:

    To make ‘the pre-conversion /evangelization scenario’, sound more simply we ask ourselves the question: how did evangelization begin? And a related question: who began evangelization and why?

    The Jews as per their biblical experience rightly held they were the chosen race. They have ample evidence for the same. All other peoples were put in the bracket of non-Jew, meaning ‘not chosen’ or Pagan. To come quickly to the point, as to who started evangelization and what it meant to persons at the time of Jesus. We rely on some well-known biblical device called ‘sitz in Leben Jesu’ or what ‘good news’ meant in the time of Jesus. This mission proclamation of Jesus’ is central for evangelization.

    This solemn mission declaration is well described in the Gospel of St. Luke.Ch.4: 14-19. I am just quoting one sentence from the whole text but the note whole passage is very important for our constant reflection and sharing. In fact every Dalit Christian should learn it by heart. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring the ‘ good news’ to the poor”. Luke. 4:18. And intimately connected with this ‘good news’ the proclamation of the year of remission. And the very important word and sentence described in Lk.4: 19. I read slowly and stress the word ‘year’ (reads) “ to proclaim the ‘year’ of God’s favour.”

    It is utmost importance to known what is this ‘year of favour/remission’ means. Confer Leviticus Ch. 25: 1- 55, Deuteronomy Ch. 15:1-18 and Deu. 31:9-11. I give three very important texts, which every Dalit Christian should read again and again. I repeat, yes again and again because all Peters, Church leaders never heard of it. Our proof is because even the most powerful Roman Peter is totally ignorant of this very important proclamation. Confer Jubilee Disaster a document sent to Pope John Paul II, Dated. 17-9-2000 and ‘Church Restoration’ (CR-Aug’03 issue) document for internmentship for Pope John Paul II in Jerusalem. The Bible mentions that ‘Adam and Eve’ was sent out of the garden into exile. So it is just and biblical that the Pope and Peters leave ‘their paradise’ and get interned for the grave sins against the poor of Yahweh. Confer ‘Church Restoration’ Issue of Aug-03. For India, an Intermentship programme for the Petrine levites in Bangalore, Ranchi and Shillong.

    Now to come to understand ‘evangelization and Pagan’ meant to Historical Peter and Paul and Jewish Christians in the early Church. Once again we rely on the technical term, ‘sitz in leben early Church’. It will surprise many in this august assembly that present Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, etc thus practically the whole of Europe and Asia Minor etc. was considered ‘pagan lands’ or as peoples and land where the’ good news’ was to be proclaimed…. as the gospel put it to the ‘very ends of the world’.

    The early Christian community was ‘exclusively Jewish’s’. It was only after the death and resurrection of Christ that St. Paul opened the gates of Christianity, namely spread of the ‘good news’ (evangelization) to the whole non-Jewish world: called Pagans/non-Jews/Gentiles. The term ‘Pagan’ meant non-Jews. It was not a derogative term as it is now. Nor was Pagan peoples or lands understood as lands ‘to be conquered’ as understood by Successive Peters or Church leaders. St. Paul clearly stated with the event of ‘ the death and resurrection’ the classical division of Jews and Gentiles, (non-Jews) loses it significance ‘ all are made one in Christ’.

    Hence there is a world of difference between what the historical Peter and Paul understood by this mission called “spread of the gospel” to the non-Jews and what meaning is attached to it by successive Peters or Church leaders.

    Historically, ‘this band of small Judeo Christians” was in minority, almost insignificant minority for almost three centuries. They faced immense persecutions. Obviously, there was no clear-cut agenda for evangelization as later Successive Peters formalized, dogmatised and sanctified conversion for their own selfish interests. Briefly, it can be stated that in the in the ‘ early church’ there is sufficient proof to show that evangelization implies no conquest of peoples, no imposition of any kind.

    And note practically the whole world was ‘ pagan’. And the only handbooks ‘these true apostles’ possessed for these three centuries were some authorized form of the ‘three synoptics’ and St. John’s gospel’ gospels. Note the epistles of St. Paul and all other epistles were not classified as ‘Good News’. But scholarly Pagan Christians in ‘later editions’ included these ‘explanations and letters’ into a corpus and cleverly termed it all: ‘new testament’. Thus began the mother of all biblical aberrations.

    Poor Pagan Christians believe that these divisions are eternally true divisions and compilations of ‘complete Bible’. These same Pagan scholars cleverly complied various ‘inspirational books’ and thus in gem was the ‘later bulky bible’ as books of ‘old and new testament’. Thus Jesus’ mission proclamation of the Jubilee implementation was eternally diluted.

    Hence it is important to know that ‘early apostles’ Jewish Christians had only meager ‘handwritten’ documents’ of the ‘good news’. This is verily ‘stark brevity’ of early church.

    Present Pagan Peters supply their evangelizers with a ‘Bulky Bible’, and with every new translator a more sophisticated form of what ‘they consider’ to be the ‘Bible’.(Confer Catholic edition and Protestant editions) This ‘bulky book’ they say is the ‘true version’. The real truth is soon forgotten that it was for their convenience and self-interest they divided this ‘bulky book’ in two divisions. Old Testament and New Testament. Over the centuries this ‘Bulky Pagan Bible’ is translated in umpteen languages and with lengthy introductions, explanations, fake headings, and fake classifications, fake interpretations, thus the ‘Bible’ is so disfigured that the ‘good news’ is eternally lost.

    This ‘Bulky Bible’ spelt disaster for the stark brevity of the ‘good news’. Obviously this ‘distorted compendium’ was made to suit later Pagan Christian traditions, dogmas, documents, rites and rituals. And then there was no looking back to additions and additions, aberrations and total disfiguration of what originally evangelization meant.

    Now the modern evangelizer has to take as gospel truth the divisions of Pagan Popes that the Bible has been division neatly into “old testament and new testament” and the modern evangelizer has to cram up Pagan theological treatises, read pagan Church history, get acquainted with various Pagan Christian traditions, rites and rituals and thus ‘wonder and stark brevity’ of the gospels (four and only four) is completely lost.

    The early Jewish Christians must be turning in their graves at this disfigurement of ‘Torah’ and ‘Dabar Yahweh’. The stark brevity of the ‘good news’, possessed by early apostles in some ‘oral form’ or ‘early handwritten records’ of the ‘four gospels’, is forever lost. It is pure Pagan Peters concoction that the ‘bulky bible’ forms an eternal compendium/corpus for evangelization/conversion.

    In conclusion, it can be safely stated that just a cursory glance of ‘ Jesus’ mission and the early church’s’ mission of evangelization is sufficient to give us an idea how aberrations and distortions crept into what is ‘sacredly’ known as evangelization/conversion. For the purpose of this seminar it suffices to get acquainted with this pre- evangelization/conversion scenario.

    Dalit Christians valid questions are: What right have any Roman Peter or any Pagan Peter to impose another meaning to ‘good news ‘ other than what Jesus meant and what the early Church meant? And further, what ‘right’ has any nation be it, Italy, Spain, France, Germany or any so called ‘Christian nations’ to impose dogmas, rites, rituals, traditions etc especially since they too were ‘pagan peoples’? Further, are the modern Roman Peters or any other Christian Peter, just implementing a distorted form of evangelization, which Dalit Christians rightly call an eternal slavery Programme? These questions are based on the praxis of Dalit Christians who face ‘double discrimination’. It is the Dalit Christians, who are ‘freely, frankly and fearlessly’ questioning Peters of all hues. These questions, (in retrospect) are been continually asked through PCLM’s magazine “ Christian Post”. See issues Nov.2003 to Nov. 2004.

    In this first section we have clarified what Pagan/ Gentile means. And more important what evangelization means. To simply matters I stress the equation I made earlier. Truly evangelization is conversion and conversion is evangelization. Meaning one who is evangelized knows the year of remission and knows that he has to implement the Jubilee Laws. Confer the three important texts. And truly ‘implementations of the Jubilee Laws’ is evangelization. If Peters can implement the Jubilee laws then evangelization is taking place.

    Now it can be safely stated that all successive Peters, and Peters of all hues were ‘mere Pagan Peters’. And it is clear that ‘Pagan Popes’ care two hoots for true conversion and evangelization. Hence another valid question can be asked at this juncture: who is converting/evangelizing whom? Day in and day out from the Grand Jubilee year 2000 PCLM and other Dalit Christians in India have been proclaiming to the ‘Pagan Peters’ of all hues that their Jubilee Year commitment is mere farce. Thus it is the Dalit Christians who are truly converting and evangelizing the Pagan Popes or Peters.

    Part two:
    The post-conversion scenario for any non-Jewish/pagan land and the various drama/games played by Peters/Church leaders.

    The documentation for this section is so vast and so diligently preserved by successive Peters and their Pagan scholars. These documents are popularly known as ‘ Church History’. It is the detailed history ad nauseam of how dogmas, rites and rituals and various Pagan Peter churches evolved, separated and formed their own ecclesial traditions, custom, and most important for the Catholic Peters is what is enunciated by the Supreme Pontiff for his vast flock – ‘a universal law, a sanctified called the canon law’. This law was and is and will be implemented in letter and spirit. This canon law is more sacred than Jesus’ mission proclamation and Jubilee implementation. Hence what remains to understood, studied and reflected for Dalit Christians praxis is the various dramas/games played by Peters of all hues in this post evangelical period. The period from the third century till the present times.

    Obviously it is not within the scope of this seminar that Dalit Christians have a complete description of the 3 dramas/games played. Hence for the purpose of the seminar I have highlighted some important dramas; and for the purpose of our discussion now and later in the field I have divided these PP dramas of conversion into two divisions: ‘Pagan Peters greater conversion dramas/games’ and Pagan Peters lesser conversion games/dramas’.

    The division of greater drama and lesser drama are not in any chronological order and not even in logical order merely at random. Nor are we saying dogmatically the ‘greater are greater and lesser are lesser’. The division is just for reflection sake. A scholarly approach is beyond the scope of this seminar. ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesars’. It is for our ideologues, writers, as and when the need arises to collate, classify and present in a readable form their relevant findings and be challenged in the ‘praxis’ of the Dalit Christians.

