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Deceptive conversions through Christian charity organizations – need for government investigations

Conversations with foreign-funded charity
Sun, Oct 12 02:58 AM

Has the time come for the Government to set up a National Commission to investigate religious conversions in India? Certainly. Let the Nation know how many conversions have taken place from-and into-Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and other faiths since 1947. Let the commission throw light on the districts where, and how, significant changes in religious demography have taken place, and whether conversions have created resentment and social disharmony in their wake.

An unbiased commission would reveal three irrefutable facts: (1) Christianity accounts for the largest number of
converts; (2) Christian organisations conduct service activities-schools, hospitals, poverty-alleviation programmes, relief during calamities, etc.-with exemplary dedication and professionalism. However, some of them, though not all, make the conversion agenda a part of their seva agenda; (3) Foreign funds supporting these charitable activities have greatly aided conversions.

Take, for example, the following information, pertaining to the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA), available on the website of the Union Home Ministry. During 2005-06, Rs 7,877 crore was received by way of foreign donations to various NGOs, up from Rs 5,105 crore in 2003-04. Tamil Nadu (Rs 1,610 crore) and Andhra Pradesh (Rs 1,011 crore) were among the highest recipients. The highest foreign donors were Gospel Fellowship Trust USA (Rs 229 crore), Gospel for Asia (Rs 137 crore), Foundation Vincent E Ferrer, Spain (Rs 104.23 crores) and Christian Aid, UK (Rs 80.16 crores). The largest recipients were World Vision (Rs 256 crore), Caritas India (Rs 193 crore), Rural Development Trust Andhra Pradesh (Rs 127 crore), Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (Rs. 95.88 crores) and Gospel For Asia (Rs. 58.29 crore). The funds received by some of these organisations have trebled or quadrupled in just three years since the formation of the UPA Government.

If the official Christian population in India is barely 3 per cent, why do Christian NGOs receive the largest share of foreign funds? From Christian organisations that are known to support evangelism in many Asian countries?

In my travels in Karnataka, my home state, I have seen significant conversions to Christianity having taken place in recent years wherever World Vision and other foreign-funded NGOs started their charitable activities. Kannada newspapers in the past few weeks have carried graphic accounts of how proselytisation is packaged with charity, especially targeting vulnerable sections of society. There is resentment in Assam against World Vision’s flood-relief operations in Majuli, a large island in the Brahmaputra and a sacred seat of the Vaishnava monastery of Sankara Deva, the great reformist saint.

Tripura is one of the Indian states where, as the CPI(M) Chief Minister Manik Sarkar has himself acknowledged, the foreign-funded Baptist church supports subversive activities, including the conversion of tribals. The church-backed separatist outfit, National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), gunned down 16 Hindus at a marketplace in West Tripura district on January 13, 2002, on the eve of Makar Sankranti, an incident that went largely uncommented by the national media.

The Internet has many reports about Buddhist resentment against World Vision and other evangelical bodies operating in Mongolia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar and even Tibet, “using unethical methods, under the guise of being charitable organisations, to buy converts in Asia”. The Australian, a leading newspaper of Australia, reported on December 24, 2005: “Tensions between Muslims and Western aid workers have begun to erupt in Aceh as the tsunami-devastated Indonesian province (where 170,000 people died) slowly recovers. Islamic activists have claimed that aid workers are secretly attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity, pointing particularly to World Vision, the International Catholic Mission and Church World Service.”

Lt Col A.S. Amarasekera, a Sri Lankan Buddhist activist, has expressed the following fear: “While everyone is focusing their minds on the LTTE problem, we Sinhalese Buddhists are pitted against another force as dangerous: the dangers that the Sinhalese Buddhist way of life will have to face due to conversions in the near future. What happened in South Korea, where the 80 per cent Buddhist population was reduced to 18 per cent in five decades, will be repeated here¿ It (is) proved beyond reasonable doubt that World Vision, an American-funded Christian evangelical organisation, was surreptitiously trying to convert Sinhalese Buddhists into Christianity.”

The recent attacks on churches in Orissa and elsewhere have been justifiably condemned by all patriotic individuals. However, as I stated in my column last week, a distinction must be made between a violent campaign against our Christian brethren and a non-violent, democratic campaign against organised conversions using foreign funds. I happened to participate in a remarkable inter-religion conference on conversions organised by the Vatican in collaboration with the World Council of Churches, Geneva, a Protestant body, in Lariano (Italy) in May 2006. Let me mention here some of the recommendations in a report unanimously adopted by the conference.

• “While everyone has a right to invite others to an understanding of their faith, it should not be exercised by violating other’s rights and religious sensibilities. At the same time, all should heal themselves from the obsession of converting others.”

• “Freedom of religion enjoins upon all of us the equally non-negotiable responsibility to respect faiths other than our own, and never to denigrate, vilify or misrepresent them for the purpose of affirming superiority of our faith.”

• “Errors have been perpetrated and injustice committed by the adherents of every faith. Therefore, it is incumbent on every community to conduct honest self-critical examination of its historical conduct as well as its doctrinal/theological precepts. Such self-criticism and repentance should lead to necessary reforms inter alia on the issue of conversion.”

• “A particular reform that we would commend to practitioners and establishments of all faiths is to ensure that conversion by ‘unethical’ means are discouraged and rejected by one and all. There should be transparency in the practice of inviting others to one’s faith.”

• “While deeply appreciating humanitarian work by faith communities, we feel that it should be conducted without any ulterior motives. In the area of humanitarian service in times of need, what we can do together, we should not do separately.”

• “No faith organisation should take advantage of vulnerable sections of society, such as children and the disabled.”

• “We see the need for and usefulness of a continuing exercise to collectively evolve a ‘code of conduct’ on conversion, which all faiths should follow.”

Why shouldn’t there be a sustained and sincere all-religion debate in India on an anti-conversion law in the spirit of the above recommendations?

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Rwanda and genocide committed by loving Catholic Church

It is not likely Rwanda experienced any genocide in its history until it was gifted with the religion of Jesus, the religion of love, justice and mercy —Christianity. If Rwandas have any brains they will throw away this demonic cult and go back to their own traditional religion.


At the dawn of the twenty-first century the Catholic Church once more came to the fore within the context of genocide, that which took place in Rwanda. In determining the culpability of various parties in the Rwandan genocide, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) has drawn attention to various horrific episodes meriting close examination. Allegations have been made suggesting that several members of the Catholic clergy incited hatred against the Tutsi and moderate Hutu. This claim is significant in that as many as 62 percent of the Rwandan population is Catholic, and the country’s former president, the late Juvenal Habyarimana, himself enjoyed the patronage and support of the Catholic Church. The role of the Church in this particular genocide has not been fully determined.

The main allegation concerning the Church is that it switched its allegiance from the Tutsi elite to the creation of a Hutu-led revolution, thereby assisting in Habyarimana’s subsequent rise to power in a majority Hutu state. In terms of the actual genocide, critics once again hold the Church directly responsible for inciting hatred, sheltering perpetrators, and failing to protect those who sought refuge within its walls. There are also those who believe that, as the spiritual leader of the majority population in Rwanda, the Church is morally responsible for failing to take all available measures to end the killing.

The discussion on remedies for atrocities has also reached international courtrooms, with the Church through its clergy being directly implicated. Belgium, in keeping with its stance on universal jurisdiction in cases concerning grave breaches of human rights, has sought to prosecute priests and nuns alleged to have played a significant role in the events leading up to the genocide. It handed down sentences of fifteen and twelve years to two nuns who were convicted for their involvement in the slaughter of approximately five thousand civilians who had sought refuge in their monastery at Sovu in Rwanda. Witnesses testified that the two nuns had directed the death squads to the civilians’ place of refuge; some even stated that the nuns had assisted in the pouring of petroleum in a bid to burn down the monastery with civilians still inside.