    A: Some greater dramas played by Pagan Peters.

    Pagan Peters holier than thou game:

    Right at the outset of Christianity Pagan Peters considered themselves ‘martyrs for the faith’ confer the term ‘ the blood of martyrs’. Or it was ‘cleverly done’ later but at their behest so that ‘posterity also pays due respect to them. Thus first Successive Pagan Peter was a saint and ‘then there were more and more’- a whole list of them. Confer the ‘ link of Pagan Popes’ prepared under Pagan Popes guidance. This list is made to frighten the laity Christians forever. The preeminent sanctity of the Pagan Popes is almost a dogma of faith. Pagan Peters have prepared a formidable list of saints and their achievements. Pope John Paul II, the present pagan pope has canonized hundred of new saints during his papacy.

    Obviously, this ‘holier than thou game’ put Christianity on sandy and shaky foundation’; and the worst scenario is and ironically too, the Pagan Peters were and are Pharisees par excellence. It is the Dalit ideologue Noel David who dares to call a spade a spade Confer his voluminous writings (unpublished), which prove that “Pagan Peters are indeed the real Pharisees of Gospel”. It was only recently in Church History that the Pagan Popes took charge dogma of infallibility, from thence there was no looking back. Eminent church theologians are charged with dire consequences if doubts arise about the supremacy of the Pope. Hence pagan popes were the first culprits to dilute “ Jesus’ mission” with their holier than thou attitude. Who has dared at any time in the history of Christianity to remind the Pagan Popes of the implementation of the Jubilee laws every seven years, every fifty years and every hundred years, and every thousand years? Which Christian has dared to call them Pharisees? Or by any apocalyptic titles name like the ‘great fiery dragon’, the Anti-Christ, the terrible beast with the number 6666? Such naming indeed would have a salutary effect on the ‘Pagan Peters’ as has ‘gehenna in the gospels’.

    The ostrich game of pagan Peters:

    Like in the game of chess the Pagan Peter are heavily guarded. Any amount of pawns can be sacrificed for the PP. Just the opposite of what is expected of a true shepherd. On the contrary Vatican City heavily guards its Pagan Peter; and there is the formidable Vatican Curia to prevent him from any dogmatic harm. Compare this with Jesus, the true shepherd “ready to lay down his life for his sheep”. It is well known that the Pope is a mere “Prisoner of the Vatican”. Wherever checkmated he has a ‘huge blanket of Christian goodwill’ to justify whatever he does. His ostrich-like attitude is no secret anymore.

    Dalit Christian Shri. Ram Bharati, a noted filmmaker, journalist, and social activist while preparing his documentary, ‘In search for self-respect’ has captured and preserved the ostrich-like attitude of Bishop Concessio, the present Bishop of New Delhi.

    Can such Pagan Peters lead their sheep and know their flock? Jesus said: “I am the good shepherd .I know my own and my own know me just as the Father knows me and I know the Father. And I lay down my life for my sheep”. (Jn: 10:15) In their secure palace ‘jubilee commitment’ is ‘Torah rubbish.’ And old covenant law.

    Dalit ideologue, Mr. Kirit Mahida, in the magazine published from Anand, Gujarat called the “Prabudh Catholic”, has fully exposed the travesty of these so-called ‘good shepherds’. There is one full regular section entitled “chet machander gorak aya”. In ordinary parlance for our purpose here it means: ‘Beware, fake shepherds are on the prowl’. It is unfortunate that all this material is in Gujarati. An English and Hindi translation of the erudite issues of ‘Prabudh Catholic’ would be a boon for Dalit Christian literature.

    The sacramental game and the Tower of Babel game:

    The sacramental game is one of the biggest drama/game for the eternal continuance of the Roman Catholic Clergy. Thus the Catholic Clergy are fixed in a ‘permanent jubilee state’. The seven sacraments being formalized and sanctified ‘as if’ sacramental life is heaven on earth! There is automatically an eternal flow of grace.

    “Blessed are the Roman Catholic clergy the kingdom of God’s is theirs.” The Pagan Popes proclaims that there is :one and only one Christian beatitude and that also ‘only for clergy’. In this scenario how can we expect to explain to Catholic Clergy that it is the implementation of jubilee “every seven years” etc that is of prime importance and not the seven sacraments of the Pagan Peters.

    The Christian Liturgy is a tower of Babel experience. One has to attend the Sunday liturgical services. There is a reading, just few sentences from Old Testament and then a solemn one from the New Testament. (Note all stand up!!) Most important is the “Sunday commentary” of the gospel, popularly known as the sermon. These babelings differs from Parish to Parish, from state to state and nation to nation. Isn’t this a veritable ‘Tower of Babel’? Catholic laity never shows any disgust of their pastor’s absurd and lengthy interpretations of sacred scripture. Nay, they go enlightened over the new and ever newer interpretations of the Bible from their wise pastors. And above all, Catholic laity prefers to congregate in these Tower of Babel churches.

    The laity wishes to remain laity. They wish to live in an eternal state of ignorance of the Bible-The living word of God. For Catholics, ‘the interpretation of the Bible given by Pagan Peter is absolutely true’. And Pagan Popes and their clergy have never ever spoken of the implementation of such Jubilee laws every seven years. Such Laws will be like Greek to them; and they would even dare to guess, without checking for themselves that such laws are indeed absurd laws. And dare to say that such laws should not be mentioned in the Bible. Obviously ‘their Pagan Pope’ will never approve of such laws of the perfidious Jews.

    Pagan Peters’ manpower, wealth power and muscle power drama:

    This is one of the early drama played by pagan Peters. It was Constantine who exercised this drama to the fullest at an early stage and thus distorted evangelization and Jubilee implementation down the ages. In early Christianity Pagan Kingly Peters simply ridiculed the ‘implementation of Jubilee laws’ since the practice of slavery was rampant. Later as ‘Christianity progressed’ and grew into a powerful body it was the pagan Popes who successfully exercised great muscle power and wealth power. Hence it is very strange that even at a very early stage of ‘church history’ no so called ‘important ecclesial council’, later solemnly called the ecumenical Council ever treated the subject of Jesus mission and implementation of the Jubilee laws.

    Pagan Peters’ invention of ever-sophisticated traditions, rites and customs.

    The early church Jewish Christians had to adapt themselves to the culture of the Romans, Greeks, and Syrians. Each of these major evangelized areas had their own tradition, rites and rituals. This began the first religious disparities, disputes due to cultural affinities. Thus in the treatment of these non-issues the ‘real issues’ of constant seven yearly review of the implementation so strongly recommended by Mosaic Law were easily forgotten as not essential to Pagan Christianity.

    Pagan Peter’s drama of replacing simple synagogual meeting and form independent “Churches” and its own unique liturgy.

    This in retrospect was the most harmful game played by Pagan Peters. It was in these long periods of ‘lived Christianity’ that Pagan Peters discovered that ‘people are enjoy being gullible’ and hence they began by introduction of a harmless tradition like ‘agape sessions’, ‘baptism of children’, and ‘marriage in the church’ as per sensibilities and customs of the people. Now the Roman Catholics have a formidable and full-fledged ‘seven sacraments sacred tradition’. Thus Pagan Peters introduced the mother of all aberrations liturgy, ritual and rites. Significantly, in none of these seven sacraments any mention is made the Christian’s most important commitment to implementation of the Jubilee laws.

    Pagan Peters Media game:

    This game is a mind-boggling game. The Pagan Peters are past masters in media matters. All other parties in Media are mere novices and will remain novices. Just a few references will suffice to know the how great was, is and will be influence of Pagan Peters over the consciences of the so-called civilized world. Their Media policy is: ‘Roma locuta est’ and ‘gospel truth’.

    Their publications of their encyclopedias, directories, books, journals, magazines etc. fill the world libraries. It will be fool-hardly for anyone to clash against these intellectual giants in Media matters. So give to Caesar what is Caesars and to Pagan Peters what is Pagan Peters. They are media magnates par excellence.

    Dalit Christians are not going to engage themselves in a Media battle against the unbeatable Pagan Peters. Yet in relation to the “ The Jubilee mission of Jesus” and ‘conversion and evangelization’ the Dalit Christians reserve their right to engage themselves in this crucial battle. Hence PCLM envisages the publication of this “stark brevity” document as its prime duty. We wish to supply the same to all Dalits in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka and among all peoples, nations of goodwill.

    Varied Pagan Peters Provisions for divide and rule;

    Pagan Peters discovered that they had to ‘give recognition’ to rival Pagan Peters. Very early they learnt ‘cake sharing’ is a safe policy, so Roman churches gave ‘recognition’ to Greek Churches and Syrian churches. It goes without saying that this division of Christianity is a division of convenience and preservation of ‘flock fleecing right’. If the common bond of these Pagan Christian Churches had been the ‘mission of Jesus and the Jubilee implementation then such‘ Christian flock division’ would seem redundant. A Christian in Rome, Greece, Asia Minor, would be known by his Jubilee commitment ‘every seven years’. But there is no record of any ‘jubilee implementation programme’ in any Roman Peter, Greek Peter or Syrian Peter Church.

    Now to come to the section of lesser dramas played by Pagan Peters with special reference to the Indian scene:
    Part three:
    B. The Lesser Dramas/ games played by PP.

    Pagan Peter missionaries with manpower and money:

    Practically all ‘powerful Pagan Peter nations’ invaded India with a programme called ‘conversion’. It was and is a real onslaught. They had manpower and money power unmatched in the history of mankind. Even now the ‘biggest globalization business’ is conversion. Confer Tehelka report of …… This unabashed programme is an off- shoot of the earlier Pagan Peters aberrations. In India, the ‘so called conversion programme’ had an additional advantage/disadvantage the low castes or Dalits.