Some more on the amazing love of Christians that we Hindus keep hearing of. the end result will be more erm like this

Rwanda priest: tried for genocide

Christians from Tamil Nadu planning conversions in 7 districts of Punjab to be sponsoring the mission field work, ultimately all 18 to be covered: destruction of Indian religions!

Here is a beastly Christian website mentioning all their plans to evangelize all over India. If such activities are not stopped, there will be widespread instability and communal violence spearheaded by the Christian church which is bent on destroying non Christian communities.

Have a look at this website and their preparations

Chennai Branch will be sponsoring the mission field work in 7 districts of Punjab now and will ultimately sponsor all the 18 districts of this State. To sponsor one district we require Rs.20000 per month. To adopt a village-Rs.500, a Block-Rs.2000 or support a missionary-Rs.2500 per month.

Cost of a motor bike=Rs.40000.

We encourage the local leaders to train the believers to spread the good news and release the power of Jesus. The Kingdom of God is at hand.

During October 8th – 15th, 2008, 30 Members of Our Branch went on Mission Field tour to Rajashthan(Sagwra), Gujarath (Dudhia), Mathyaprathesh (Kedawath).

The proceeds of the sales from Hindu children goes to other states to convert poor gullible Hindus. Hindus should be made aware of the deceptive tricks Christian monsters indulge in

These programs are held every year in all the zones of Chennai (North, South, East and West). Christian Matriculation Schools of each zone participate in this. The children of these schools enact dramas, sing songs and give other performances on Christian and missionary themes. The proceeds from the sale of tickets for these programs go for schooling and hostelling of poor & under privilege children in IMS Hostels in various states of India. The schools adopt some of these children in our mission fields with their monthly financial support. The better placed city children learn to support the less fortunate children.

Evangelical provocation in Karnataka

Evangelical provocation in Karnataka (Organiser, 28-9-2008);

In the name of religious freedom, the various churches are playing a dangerous game, fishing in troubled waters while the governments at all level are preoccupied fighting terrorism. Archbishop Bernard Moras gave an ill-tempered performance before the media berating the Karnataka CM for not protecting churches. So the security forces are forced to divert attention from fighting the menace of terrorism to protecting the trouble-makers whose conversion activities are responsible for the disturbances. This way they want to take advantage of the uncertainty created by the terrorists to weaken the government and advance their anti-national agenda. All this is purely subversive political activity that has nothing to do with religion, much less spirituality. The fact that some Congress and Janata Dal (S) politicians are willing to be their stooges only shows that they have no concern for the nation. All this shows that the various Christian outfits are acting like political parties after power and pelf rather than spirituality. By no stretch of the imagination can people like Sangliana, John Dayal and their ilk be regarded as religious leaders. They are political propagandists and should be treated as such. In the circumstances the proper thing to do is to make compulsory Christian institutions to register as political parties. Since most of them have foreign roots, they should also be treated as lobbyists for foreign interests.


On Indian Christian Missionaries – Treason from within

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

–Marcus Tullius Cicero

Great Treachery – India and the Syrian Christians of Kerala

Baptist Church Backs Terrorism in North-East India
Christian Conversions and Terrorism in North-East India
Petition- Protest Christian Aggression in Orissa and India

The Curse of conversions in Ulhasnagar. Christianity destroying Hindus brick by brick

The nation is facing the curse of conversions. In Ulhasnagar, missionary activity is at an all-time high. It has been going on for few years, but now it is unstoppable. Some people who complained against it are themselves being harassed. I request you to pass around the information and let’s help in any possible way. The missionaries combining the usual false promises of ‘miracle cures’, ‘moral guidance’ and ‘economic relief’ are trying to convert the poor to their missions. In the old days, it was churches, which were centres of conversion. Now they have been replaced by a curious entity called ‘prayer hall’. As an example, in Ulhasnagar, as in other places, it occurs that homes of those who have converted acts as these ‘prayer halls’. Let us work to put a stop to this conversion by missionaries for whom a ‘derooted’ Hindu is a desired Hindu. The Dangs district in Gujarat comes to mind, where there were only Vanvasis first and today it is a hotbed of conversion. In that case the local state administration is tackling the issue with a stern hand. And the activists of various social organisations are running a ‘Return to Roots’ programme for the welfare of the Vanvasis.

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A Christian plot to conquer India by conversion

A plot to conquer India by conversion
By JG Arora

Hindus in India and Nepal are prime targets for this harvest of faith. Even if old horrors like Goa Inquisition (1560 to 1812) heaped on Hindus by the church are kept aside, what is happening now is equally horrible.

The so-called ‘secular’ India has proved to be a disaster for Hindus. To prevent the creation of more Pakistans and Bangladeshs on Bharat’s soil by countless Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators, and to prevent more Hindu lands (like North-East India) going to missionaries, ‘secular India’ has to be transformed into ‘Hindu Bharat’.

Since Bharat has forgotten its ancient Sanskrit adage, “Shathe shaathyam samaacharet” (treat the wicked in his own wicked way), its tormentors are having a free run.

Expansionist forces are waging a relentless war to demolish Hinduism and Hindu civilisation the way they have already wiped out many native religions and cultures from Europe, America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, numerous Islands and parts of Asia.

On August 23, 2008, just before Krishnajanmashtami, an important Hindu festival, 84 years old Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four other Hindu sages were gunned down in girls hostel at Kandhamal in Orissa. Their only crime was that they were resisting fraudulent conversions by foreign-funded Christian missionaries.

At present, the worst problems faced by India are the demographic invasion by crores of Pak-Bangla infiltrators, and conversion of Hindus to Christianity through fraud and charade of charity by missionaries.

If Pak-Bangla combine wants to Islamise India through countless terrorists and infiltrators, missionaries want to Christianise India through unlimited foreign funds.

Unilateral war
Though religious freedom can never mean the freedom to convert; and though in 1977, vide its judgement reported as Rev. Stainislaus v. State of Madhya Pradesh (AIR 1977 SC 908), the Supreme Court held that Article 25 (1) of Indian Constitution does not grant any right to convert any person to one’s own religion, there is no halt to aggressive evangelisation.

While addressing missionaries in New Delhi on November 7, 1999, the late Pope John Paul II gave a call to convert Asia to Christianity as follows:-

“Just as the first millennium saw the cross firmly planted in the soil of Europe, and the second in that of America and Africa, so may the Third Christian Millennium witness a great harvest of faith on this vast and vital continent.”

And his successor and present Pope Benedict XVI reiterated conversion agenda with the words, “The church is by its very nature missionary; its first task is evangelisation.”

Hindus in India and Nepal are prime targets for this harvest of faith. Even if old horrors like Goa Inquisition (1560 to 1812) heaped on Hindus by the church are kept aside, what is happening now is equally horrible.

Having already conquered North-East India, many global missionary organisations are sending enormous funds to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in India for converting Hindus to Christianity through fraud, allurement and coercion.

Reinhard Bonnke, the global evangelist famous for his crusades in Africa, has diverted his attention to India. Pat Robertson, the American founder of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), also wants aggressive evangelisation of India.

Missionaries are far superior in marketing than any MBA. Within a few decades, they converted Buddhist South Korea into a Christian majority country. And they want to repeat that success in India.

Conversion blitzkrieg
Missionary activity in India is aimed at destroying Hindu religion and culture; and has nothing to do with spirituality. While many Hindu religious leaders are parroting the dangerous falsity that all religions are the same (sarvadharmasambhav), missionaries are demolishing Hinduism by converting Hindus.