    Within a comparatively short period of two hundred years, a large number of Dalits has become Christians. But soon Dalit Christians realized that they were taken for a ride. Dalit Christians are a formidable two crore people, who have raised the ‘real issue of conversion and evangelization’. PCLM spared no effort ‘ at the right time’ to make a hue and cry through its media intervention and effort. Never before in any Pagan Peters History Peters of all hues have been challenged. It was precisely in the grand millennium year 2000 that PPs (Pagan Peters) were caught off guard as to their real Christian commitment. And these are the famed Indian Pagan Peters, under well-known church titles like CBCI; NCCI etc these IPPs (Indian Pagan Peters) were totally ignorant of the ‘ Jubilee programme’ for Dalit Christians. Confer the whole shameful IPP political interventions in reservation for Dalit Christian issue. The Indian newspapers have preserved all its details from the year 1950 to this day.

    The game of the mushrooming of Tantric Peters:

    As if the organized gang of Indian Pagan Peters is not sufficient for the conversion programme, the gullible Dalit Christians have to constantly face the on slaught of Tantric Peters. These Tantric Peters are supermen and have supernatural powers. They lay their hands on the suffering, they heal, and they perform miracles and what not. The mouthpiece of the CBCI ‘ Indian Currents’ often gives the names and places where such Catholic Tantric Peters perform their feats. Confer last page (cover) ads. Strange even Catholicism has its own brand of Tantric Peters to misguide Dalit Christians in India. But it is a real sight to seen other Indian Tantric Peters of the Protestant stream in action. If you are interested in such Tantric Peters programmes you have to carefully read the ads in the Indian newspapers. These Tantric Peters literally prowl in all major towns and have a large following. Strangest of all, these Tantric Peters never ever make any reference to who is to be a “true Christian”- or Christian’s jubilee commitment every seven years. These Tantric Peters carry away a big booty from these sessions in terms of ‘ good will for conversion’. Besides they are funded by powerful Pagan Peters of rich nations like U.S.A. etc.

    The Sadhuvad or Parasite game:

    India is a land of millions and millions of ‘sadhus. This helps us to understand what ‘Sadhuvad’ is. Sadhus practice renunciation and detachment as per the religious tradition and commitment enshrined in their sacred writings. These ‘sadhus ‘ have to be fed and taken care off by the common populace. So they are best described as parasites living at someone’s expense. The famed Dalit ideologue Noel David, PCLM’s Gujarat representative, in his speech in the seminar of 2002 told the gathering solemnly that ‘ the Church leaders are living in a parasite age’. Especially for the Catholic Clergy there is an eternal, inexhaustible fund. Only these parasites have to perform ‘certain clergy duties’ and that also rarely. It goes without saying that the ‘vows of poverty, chastity and obedience’ makes them fit perfectly in the Sadhuvad system. No doubt the Indian Syrian Christians is at home in this parasite system. All religious orders, congregations for provinces/dioceses in Indian are flooded with vocations to become parasites. This huge band of clergy are well trained and well fed. Not a word is ever said of the ‘jubilee commitment’ during their life’. They die gloriously and are buried with much fanfare. Invariably an obituary appears about their exemplary religious life in their local magazines etc.

    The Pagan Peters Addas game:

    In India, Church leadership has been running more than 40,000 health, educational, and other social welfare organizations. After the Government of India the largest portion of land belongs to Christian bodies. The Church owns these vast well-furnished Addas. These Addas cater to the needs of the affluent and elite section. Wonder jubilee commitment! Not every seven years but day in and day out. Dalit Christians are asking for the crumbs that fall off from these Addas. Jubilee implementation is unheard of and so is ‘even just an mere ‘Educational Council’! For Dalits.

    Who can bell these cats? The entire wealth of the Pagan Peters is in the hands of the high class Christians. Christian money, their real estates are being used day and day out for the betterment of the affluent. A more ironical situation cannot be imagined in the context of the jubilee commitment.

    Sheep stealing game of PP (Pagan Peters )in India:

    This game makes a real mockery of what ‘ Christianity really is or stands for’. In this game is revealed what ‘conversion means to Pagan Peters in India ’. To enhance their numbers Church leaders and independent Evangelists are performing multiple baptisms of the already ‘baptized Christian’. The only difference is they now belong to another group of Pagan Peters. Such conversions are a lucrative business. There is ample evidence that such games are being played by Indian Pagan Peters. The recent records of “conversions” show that the proportion of such ‘sheep stealing conversion’ is much larger than conversion from other religions.

    The Hindi belt of Northern area is most suitable for this sheep stealing game. In the past the sheep stealers were the followers of the Salvation Army, Church of Northern India, (CNI), Methodists, Lutheran Church and Evangelical Church. But after Independence the scenario has changed, Catholics and Protestants have indulged in sheep stealing in the name of true evangelization. When will the even supposedly genuine Christians know what ‘evangelization and conversion’ means?

    The crocodile tears game of Indian Pagan Peters.

    When conversions fail to happen with their ordinary means, the IPP shamelessly resorts to the crocodile tears game. This drama took place at the Durban Conference of the United Nations in 2001! A cursory glance at the list of delegates from India would give anyone a fair idea that it was ‘the IPP rich delegates’ who went to shed crocodile tears for grave injustice meted out to their Dalits in India.

    It was a big drama of tear in a powerful venue at Durban. That their tears were a mere farce is borne out fact of their commitment to the Dalit cause at home. The Indian Dalit organizations are flooded by IPP. It is they, who back in India are in reality are indulging in grave injustice to their own Dalit brethren numbering two crores. Thus with their fake tears they won the ‘good will’ of United Nations. Confer full reports in Indian Currents…December 2001

    The hide and seek game of IPP The chief Pagan Pope has created a Vatican to play the hide and seek game. In India “Vatican palaces are stretched over the length and breath of the vast country. Obviously grand ‘hiding place for secret conferences for conversion program .The IPP are ‘notoriously absent’ from their diocese or their prime duty as chief pastor. A tragico-humorous case of the “ lost shepherd”(khovayelo bharvad) was reported in the magazine ‘ Prabudh Catholic’. The case needs to be mentioned here because this ‘lost shepherd’ is no other than the present Archbishop of Gandhinagar, Rt. Rev. Stanislaus Fernandes S.J. For all his hide and seek games he plays, he is promoted in the hierarchy of IPP in predominantly Dalit Christian Gujarat.

    The Bishop is a ‘mere overseer’. In India princes and kings have disappeared yet new brand of princes of IPP rule the roast. They are the most sought persons for all social, religious and cultural functions.

    The liberation of Dalit “Conversion Game”:

    Some Church sponsored organizations have started presenting conversion as the only way towards so- called liberation of the Dalits. Some time ago there were reports of the so-called Sikh in Chhattisgarh and Punjab. There was another report from the South of Tamil Nadu that some two hundred and fifty (250) youth of the scheduled Castes have been able to find the path of liberation through effort of the Seventh Day Adventist. What sort of Jubilee liberation is this? Obviously Dalits of India are becoming a vast goldmine for conversion and the Church leadership in India is ready for the digging out the booty.

    The Mel Gibson’s Passion Play Game and Passion Plays in Christian Parishes

    The Mel Gibson’s passion film only made one more skeleton fall of out the bags of Pagan Peters. It is no secret that the Pagan Pope ‘Recommended this Passion play Film’. But passion plays have been in vogue for several centuries.

    The whole game in passion plays is putting the blame of Jesus’ death on the Jews, thus forgetting the real issues. It is very clear from Gibson’s depiction of the Jesus’ sufferings that he played on the sentiments of the Christians. For Jesus, his passion and death are a non-issue. Mel Gibson shows ad nauseam the sufferings of Jesus and his death on the cross. Is this the central message of Christianity?

    Then in Christian countries, in Christian Kerela there are the passion plays etc and especially on “Good Friday” a grand Good Friday service to play on the religious sentiments of the people. From the fruit one knows the tree. It is well known in Syrian Christian Kerela that no Jew dares to get out on the streets on Good Friday…least he be…. Are these services for merely to put the blame on the Jews? Or further are these services just a play on the sentiment of pious Christians to show how much Jesus, Our Lord and Master suffered for mankind. Is this suffering the central message of Jesus? Definitely no.

    Jesus has a special message for Mel Gibson and the Syrian Christians of Kerela and Christians who make a non-issue of his passion and death. Jesus says in no unambiguous terms: the he has come to proclaim the year of remission and release of those in bondage. This means that : the declaration of the year of remission and the Jubilee laws are central for Jesus.

    Christians should not indulge in cheap interpretations. PCLM advices Christians not to reduce the passion and death to sentimentality shows, or make business of such depictions, or create non-issues of his death and passion and resurrection.

    PCLM’s real question to filmmakers and Passion Play producers is: Why aren’t there films, plays on Jubilee mission of Jesus? Why isn’t there among Christians a real Mel Gibson to depict the Jubilee mission? Why isn’t there a film on Jubilee year implementation so central to Jesus and all Christians?

    The Indian Syrian stranglehold game:

    It is a well published fact that a mere 30% of the Indian Syrian Christian have a complete stranglehold on 70% Dalit Christians. Confer news in Dalit Voice Nov. 2001. Also confer the seminar proceeding of the PCLM (April 2002). Are the Indian Syrian Christians ready to come for a dialogue and sort of this key issue? Obviously it is a big game, even after so much publicity given. The enemies within the Christian community are the worst.
    Edited by
    Fr. Anthony Fernandes SJ

  3. 3 Fr. John Paul January 25, 2009 at 12:49 pm


    Sunday, November 16, 2008

    By R.L. Francis

    The leaders of Indian Church are being accused of not given equal place and opportunity to the Dalit Catholics in Catholic Church till today. Dalit and Tribal fought against religion, unjust society and unequal economic distribution against them and they accepted the Christianity but later on they realized that in Christianity also there was/is no equal justice and place for them in the Church. Dalit and Tribal Catholics are sad for not having dignified life in the Catholic Church. Upper cast Catholics are having full hold and control on the Catholic Church. Most of the priests, bishops and cardinals are becoming from upper cast and they select the leaders for different associations from their own cast people.