Several global missionary organisations were running a co-ordinated conversion campaign in India known as AD 2000. These activities were later brought under the Joshua Project.

Joshua Project is a war-like project to invade and Christianise India. It has collected the necessary population data about each village and town in India, and has prepared the area specific strategy to bring maximum conversions.

All over India, churches are being built even in remote villages (with no Christian population) to Christianise the local populations. Entire India is facing a blitzkrieg of missionary aggression.

As reported in a section of media, D. Ron Watts, a Canadian missionary and Dorothy Watts, his American wife, and their cohorts have converted several lakhs of vulnerable Hindus to Christianity in Andhra Pradesh during the last few years. Though they came to India on Business visas, they were engaged in conversions violating their visa terms.

Tamil Nadu government’s revocation of anti-conversion law has further boosted conversions in Tamil Nadu.

Missionaries are targetting Sikhs too; and after converting 56 Sikhs to Christianity at Goindwal Sahib, a Sikh holy place in Punjab in 2005, they have stepped up such activities.

Fraudulent exploitation
Conversion of vulnerable Hindus through fraud and inducement is a big industry in India employing hundreds of thousands of missionaries wearing the mask of social service. More Hindus they convert, more money they get.

In his write-up, “The war against Hinduism”, Stephen Knapp has described various subterfuges employed to get convert to Christianity in India. Missionaries give loans to vulnerable Hindus who cannot repay. The said loans stand waived the moment the debtors become Christian. And more rewards await those who bring more Hindus to the church. He has also described stage-managed mass healings for mass conversions. And then there are “miracle boxes” kept in churches where the poor can write their wishes which are fulfilled to bring them to Christianity.

To induce conversions, some missionaries bear Hindu names, dress like Hindu sannyasis, and call their organisations Ashrams.

Evangelists treat natural calamities as opportunities to purchase new converts. They offer relief to helpless victims of tragedy in exchange of their religion. Tsunami that struck Tamil Nadu in 2004 saw mass proselytisation of vulnerable Hindus. At some places hit by tsunami, Christian groups refused to give relief supplies when the victims refused to change their faith.

Predators or ‘victims’?
Missionaries pretend to be ‘victims’ if their predatory attempts at proselytisation are resisted.

Recent circulation of a number of contrived stories about the alleged attacks on Christians in mainstream anti-Hindu media suppresses the fact that Hindu reaction in Orissa was triggered by the murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, and in Karnataka by denigration of Hindu gods in the book, Satya Darshini— distributed by some missionaries.

Unfortunately, most of the mainstream media in India is anti-Hindu, and hides missionary aggression. But it dubs those resenting this aggression as ‘communal’. While the said media ignored the outrageous murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, as also the denigration of Hinduism in Satya Darshini, it over-blew the natural Hindu reaction following these appalling attacks on Hindus and Hindu faith.

Way out
Since those who behave like sheep, are eaten by the wolves, much of the injury suffered by Hindus is self-inflicted by their capitulation before their tormentors.

Ever since 1947, Indian government’s policy of perverse secularism (which in reality means anti-Hinduism) has been leading to gradual liquidation of Hindu Bharat.

The so-called ‘secular’ India has proved to be a disaster for Hindus. To prevent the creation of more Pakistans and Bangladeshs on Bharat’s soil by countless Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators, and to prevent more Hindu lands (like North-East India) going to missionaries, ‘secular India ’ has to be transformed into ‘Hindu Bharat’.

Logically, in 1947, on India’s Partition on religious basis and creation of Pakistan as demanded by Muslims, Bharat should have been declared a Hindu nation. But the problem can be solved even now by declaring Bharat a Hindu country. No one can object to Bharat being declared a Hindu nation when all the 57 Muslim-majority countries are declared as Islamic countries, and many Christian majority countries are Christian countries.