    There are very few Dalit priests and nuns in the Catholic church. Converted Dalit Catholics have great hope from Dalit Priests and nuns in all the diocese in Indian Catholic Church. When Dalit Priests and nuns are being misbehaved, harassed and persecuted by bishops and superiors, then converted Dalit Catholic become sad and loose the hope of having equality and justice in the Catholic Church. Infact in order to have full hold on the Catholic Church, the upper caste bishops and priests do not give equal place and opportunity to the Dalit Preists, Nuns and Dalit Catholics in the Catholic Church.

    Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary is the only local Dalit Priest for Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, the Capital of India. On 30-07-2006, his family members and villagers had a dharna at bishop’s house against the discrimination done to Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary by the Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao. His brother, Mr. Laxmi Chand gave a memorandum to the Archbishop and appealed to him for not to mistreat his brother on the basis of region and caste. Mr. Laxmi Chand reminded the Catholic Archbishop about the pain and trouble they had gone through in order to make his brother, Fr. Willam, a catholic priest for Delhi Diocese. Most of the family members and villagers are Hindu, so they had opposition within the family and in the village for not allowing him to be a priest. Mr. Laxmi Chand lives in Gurgaon, Haryana. He said that his brother after having completed his priestly study for 11 years, became a catholic priest for Delhi Catholic Archdiocese. We were happy that our brother became a priest and expected that he will work for deprived people in the society.

    Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary’s eldest brother, Mr. Laxmi Chand had reminded the Archbishop Vincent M. Concessao through the memorandum that he and his family sacrificed him to work selflessly in the Catholic church and spread the message of love of Christ. We came to know that our brother is being ill-treated on the basis of caste and region. Infact the Archbishop is against the local dalit catholic. He is encouraging regionalism and casteism in Delhi Catholic Archdiocese. Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary was appointed at Faridabad and Rewari in Haryana, Defence Colony, Delhi Cantt, Mayur Vihar Ph-III and Pitampura churches in Delhi but he was not allowed to work freely by the Archbishop who was/is interfering in his work. Mr. Laxmi Chand alleged through the memorandum that Archbishop was/is discriminating against the local Dalit Catholics and local Dalit Priests on the basis of language, region, race, colour and caste. Catholic Archdiocese never consulted local Dalit and priest while taking important decision for the diocese. Archbishop has different rules and regulations for North Indian and South Indian priests, which is against the policy of church and Christianity.

    Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary’s family says that they respect Rev. Bishop Vincent M. Concessao very much and this is not to insult or hurt him. This matter is being voiced because we have sacrificed our brother in the name of Jesus Christ but here in Catholic Church he himself is forced to live insulted life. We must not tolerate that after serving the Catholic Church for more than 15 years he is facing the problem of unjust and partiality by the top most Authorities. These authorities must change their behaviour towards Fr. William . Archbishop is putting condition for long retreat before assigning the parish to Fr. William but there are no condition for other priests who have not gone for long retreat and are holding/ assigned important position in the Church.

    There are fourteen thousand (14000) priests in the Catholic Church but only six hundred (600) are Dalit Priests. There are one hundred sixty
    (160) Bishops but only six (6) are Dalit Bishops in the Catholic Church. It is surprising that there are 70% are converted Dalit Catholics out of the total population of the Catholic Church. Only few upper caste bishops and priests are ruling and controlling the catholic church. They are using the property of the Catholic Church for their own sake. Church leaders are increasing their kingdom while converting Hindu Dalit into Christianity. They are creating division and tension in the Indian societies through their activities in India.

    Infact Indian Churches are being controlled and ruled by the South Indian, especially the generation of Portuguese. It is true that Portuguese missionaries and people could not influence and controlled Indian politics but they had full control on the Catholic Church. Vasco D’Gama was send to India by the pope in order to control Indian catholic church. Before Portuguese missionaries came to India, they were already old Catholics and Syrian Catholics were living in India, especially in South Indian. Portuguese missionaries made them their own slaves by force while British was ruling and controlling India. The upper caste Catholics of Kerela and Tamilnadu obeyed and worked along with Portuguese missionaries. Even though British left India yet pope had influenced and control over the Catholic Church. India became independent country which was declared as democratic. The religious freedom was given to the Indian people who can choose and practice any religion anywhere in India. The Portuguese were very happy and proud of religious freedom in India. Foreign missionaries left enough wealth, movable and immovable property in the Catholic Church. After having left the foreign missionaries from India, the upper caste bishops, priests and leaders of the church took full control over the Catholic Church and entire wealth. In order to increase population in the church, the upper caste bishops, priests and missionaries started to convert Hindu Dalit and poor people into Christianity. They were getting foreign aid in order to increase population in the church. As the population increased in the church the vote bank also increased. So the upper caste bishops, priests and leaders of the Church got the protection of Indian Politician. Since they received the help and protection from politicians, the Indian missionaries took advantage in converting Hindu Dalit into Christianity.

    Recently many people died in Kandhmal District in Orrissa. Many churches, institution and houses were burnt and there was a heavy loss of wealth and life. There are Schedule Caste people, belonging to Pana Caste, who are converted into Christianity. Church leaders are fighting and demanding the state government that the people of Pana Caste must be given the status of Schedule Tribe so that they may not loose quota after accepting the Christianity, otherwise they are loosing the quota after the conversion. This is the real reason of hurdle for conversion for the leaders of the church. Since many decades, church leaders were/are trying to remove this root cause which is the hurdle for converting Hindu Dalit of Pana Caste into Christianity and forcing the government to give them the status of Schedule Tribe. This struggle has been going on since many years. Because of this struggle the tension built up in the region. Actually the church leaders are not interested in the development of converted Catholics rather they want to increase number in the Church. The Church leaders are having an eye on 16 crores Hindus. The Church leaders are playing double standard game. If the people of pana caste are given Schedule Tribe status, they will retain quota / reservation after accepting the Christianity and the Church need not to give anything to them, and on the other hand the conversion may go on smoothly. The church leaders are running the shop of conversion.

    Indian Catholic Church have to follow rules and regulations(Canon Law) of Catholic Church. The Vatican appoints the Indian Bishops. Usually Catholic Bishops gives less importance to local community and that’s why interference in their work by the local priest can only bring suffering to these local priests. In the year 2000, Fr. Anthony Fernandez SJ, was harassed, persecuted and asked to leave the society because he raised the voice against conversion and refused to change the religion of local community, he also challenged the various rights of Bishops. Fr. Henry of Jhansi Diocese was insulted and persecuted because he took the side of local poor Christians. In our country today also lots of priests are facing punishment and standing in neglected places for being Dalit and raising voice for their own people. “Poor Christian Liberation Movement” (PCLM) is one of the leading organisation who is working for Dalit Christian has asked the Church Authorities to give equality and respect to their Priests and Nuns who have come from the Dalit background. According to the words of Jesus Christ we should be like salt. If the salt become tasteless there’ll be no use of it instead it will be thrown outside like dust and will be trampled within our legs.

    [By R.L. Francis, President, Poor Christian Liberation Movement -PCLM]

  4. 4 Fr. John Paul February 24, 2009 at 6:52 am

    Previous interviews
    Christianity is facing crisis like any other religion: RL Francis

    Message of Christ must spread without offending any religion, says RL Francis, president, Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM)

    The problems of the Dalits and Tribals have remained the same even after several decades of conversion into the Christianity. A large number of poor Christians have come together to form a common platform – Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) – and are demanding Church to meet the aspirations of the dalits and tribals. In a long interaction with Sai Prasan, a senior journalist, RL Francis, president, PCLM addressed the issues ranging from Kandhamal violence, fraudulent conversions to the inner contradictions within the Church and among the Christian community at large. Excerpts:

    Orissadiary.com: PCLM has issued a press release on MP Minority Commission’s observations regarding Church property. But, why you were silent on the Supreme Court recently criticizing Odisha government for its failure to protect the life of people in Kandhamal violence? And, you have spared even the Hindu fundamentalists for attacking Christians in Odisha?
    Francis: Do not allege the things which are not true. We condemn any kind of violence on any religion. We support all the decision of the Honourable Supreme Curt of India in this regard. In several judgments, judiciary has saved the minorities in India.

    Orissadiary.com: You have termed the Christian conversions fraudulent and asked the Church to stop it. What is the basis on which you have alleged that the Conversions are fraudulent in India?

    Francis: The act of conversion comes from within and is an spiritual attainment of an individual. The church itself is against conversions which are done through allurement and false promises. It has been observed that many conversions are done using questionable methods. The Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) is against such conversions. Several studies published and particularly in a book – “Changing Gods” by Rev. Fr. Rudolf Heredoro S.J. gives several example of fraudulent conversion. It is on the basis of these studies that the people allege that fraudulent conversions are taking place inIndia. Several priests themselves have said these things.

    Orissadiary.com: You have asked the government/s to appoint common man in the commissions and other forums and not the priests and bishops. Why you do not have faith in the Church?

    Francis: According to World Council of Churches and Vatican II, the laity must be empowered. If the religious persons (priests and nuns) are appointed in the government formed commission, then the confusion will arise in the masses. After all, the Vatican has an ambassador inIndia who is the representative of Pope. And on the other hand, bishops and archbishops are also appointed by Rome. In this condition, it is difficult for priests and nuns to ignore the religious stand and sometimes they many act contrary to the interest of local people. The roles of religious people are to do spiritual work and live the life of Christ.

    I need not elaborate that Christ himself never accepted any post in Roman Empire. We further urged the government that no clergy (Bishops, priests and nuns) be appointed in the government committee, commissions etc. Instead, the government should appoint ordinary Christians as the members in such committees and commissions. It has been observed that due to such appointments, the Bishops, priests, and nuns are deviating from their original work of the Church and misusing their positions and funds.

    Orissadiary.com: What are the demands of poor dalits and tribal Christians from the Church?