Hindu Bharat will give justice to all and appease none. In Hindu Bharat, there will be one law and one nation; no distinction of majority and minority; and no discrimination, whatsoever, against any community.

Apart from protecting Bharat’s Hindu identity, Hindu Bharat will crush the daily Pak-Bangla terrorist attacks and demographic invasion, as also foreign-funded missionaries’ conversion menace. Hindu Bharat will ban the inflow of foreign funds meant for subversion and conversion, and will also ban conversions effected by fraud, allurement or coercion. Hindu Bharat will also remove laws which discriminate against Hindus.

Accordingly, for the very survival of Hindus and Hinduism, all pro-Hindu individuals and organisations must unite to transform India into a Hindu nation by all peaceful, constitutional and lawful means.

Hindu Bharat will ensure that Hinduism survives and prevails. And that will be the apt tribute to Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and his associates who sacrificed their lives while defending Hinduism.

(The writer is former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax and can be contacted at

Korean Christian says ‘Destroy All Buddhist temples – YouTube

YouTube – Korean Christian says ‘Destroy All Buddhist …3 min 38 sec
It is in Korean language, but the comments are revealing.

click on this link

Christians paid Maoists to brutally kill 80 year Swami Laxmanananda

Western readers may not be able to glean from the message who this unmentioned community is which was involved in the brutal killing of the 80 Swami and four others.

Indians who are used to the pseudo secularism of mainstream English media, can read between the lines and figure out which community conspired and hired the maoists to carry out the heinous deed so as to remove the Swami who was an obstacle to their coversion activities and destroy Hindu religion.

‘Maoists hired to kill Laxmanananda’

Bhubaneswar, PTI:
In a major breakthrough the Orissa police on Thursday claimed that the mastermind behind VHP leader Laxmanananda Saraswati’s killing had been identified as a group had hired the Maoists to execute the crime.

“Maoists were given money to train certain youths of a particular community to eliminate Saraswati,” Inspector General (IG) of Police, crime branch, Arun Ray told PTI asserting the mastermind of the killings had been identified.

Stating the mastermind had fled Orissa, the IG said, “We will trace them soon.”

The plan to eliminate Saraswati was made immediately after the December 2007 communal violence in Kandhamal, he added.

Elaborating the probe by the crime branch, he said investigations also showed that a group had collected money from some villages in Kandhamal which was given to the Maoist group to train their youths for the purpose. At least 60 youths were given arms training by Maoists, the IG said dwelling on the inputs from three arrested persons.

Ray said members of a particular community were unhappy with Saraswati and held him responsible for the riots which took place during Christmas in 2007.

They requested a Maoist group to assist them in killing Saraswati, he said.

Confirming that six Telugu-speaking persons fired at Saraswati and others, the crime branch investigation revealed that the trained group were guarding the ashram at Jalespeta in Kandhamal during the incident.

Refusing to divulge identity and religion of the mastermind behind the killing which sparked communal violence in Kandhamal, IG said Maoists only executed the crime.

While the motive behind Saraswati’s killing was clear, the sleuths gathered evidences against people who planned the crime not realising that it would trigger such a largescale violence, he said.

Book on Tripura insurgeny reveals close links between Christian church and terrorist organizations
Reader-list] Book on Tripura insurgency set to storm markets (Courtesy:
Sagnik Chakravartty sagnik_chakravartty at
Tue Jun 4 20:53:47 IST 2002

Book on Tripura insurgency set to storm markets
By S Datta

Srinibas Das (34), a professional jeep driver, still
shudders to visualise the daylight and summary murder
he had been witness to: cold blooded killing of a
young tribal militant by his commander in front of the
hide-out in remote Shermoon area on the Jampui hills
of North Tripura. A resident of Ambassa colony in
Dhalai district, Srinibas Das had been abducted at
gun-point by NLFT from Shikaribari area of the disrict
in September 1999 and taken blindfolded across hilly
terrain to what he still believes to be Shermoon area