    Francis: The demand of poor christians is to uplift the poor christians who mostly come from dalit and tribal background. It has been noted that while the church is having buildings and institutions, the poor Christians are not admitted in it. Our demand is to give admission to every Christian child in Christian schools. After all, the Christians schools are violating the rights under minority rules.
    As there are large number of administrative rules in the church institutors, we demand that the laity should be given more chance to the government the local church institutions.
    We strongly demand that as per the teachings of Jesus Christ inaction within the church on the basis for caste must be stopped immediately. And separate graveyard for dalits and separate prayer arrangement for them must be changed into general equal rights.
    We appeal to the bishops to see that priests, nuns and authorities stop supporting upper caste Christians against Dalit Christians and instead openly oppose discrimination and close down the churches and services in places where discrimination on the basis of caste is practiced.
    Orissadiary.com: Has the social and economic status of poor Christians after the conversions changed and these religious conversions brought any social change among the dalits and tribal?

    Francis: Unfortunately not. Several studies by the Church and independent scholars suggest that they are large number of poor Christians’ who still lack education and they are backward economically. They do not have jobs.
    The poor Christians particularly Dalits are suffering in the same manner as Hindu dalits. Infact, this is the basis for demanding reservation for the Dalit Christians in the Church for several years.
    PCLM has made allegations that the foreign funds coming to Indiaare being mis-used by a section of Church. How do you think these funds can be properly used for the development of Dalit and tribal Christians?
    St. Peter has two keys. One of the heaven and other one of the treasurery. The treasury key must be handed over to the laity for transparency.. Economic committees should be formed to oversee the fund’s expenditure. In every diocese the treasurer must be a lay person appointed on the rotational basis – for two years. And must be changed after that. More economic owers must be given to nuns as they are honest and sincere.
    Orissadiary.com: Why are you opposed to the reservations of Dalit Christians in the government jobs?

    Francis: We are looking for the long term interest of the community. After the government, the Church is the biggest employer in India. And as such what is the percentage of dalit Christians employed in Christian schools, colleges, hospitals and social service projects. We want first the Church to provide 60 % reservations to the Dalit Christians, 20 % to the Tribal Christians and 10 % for rest of the Christians in their own institutions. In principle it also not justified to push back the Dalits Christians in the same category which they discarded and adopted Christianity. We demand that Catholic Bishop Conference of India (CBCI), National Council for churches in India (NCCI) and other church organizations to drop the demand for pushing back the poor Christians in to the category of Scheduled Caste status. The teaching of Jesus Christ does not permit a any one to discriminate among his followers. All Christians are born in the image of God. If the Church in India pursues the reservation for Christians on the basis of caste then it must pay compensation to the poor Christians who got converted to the Christianity long back.

    We urge the Union government to institute a law allowing the Christians minority institutions to admit 50% student who are Christians. Any Christians educational institute claiming Minority Status be punished if they refuse admission to a Christian child. Currently, there is no such provision therefore the Church educational institutions are ignoring poor Christians. Those not following the directive be declassified and put under the Income Tax Act as commercial venture.

    Orissadiary.com: You have supported Madhya Pradesh Minority Commissions’ statement to form Waqf board to monitor Church property. How do you think that it will help the poor Christians?

    Francis: The large scale fraudulent deals and selling of mission properties in several places in India, the Madhya Pradesh Minority Commission has suggested to the State Government to set up a Waqf like Board to protect Church properties. The church hierarchy should examine it with open mind and in sincerity. We have submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh demanding an agency for the protection of Christian properties on the pattern of Waqf Board. There is nothing objectionable in the proposal. If there was anything wrong in the Waqf board, then Muslim brethren would have opposed it. Therefore, it is not appropriate to oppose the proposal mooted by the M P state Minority Commission for setting up a Waqf like Board for the Christians. Several cases of selling Church property illegally have come to the light in Jabalpur, Damoh, Indore, Ratlam, Raipur, Bilaspur, Nagpur,Agra, Saharanpur, Lucknow,Ludhiana, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad,Calcutta and in other places. Therefore, it is in the interest of the Christian community to have a Waqf Board like national agency for the proper upliftment and protection of the mission property.

    Orissadiary.com: Your opponents among the Christian community alleged that the people like you are disgruntled elements as your line of thinking is similar to Sangh Parivar. Are you working in tandem with the Sangh Parivar?

    Francis:Several priests and bishops are having dialogue with RSS. Are they also working in tandem with the Sangh Parivar?

    Orissadiary.com: Has PCLM sought Vatican City’s intervention to resolve their problems?

    Francis: We would welcome any move by the Vatican to solve the problems of Dalit Christians in India. Also we would like to involve World Council of Churches in this matter. And we cannot forget the evangelical groups who are also spreading the word of Lord. Above all the involvement of the leaders from India is also very important.

    Orissadiary.com: What is your last word on the overall situation?

    Francis: In the 21st century all religion are facing crisis. So, the case with Christainity. I sincerely urge the Church leaders to prepare the laity for the more responsibilities so that the real message of Christ becomes acceptable to all without offending any other religion. The key word is respect all religions equally.

    [Please send your comments to saiprasan2@gmail.com. And, visit http://www.kandhamalconversion.blogspot.com for more information.]

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  5. 5 pclm March 12, 2009 at 11:05 am

    Christian Taliban’s and Inter Religious Dialogue

    New Delhi, March 12, 2009: Of late the Church in India is stressing on inter religious dialogue. While this step by the Church in India looks innocence but it is full of dangerous pitfalls and is a ploy to divert the attention of other religious communities from the actual issues of conversion.

    The Catholic Church is organizing a meeting on inter religious dialogue at Mumbai to discuss how to proceed in this matter. The moot question is who are the people behind this move? Little probe would reveal that fanatic Christian Taliban type leaders like Dr. John Dayal , Dr. Joseph D’Souza, Mr. Sajan George, Rev. Fr. Dominic Emmanuel, Rev.K.P.Yohannan and others have been spreading lot of false information about Hindus that they are “violent people” and that there is no “ salvation outside the Christianity”.

    If there is no Moksha or “salvation” for the followers of other religions and only Christianity is the way of salvation through the organized church then the question arises why the inter religious dialogue ? “Inter religious dialogue must be with open mind and without hidden agenda” pleads Mr. P B. Lomeo, a ‘Christian journalist’ of long standing and member National Governing Board of PCLM. This view is also supported by R.L. Francis, President of Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM).

    Human rights activists and writer Joseph Gathia when contacted to respond on the inter religious dialogue stated that in an era of globalization and identity conflict peaceful coexistence of all religion is the only way out. Mr. Gathia further mentioned that “Indian culture is assimilating and people of all faiths are living here hence any effort of inter religious dialogue must be free from ulterior motives”

    For inter religious dialogue one needs to practice living with the Hindu , Muslim and Sikh brethren and stop poaching the “souls” from these religion. But the fact remains that Christian Taliban type leaders in India are engaged in converting Hindus, Sikhs (in Punjab and Chattisgarh) and Muslims (in Kashmir) and Buddhist (in Leh –Laddakh).

    For real inter religious dialogue “hidden agenda activities “would have to be stopped. Next, to create atmosphere of respect for all religion the Christian educational institutions ought to give admission to Muslims children, children of non -Christian tribals and Hindu Dalits. Are they ready for it? Can Christian Taliban’s really enter into a inter-religious dialogue?

  6. 6 pclm March 15, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    • Posted: Thu, Mar 12 2009. 10:14 PM IST
    A high price for religious conversion?
    Moving to Christianity, Dalits have missed out on, among other things, caste-based reservation benefiting only Hindus
    Priyanka P. Narain
    New Delhi: When Abhishek John’s father died last year and he couldn’t pay the Rs900 fee for his final school term, he was thrown out of St John’s Cathedral College in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, and barred by the principal from taking the class IX exam.
    Nothing’s changed: R.L. Francis, founder of the Poor Christian Liberation Movement, an organization campaigning for Dalit rights, says the condition of Dalit Christians hasn’t changed since independence. Ramesh Pathania / Mint
    “We told him (principal) we would pay as soon as we could arrange for the money, but he refused to listen,” Anthony Parminder, the student’s brother-in-law, said in a phone interview. John, 15, is appearing as a private candidate for his class X examination this year.
    John’s scheduled caste (SC) Hindu family had converted to Christianity hoping to escape caste-based discrimination. But the so-called Dalit Christians, as such converts are known, are finding that a change of religious identity does not mean a change in their social situation. And converts who proclaim their change of faith openly lose out on benefits such as caste-based reservations offered for SC candidates.
    Now, some Christian leaders are demanding reservations for Dalit Christians, who make up an estimated 70% of the 24-million-strong Christian community in India. A growing section of Dalit Christians, however, say they are being forced back to an abusive system they had sought to flee.
    Vinod Peter, president of the Jhansi Catholic Association, says John’s case is just one instance of what has been happening to many other young boys and girls in the town.
    Also Read When Samnan would rather be Somnath
    “We went to plead with the principal, but to no avail. He simply asked us why don’t we find a way to help him pay his fees. Even we are poor people, where do we get money from?” asks Peter.
    “Children from other communities become doctors and government officers,” he says. “Our children become high-school dropouts and waiters. We know there is a lot of donation coming into India to help poor Christians. What I want to know is where is it all going. What I see is that priests who used to travel on cycles now have cars and fancy homes to live. But they don’t have Rs900 to help for a boy’s education.”
    The Indian system provides reservations under the SC category only for Dalit Hindus, meaning they renounce the benefits of affirmative action such as reservations in government jobs and education institutions when they convert. A presidential order issued in 1950 laid down that “no person who professes a religion different from the Hindu (the Sikh or the Buddhist) religion shall be deemed to be a member of a scheduled caste.”
    No one has a clear estimate of how many people have actually converted to Christianity because converts often choose to remain silent about the change in their faith. They fear that if they announce they have converted, they will lose the benefits of SC status.
    Converts often remain silent about their change in faith to retain scheduled caste status, benefits
    Both Christians and Muslims are demanding similar benefits. “In India, the caste system has spared no one,” says the Rev. George Gispert from the Vidya Jyoti College in the Capital.
    For instance, even though 70% of Indian Christians are Dalits, there are just two or three Dalit bishops in a total of 160 bishops in India. “All over the country, there are different groups of Christians having problems with each other. Although Christianity itself has no caste system, the system is part of practised Christianity in India. So, whatever help (reservations) the Dalit Hindus are getting because they were discriminated against, should also be extended to Dalit Christians,” Father Gispert argues.
    Many in the Christian clergy acknowledge that the problem needs to be fixed. But unlike the so-called Dalit Muslims, who are almost unanimously in favour of reservations under the SC category, the Dalit Christians are divided. They say the Christian clergy is shirking its responsibility.
    “The condition of Dalit Christians is no better than it used to be before independence. We are unorganized, uneducated, leaderless and socially ostracized,” said R.L. Francis, founder of the Poor Christian Liberation Movement, an organization campaigning for Dalit rights within the Christian religion, and author of the book, Aastha se Vishwasghat (Betrayal of Faith).
    Hindu Dalits have seen their social situation transform in the last 60 years, Francis says. The change started with the bhoodan andolan (land donation movement) of 1951 when, responding to a call by freedom fighter and social reformer Vinoba Bhave, upper caste landlords gave away 4 million acres to the poor, including Dalits.
    “Meanwhile, we waited. When we converted, the Church had promised us equality and promised to protect our interests and undertake measures for us. But what we got is more discrimination,” said Kamal Joseph, founder of the Ideal Christian Association in Jhansi.
    “For example, our children face educational discrimination because we are poor. In Jhansi, there are very good Christian schools. But while children from other castes are able to study there, poor Christian children are thrown out by sixth or seventh grade because we cannot afford the fees,” Joseph says.
    Whatever the reality, the perception that the Christian clergy is not looking after its poor persists. Stories of disillusionment and re-conversion have begun to appear regularly in the media.
    Last April, about 1,000 Dalit Christians reconverted to Hinduism in Chennai, saying they were disappointed by the discrimination within the Christian religion.
    Similar unconfirmed reports of re-conversion ceremonies have emerged from various parts of the country, including Uttar Pradesh.
    “These problems are sharper in rural areas where people hold on to old practices,” says Anthony Charanghat, director of the Catholic Communication Centre and editor of Examiner magazine in Mumbai.
    The conflict is evident in Jhansi. “These people (missionaries) come to rural villages, hold camps. They tell poor people to convert to Christianity and things like ‘we will educate your children’, ‘we will help you buy your home’ and all that. When the poor people do convert, the missionaries abandon them and go after other people,” says Joseph, 28, who converted to Christianity when he was in high school.
    “That is when the new converts realize their mistake. Now they have lost their reservation rights and they realize they are getting nothing from the church,” Joseph says. “When entire villages began reconverting to Hinduism, the priests woke up to the plight of Dalit Christians. But even now, they will not resolve it. They want the government to give them reservation and want the government to do their work for them. Christianity is a good faith but the people who are supposed to do God’s work are not.”
    Charanghat says there is a distinction between what the Church believes and what is practised because of “the human element. People change their faith, but they don’t change their prejudices.”
    “A Dalit Hindu continues to remain backward after he becomes a Christian. The church always insists that all Dalits be given the same privileges. Socially they are still backward and need as much advantage as the Hindus Dalits,” he adds. “No law can be made on the basis of religion. Restricting this affirmative action to Hindus alone is not right. And the demand that Christians be treated equally within their own fold, is also fair. We have a lot of political distinctions between upper and lower castes in Christianity, and this is more overt in rural areas. We are doing everything we can to prevent such discrimination. But that does not change the fact that Dalit Christians should get reservations too.”
    This is the second in a three-part series on the quest of non-Hindu communities for caste-based reserved quotas.

    http://www.livemint.com – A high price for religious conversion?

  7. 7 PCLM August 3, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    PCLM condemns attack on Christians in Pakistan
    By pclm
    PCLM Persident R L Francis said the organization is aware that many Christians in Pakistan have been reduced to living as scavengers.

    New Delhi, August 2, 2009: The Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) has said that the killing of innocent people in a eastern Pakistan was a cowardly act and should be condemned in strongest possible ways. It urged the Pakistan Government to take stern action against those responsible for the incident.

    PCLM Persident R L Francis said the organization is aware that many Christians in Pakistan have been reduced to living as scavengers. Most Christians there are living under constant threats and discrimination. Often, there are gross violations of their human rights as well, Francis said.

    PCLM has also urged the Pope Benedict XVI to take prompt and appropriate steps to work out a solution and that mere verbal condemnation would not suffice.

    For more information:
    Contact us: PCLM III A/ 145, Rachna, Vashali – 201010 NCR INDIA
    PH. 9810108046

  8. 8 R L Francis April 9, 2011 at 2:20 am

    Chalo Church purab ki aur
    “Indian polity and judicial system are meaningless for Church and it still looks towards Western countries to solve their minor problems.”- R. L Francis
    New Delhi, April 9, 2011
    Indian Christians have been citizens of a secular state since independence. Secular system might have flaws. Democratic system might be non-representative but it is a fact that Indian Church enjoys immense facilities which might be a dream for European and American churches. Some of these facilities include running educational institutions with special rights and getting government grants etc.
    Despite these facts Church leaders depend on the Western support to resolve their domestic problems. Indian polity and judicial system have no meaning for the Church. These views have been echoed by none other than dynamic dalit Christian leader R. L Francis in his soon- to- be released book – “Chalo Church purab ki aur” (Let Church go to East)
    This book is a collection of articles written by the author in various newspapers and magazines. In this book, he has vehemently criticized Church for its imperialistic attitude and suggested them to introspect seriously on the current direction of the Church. Indian Christians are unfortunate in the sense that Church has often portrayed attacks on missionaries as attack on liberty of Christians in the country and they do it for the sake of their own benefit.
    They operate largely on fear psychosis which is used to garner monetary and diplomatic support from the European countries. Mahatma Gandhi had condemned conversion as its main goal was to create support base for British rule. Even today they largely depend on foreign funding. They are accountable towards European and American organisations.
    On the issue of growing incidence of attacks on Church leaders R.L Francis puts a simple logic. “If church claims of such a high level of service work in the country, then why people hate them so much. They will have to seek answer for this question. Why people like Graham Stains and his two innocent children are burnt alive by the irate mob? Church leaders still try to evade such questions,” says Francis.
    ‘Chalo Church purab ki aur’ deliberates on the current situation and dilemma of Indian Christians. They feel betrayed as they find themselves on the crossroad. Church has deserted them and they have been trained not to feel and think like common Indian so they cannot fight their battle in the typical Indian way. They still look towards Vatican for solving domestic problems.
    R. L Francis blames Church for the current deplorable condition of Dalit Christians. Church is not at all serious about improving the life of these poor Christians.
    In the second part of this book, there is a brief report of Rangnath Mishra Commission Report and its negative impact on converted Indian Christians. In this book Francis has put strong arguments on the need of integration of common Christians with the national mainstream which is largely absent today.

    Issued by
    PCLM, New Delhi
    Contact: 09810108046

  9. 9 Fr William Premdass Chaudhary July 14, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Conspiracy of Archbishop of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese
    Are other priests and nuns of the Archdiocese aware of dangerous designs of Fr.Dominic Emmanuel?

    Nowadays Rt.Rev.VincentConcessao, Archbishop of Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, writing letters, “Fr. William Premdass Chaudhary is a priest of the Archdiocese of Delhi. As he refused to accept the assignment offered to him he is without any assignment for the last six years. He has also refused to take spiritual exercises he was asked to go through.”

    First of all, let me tell you that Archbishop never offered me any assignment for the past six years. He is telling white lie in order to cover his guilt. Please don’t believe him even though he is Archbishop. Archbishop is not beyond the short coming, that telling lie is in his nature. As soon as he became Archbishop of Delhi, he started to interfere in my works and did not allow me to carry on good works peacefully. He did his best to neutralize me but I am very much active. He supposes to encourage me to work in Haryana when he was the in charge of Haryana mission but he did not do so. As Auxiliary bishop, he was utterly failure to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in Haryana though he was in charge of Haryanea mission.

    Archbishop says that he offered me assignment and I refused. Here I ask Archbishop to write specifically, clearly and honestly that what sort (kind) of assignment was offered to me. Archbishop never offered to me any parish for the past six years. Yes, His Grace asked me to help the Director of Chetanalaya. When there are already Director and assistant Director in Chetanalaya then what I have to do there. I could or can help the Director when ever he asks me for the help. Helping hand is not an assignment. At the time of retirement, why the Archbishop is wrongly justifying himself saying that he was offering an assignment which was/is supposed to be a helping hand and not an assignment. Let me tell the Archbishop and others that it was Bishop Anil Couto who asked me to go for training and then I could work in Chetanalaya. Bishop Anil Couto saw and appreciated my work where as the Archbishop was/is blind of my work. First time Archbishop asked me to help the Director of Chetanalaya and I refused. Archbishop unnecessarily asked the second time and my answer was the same. Why the Archbishop was offering job to me, as peon and helper. I can understand the intention (malicious) of Archbishop. I did not allow the Archbishop to degrade my position. I protected and will protect any dignity. At the end, I say that we need not to have position and permission from authority to preach the Gospel and to do the good work. Archbishop thought that I can not work without him but I am very busy.

    As earlier, I have mention that Archbishop tells a white lie and what I should call it whether Archbishop has a habit to tell a lie. Please read the letter dated on September 3, 2010 and in which there is reference. He writes,” That would make it impossible to find a place for you.” And on the other hand Archbishop was/is that he was giving an assignment. Archbishop did not give me appointment at all, so there was no question of refusal. Yes, Archbishop asked me to work as a peon or slave under some one. Why should I work as peon or slave? I have completed twenty (20) years of priesthood. But there are priests, Archbishop’s country cousins who were/are given big parishes and they hardly completed two or three years of priesthood. Archbishop says, “That would make impossible to find the place for you”. This line is taken from Archbishop Letter which was written in year of 2010 as written above. Here Archbishop is contradicting himself. Once Archbishop wrote that there is no place for me in diocese and on the other hand saying that he was giving assignment to me. It makes very clear that I was not given assignment or appointment. Let me tell to Archbishop that I am the son of soil. I am the owner of the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese. He does not require to give me a place because whole diocese is mine.

    Since Archbishop did not give assignment to me so he wrote a letter dated on 13-05-2005. He asked me to stay at Clergy House and since then I am living in room no. 11 of Clergy House. Now Archbishop is asking me vacate the Clergy House. The main reason, Archbishop writes that the tranquility is destroying because of my presence and some other reasons which are baseless. It is not tranquility destroyed by me but it is the peace of mind of both Archbishop and Directors are lost because I tell them the truth which they are not able to digest. It is the Director who does not want me here because I forced him to have meeting every time to put the House in order. Actually the Director is the main accused who is destroying the peace of the House and Archbishop is destroyer of the peace of the diocese. Both of them are not ready to accept the truth but they are adamant to their own way. Since I bring out the fact and truth in the meeting so they are against me. Now they are conspiring against me just to throw out of the Clergy House.

    Archbishop further asks, “To vacate the Clergy House, you are free to stay with any of your priest friends or with relatives willing to keep you”.

    I showed this letter to some of the priests of the diocese and my friends and their first reaction was that instead of me Archbishop must take earlier retirement and go his home for rest of his life. First of all I need not to follow wrong and partial order to go here and there. I will not dance according to anyone’s music. I have my own standard, position, Principle, dignity and I will not allow anyone to humiliate me at any cost. So I ignore and condemn the thought and malicious act of Archbishop. He is asking me to stay with my relatives, while reading this, should I cry or laugh. I think Archbishop must have written it out of frustration. Archbishop is degrading and lowering down his position of Archbishop. My all relatives are Hindu and if they come to know about the misbehaviors of Archbishop then what message are we giving to them. Now it is still time for Archbishop to give an example. Archbishop must take early retirement and go home or go to relative’s house for rest of his life.

    1. Long Retreat:
    Archbishop had circulated the letter to all the priests of the dioceses asking all the priests to go for long retreat (40 days) within four years, in preparation of Golden Jubilee of the diocese. No one had gone for long retreat. But Archbishop was/is forcing me only for long retreat. Archbishop does not have any single reason to act in this manner. Am I a criminal, brought scandal to the church, have I murdered any one. Then why His Grace is forcing me only? How can he dictate my conscious? How can he control my spiritual life? Is he a God? Actually he does not have an answer. Now he is confused and wondering that why he is asking me only to go for long retreat.

    Spiritual exercises (retreat) are always good, every one knows. We must always make retreat willingly and our own will. I should not be forced upon. I too decided my own to go for long retreat, not because of Archbishop was forcing me. But I informed to His Grace about my long retreat. How Archbishop was/is claiming that I refused to go for long retreat? I never refused to go for long retreat. Actually I had fixed month of February in the year of 2004 for long retreat and Archbishop was informed about it. Unfortunately, I had to change the month due to grave reason. So instead month of February, I had fixed the month of August for long retreat and change of month was informed to Archbishop who agreed.

    After some time in one of the recollections Archbishop met me and asked me when I was going for long retreat. I reminded him about change of month, August instead of February. Then he started to force me to go in the month of February only. I reminded that why I had changed the month but he was adamant that I should go for long retreat in February only. Here also Archbishop started to dictate me. While seeing the attitude of Archbishop I disagreed to go for long retreat. Thus I could not make up long retreat as other priests did not go for long retreat. I have all the records in the form of letters about long retreats.

    Archbishop gave a good example to all the diocesan priests, while he made long retreat (40 days) at Bilaspur. But what happened to Archbishop after the long retreat. I felt and feel that after the long retreat Archbishop became adamant, not listening the diocesan priests’ and working his own way only instead of improving his attitude which became worse especially towards me, a Dalit Priest. So there is no guarantee that after the retreat we became holy but we may become worse.

    1. Conspiracy of Archbishop and Director of Clergy House:

    Archbishop had written a letter to me while I was at Pitampura. He had asked me to stay at clergy House in the year of 2004. He did not want to give me parish because I am a Dalit Priest so I was asked to stay at Clergy House. I willingly accepted, the letter, to stay at Clergy House otherwise priests are not ready to stay at Clergy House. What are the reasons? I will let you know about the Clergy House. Now it is very necessary for all the diocesan priests to know the situation of the Clergy House. In fact most of the priests know about what is happening at Clergy House but still I feel to write about it.

    Archbishop had appointed earlier many Directors who did well and the situation, at Clergy House, was very good especially the food. Actually retired priests need good food and conducive atmosphere in the House. But as soon as the present Director was appointed, the situation in the House entirely became different. First of all the appointment of the Present Director was against our wishes. He is the only Archbishop’s choice and we were not discussed about his appointment by the Archbishop.

    The present Director thinks that he is the only owner of the House and other priests are like outsiders. He takes all decisions by himself. In the beginning when the situation was getting worse, I took initiative and forced the Director to call the meeting. The meeting was called along with Archbishop and I was the only outspoken and many points were discussed but nothing was implemented. Thus the situation became worse.

    Let me first write about the food serve to inmate priests of the House. During the time of the earlier Directors the food was very good and sufficiently served to the priests. Priests, who happened to come to Archbishop’s house during the lunch time, used to join us for lunch and not anywhere. It was moment of joy and happiness for us when our priests joined us to share the lunch and dinner. Any number of priests could join us because the extra food was cooked. But now it is the opposite. The quantity of food of lunch and dinner is reduced and the quality of the food is not good at all. If I write in detail about how the food is served, the readers may laugh, so I am not writing in detail about the food. Now most of the priests know the situation of food and the house, therefore, they are not coming to join us for lunch and dinner. Even the inmate priests are not having lunch and dinner regularly. Some time I had gone to bed without having dinner because left over food is always kept inside the room attached to the kitchen which is locked and keys are with the Director and sister. At present we are like the prisoners because we have to eat whatever we are severed and have to eat on time otherwise we have to be hungry. The food situation was discussed in every meeting along with Archbishop but food quantity and quality did not improve at all.

    Let me tell the readers that the Clergy House is financially supported entirely by the Parish Priest of Cathedral. Inmate Priests of the Clergy House are grateful to him. Parish Priest of Cathedral gives money for food and other expenditures but the Director cut the stomach of the inmate priests, save the money and gives the money to the diocese. He does not spend entire money on food. It likes that Parish Priest of Cathedral is generous for supporting the inmates financially, especially for food, and the Director is more generous in donating the money to diocese while starving the retired priests of the House. Archbishop knows very well about food situation and the disorder of the House but he is incapable to solve the problem.

    I am, in special manner, ill-treated by both the Archbishop and Director. The quantity of food is reduced for me. If I am late for lunch and dinner the food will not be kept on the table as it used to be earlier. No extra food and other items will not be given to me. My guests are not given food in the House. Let me not write in detail about food otherwise both Archbishop and the Director will be ashamed. Workers in the House are not allowed to work (serve) for me. Thus both of them are trying their best to starve me so that I may vacate the House. Both of them are creating such a situation so that I may stand in front of Cathedral with bowl and beg and get money in order to buy food to sustain my life. At the end, I request my brother priests to visit the inmates of the Clergy House and bring better and sufficient food for the inmates priests of the Clergy House. I am bold enough to face Archbishop and Director. I am not afraid both of them. I will stay at Clergy House as long as I want.

    Vatican official explains new authority of bishops to defrock priests

    During an interview with Vatican Radio, the Secretary of the Vatican’s Congregation for Clergy, Archbishop Mauro Piacenza, clarified that bishops around the world have not been granted “automatic” powers to defrock (deprive a person in holy order of ecclesiastical) priests, but only the capacity to proceed more speedily in cases that were not considered by the current Code of Canon Law. The new powers granted to bishops were announced by a letter sent to all episcopates from Cardinal Claudio Hummes on April 18 and are aimed at filling some legal voids present in the current Canon Law. The Archbishop explained that they are not a “blank Check” to automatically defrock priests, as some members of the Italian press have recently claimed. The changes authorized by Pope Benedict XVI allow bishops to proceed with the laicization of priests only in some cases, such as when a priest leaves the ministry by his own will; when he asks the bishop to be dispensed from the commitment of celibacy; or when a priest leaves the priesthood without telling the bishop and enters into a civil marriage, has kids and “ is not interested in solving his canonical situation” In those cases, for the good of the church and his own good, Archbishop Piacenza explained, “the power to give a dispensation to the priest is requested as an act of charity, especially if he has children, since the children have the right to a father in good standing with the Church.” In these cases, it is the bishop who has to take the initiative,” the Archbishop added. Nevertheless, he clarified that “there is nothing ‘automatic, there is no ‘automatism’ in the timing of the cases, each case has to be carefully and rigorously examined.” All the other rights and duties of the bishops in exercising their juridical authority remain unchanged,” Piacenza continued.

    The Voice of Delhi
    July 2009

    Let Archbishop explain new authority of bishops to defrock priests.

    Fr William Premdass Chaudhary
    Delhi Catholic Archdiocese
    Clergy House, 1, Ashok Place, New Delhi – 110 001
    Tel: 23362058, 0 9811275507

  10. 10 R L Francis September 12, 2011 at 6:20 am

    Tribals need holistic development
    By R L Francis
    Indigenous people are in crisis. They are facing threat of extinction. This fear, long expressed by experts around the world, has at last been proved true when United Nations confirmed this in its latest report ‘The state of the world’s indigenous people.

    These people are on the verge of losing their resources and land. They are being displaced from their own land. Report mentions explicitly about India. It says that due to various projects being run in the name of development, the tribal are losing their habitat. Poverty, ailments, unemployment and illiteracy have moved them away from their own culture. They are at crossroads from where they are neither able to save their own culture nor accept the popular culture.

    Agony of being dislocated from the roots is evident on the faces of representative of tribal society. These representatives have come to the national capital to participate in a public hearing and workshop to study the impact of evangelism on the social, religious and economic life of tribes. A jury comprising 14 members which includes former justice in the Gujarat High Court Suresh Soni, Justice D S Tevatia, Justice V. K Gupta, former Police Chief KPS Gill and former ambassador Prabhat Shukla,

    The interference in the life of tribes started during British regime. They took undue advantage of poverty and converted large number of tribes. They got massive success in their agenda. This has alienated converted tribes from those non-converted and rift has widened. Non-converted tribes accuse missionaries of using money power to create division among tribals. They are hammering on the original symbols, traditions, culture and language. This has disrupted harmony in the society.

    A large number of tribal people from Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and North-Eastern states have been converted in to Christianity. Missionaries are facing stiff resistance at various places and it has taken violent form at many places. The rivalry between Protestants and Catholics have taken violent form in North-East. Local Catholic Bishop ‘Jose Mukala’ says that Protestants are forcibly trying to convert Catholics into their faith. Their homes and properties are being destroyed. They have demanded safety and security from United Nations. Indian constitution allows freedom of faith and even allows to propagate any faith. However, there is a thin line between propagating virtues of one’s religion and conversion. A state should not allow those institutions whose main motive is conversion. Wherever people in large number has been converted; social tension has increased. Due to conversion peaceful atmosphere of villages have been polluted. This has attracted many Hindu leaders to make inroads in the tribal society to stop the interference of missionaries.
    Church is trying to expand its empire in tribal region. The only cardinal from tribal society of India Arch Bishop Telesphore P. Toppo believes that Catholic Church is in infancy stage among tribal people. The indication is vivid and clear; Church sees large potential of growth among tribals. Church should not be engaged in number game. Ten percent of entire Catholic population in the country directly come from tribals of Chotanagpur. They live in deplorable condition even after conversion. This is clear from the large influx of female domestic workers in metro cities like Delhi. Church, in its own study, confirmed that 92 percent of these tribal ladies are converted Christians. Conversion has led to social polarization in the society. This has aggravated the problem. Hinduism does not believe in conversion. However, when programmes are organised to denounce various aspects of Hindus; it obviously hurts the sentiments of community Missionaries and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) have taken good measures to restore harmony in the society. However, they have been overshadowed due to political reasons.

    There is hardly any development in tribal dominated areas of Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. There is huge scope of development in the agricultural and industrial sector in these regions. The population of tribals in the country may be hardly eight percent but they decide future of Indian society. They are rich in natural resources. In order to preserve their resources and knowledge; planned development programmes should be started. Several national and multinational companies are trying to exploit their resources. Tribal people are still fighting for the basic education, health and home. We need to preserve their culture and tradition. They should not be Christianised or Hinduised. Conversion will only disrupt the social harmony impacting badly tribal population and it will further alienate them from the mainstream.

    The writer is president, Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM)
    Ph. 9810108046

  11. 11 R L Francis October 16, 2011 at 8:47 am

    A divisive law for the society
    RL Francis
    The way allied parties opposed bill on communal violence; government should have recalled it to set the things right. However, government is firm to pass the bill ignoring views of Trinamool Congress and Biju Janata Dal. Union Minister Veerappa Moili has given firm indication about the tough posture of the government.
    Indian constitution does not give permission on the basis of such discriminatory things. Despite that government is trying to give legal sanctity to such things. It clearly polarizes society in Hindu and Muslim. Surprisingly, the draft bill has been prepared by Sonia Gandhi led National Advisory Council.
    Recently, Prime Minister had said during the peak Anna Hazare movement that making laws is the duty of Parliament. But, ”Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011” talks vividly about has been made by extra-governmental body. Most of the representatives of the state has outrightly dismissed it. This does not encroach the sovereignty of parliament! The law has been designed to get Muslim votes as it will consolidate Muslim-Christian vote bank.
    Majority community is highly skeptical about this bill. This bill will certainly divide country in two parts- ”Khas” and ”Aam‘‘(Common People). In the first category Muslim, Christian, scheduled caste and tribes have been included. Since, two national commissions have already been working for Scheduled castes and tribes, so there was no need to include them in the new commission. All people are equal before the law. So, making a law just for a specific community is an anti-national act. This act hits hard on the rights of Hindus.
    The Chief opposition party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is of the view that this law seriously endangers federal and secular character of country. This draft, too, has been prepared by people whose secular credentials cannot be said above doubt. Shockingly, majority community has been held responsible for riots in the draft. However, reality is something different. Majority community is inclusive in nature. Hindus has been regarded as violent in nature and law talks about protecting interests of minorities only.
    Government is trying to project itself as sole saviour of minorities. Sex related offences will be punishable only when it takes place with minorities during communal riots. Certain Hindu organisations are of the view that even opposition of conversion will be termed as “Harmony disturbing act”. In that way it will only support conversion. If this draft bill becomes law, it will only widen gulf between majority and minority community. Violence should be punishable be it with minority or majority.
    A seven membered national authority comprising Chairman, vice-chairman and four-members from minority sections will be formed. Their selection will be done by Prime Minister, leader of opposition, home minister and committee consisting all national parties in the parliament. Many regional parties have opposed the bill as some of the provisions encroach in the rights of state
    Both the majority and minority leaders have their own view points on the bill. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Central Executive member Ram Madhav said that the Bill doesn’t deserve to be placed before the Parliament. It should be withdrawn by the National Advisory Council (NAC) forthwith. “Communal harmony is paramount in any country that has multiple religions and communities. We must strive hard to train and educate people in harmonious cohabitation. Where it is necessary we may introduce some laws and regulations also. But all that should promote harmony. The present Bill, unfortunately, will only promote disharmony. With these kind of laws the LeTs and HuJIs across the border need not have to promote terrorism in our territory anymore. All that they need to do is to encourage a minor communal riot and they can achieve what they want – huge rift between the Majority and Minority communities”, he said.
    Contrary to this, John Dayal, secretary general, All India Christian Council and Member, National Integration Council said that both the National Advisory Council (NAC) and Union government should resolve the issues concerning federal structure, on which several states have reservations, for the smooth passage of the bill in Parliament.
    This bill endangers secular fabric of the nation. Communal feeling will only strengthen. This bill is biased and there is no doubt about it. Instead of passing the bill government should try to create a structure which deters the communal elements in the society. New bureaucratic structure will be created on the name of proposed national authority. There is no need for that.
    The author is President, Poor Christian Liberation Movement.

  12. 12 R L Francis October 16, 2014 at 5:35 am

    Need of formation of National Diversity Movement

    New Delhi: Bahujan Diversity Mission has launched a nation-wide movement to ensure representation to Scheduled castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) in private sectors. 9th Diversity Day celebrated at Indian Social Institute, while addressing the delegates from across the country National President of the Mission Shri H.L. Dusadh stressed upon the need of formation of a broader alliance small groups working in every state to achieve the goal.

    Since Constitutional reservations given by Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar to these communities in government sectors have been shrinking due to rapidly growing privatization, therefore, we should force the Union government to introduce a Bill in Parliament to ensure reservation in private sectors. This will not be possible until SC/ST is united at national level.

    Dalit Christian leader and columnist R.L. Francis said that globalization has promoted private sectors. The Union government is not keen for the creation of jobs in government sectors; consequently, job opportunity in government is shrinking day by day. In the given situation Dalit-Adivasis have no future if they are not going to confront with the government to implement diversity in private sectors.

    Francis also raised the point as to how Churches of India have denied representation to Dalits in church controlled institutions. He strongly opposed the demand of Dalit Christians should be included Hindu SC list. He further elaborated that Church is the richest institution having second largest economy after government of India. There are more than 45,000 institutions run by the Churches in India but none of them willing to give representation to Dalits. He forcefully argued Church must ensure Dalit representation as well as adopt diversity as soon as possible.

    Dr. Mahendra Pratap Rana, activist and thinker raised the issue of dual slavery carried out by elected representatives in Lok Sabha, State Assembles and even lower level. There are 131 MPs in Lok Sabha belonging to SC/ST, out of this figure; SC numbers is 84 and ST 47 respectively. SC and ST candidates are given tickets according to the Articles 330 and 332 of the Indian constitution. Therefore, constitutionally, the elected members constitute a separate group. However, they are not recognized as a separate group in the house. SC/ST candidates elected on a symbol of any particular political party are counted the member of that political party.

    When it comes to voting in the house, they have to vote on party line despite all disagreements, they are tied with party whip. Defying the whip means losing membership. Whip and party affiliation both is political gimmick to keep SC/ST elected members divide. This is against the spirit of Articles 330 and 332 of the Indian Constitution. Since they are elected under the special provision (Reservation) of the Indian Constitution, therefore, party constitution and party whip should not be binding on them. They should not be controlled by party constitution and party whip. The dual slavery of SC and ST elected candidates will not end till they are not liberated from party line and party whip. The SC and ST elected members for Lok Sabha and Assemblies should be recognized a separate group and must be allotted seats at one place.

    Dr. Udit Raj, M.P. Lok Sabha Chief Guest endorsed the proposal of formation of a national level organization and assured to extend all possible support. Vijayendra Kumar Singh, editor-Dainik Swaraj Newspaper said that Dalits have been pushed behind socially, educationally and economically. Justice can be accorded to them only when diversity is implemented in India. Mr. Sudesh Tanwar called entire Dalit community to get united if they really want their due share and this could be achieved only through diversity. Prof. (Ms.) Hemlata Mahiswar, Sheel Bodhi and many others share their views and supported the resolution moved in the end of the programme.

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