Guarded all along by twenty armed ‘sepoys’ Srinibas
Das one day woke up from his fatigue-induced midday
nap to sound of gunfire . What he saw in half stupor
petrified him to his appointed place within the NLFT’s
hide-out : a young militant lying dead in a pool of
blood and two tribal elders in tears sitting close by.
The elders had complained to the militant commander
that the slain militant had raped a girl in their
household previous night to which summary killing was
the sequel . Soon afterwards others in the group
shifted Srinibas to another hide-out from which he was
set free after his relatives had made a payment of Rs
20 thousand as ransom. ‘Before that I had never seen a
sight like this and I still have nightmares’ said

While the anecdote bears ample testimoy to how the
demented tribal youths stalk Tripura’s benign hills,
other details in “Santras Klanto
Tripura”(Terror-stricken Tripura), first detailed and
authoritative book , authored through painstaking
research by leading journalist Jayanta Debnath, on
state’s two decade long insurgency, clearly focusses
on the so-called militancy propelled by diverse
factors. The book which is set to hit book stands in
upcoming Kolkata book fair slated to commence later
this months provides authentic details for the first
time on the connection between church and the
militants as well as the nexus between security forces
in Bangladesh and the banned militant outfits of

NLFT’s Bangladesh connection is borne out from a
letter addressed by the group’s commander Sajek
Tripura to the local Bangladesh Rifles (BDR)
commandant in Khagaracherri district in Chittagong
hill-tracts on the problems faced by them. In the copy
of the letter, presumably seized from a surrendered
NLFT rebel and printed in the book ‘Terror-stricken
Tripura’ the NLFT commander explains their temporary
abandonment of a hide-out for fear of Indian security
forces . ‘It has come to our sharp notice and
confirmation that the anti-NLFT squad led by expelled
Sanjit Reang and sponsored by Indian Intelligence
Agency , RAW is to concentrate near the
Indo-Bangladesh border’, the letter says as the reason
for temporarily withdrawing from a hide-out close to
the border with Tripura.

Apart from this, author and journalist Jayanta Debnath
has made a virtual revelation abut the close
connection between NLFT , sections of ATTF and
christian church.The copy of a top secret state
government’s report to union home ministry, printed in
the book, proves how the missionaries enjoy a free run
in their proselytizing activities in the name of
spreading education and providing service to the
people. The increasing funds received by the various
denominations of the church is proved in cold figures
from the officialy reported and published in the book.
It shows that remittances from the church in the year
1994-95 was Rs 16 lakh 8 thousand while it rose to Rs
68 lakh 73 thousand in 1997-98. ‘Information indicates
that some members of extremist outfits frequent some
churches and attend prayer in civics’ the report
poignantly notes.

Rich in documentation , Jayanta Debnath’s ‘Santras
Klanto Tripura’ ( Terror-stricken Tripura) gives a
proper perspective of Tripura’s chronic insurgency
problem with its’s roots in the post-partition history
of the state and the daunting socio-economic issues.
While authentic statistics and reproduction of vital
documents add immensely to the book’s value , even a
cursory reading of the interrogation reports of
militants printed in the book leave one with the
inescapable condition that the movement ,propelled by
ethnic hatred as the dominant ideology , aims only at
mindless violence. Thus NLFT militant Shikinya Koloi
candidly discloses to police interrogators how he had
been driven to join the outfit for fear of ATTF who
had charged the the tribal headmaster of his school in
South Tripura’s Taidu with a ‘tax’ notice of eighty
thousand in 1994. Plucked thrice in Madhyamik
examination Shikinya had failed to collect anything
beyond Rs 800 at the request of his headmaster and
gave the amount to the ATTF commander Kuchiya
Debbarma. But the ATTF strongman did not relent and
threatened that unless he managed to hand over the
entire amount soon Shikinya would be liquidated.
Simply to save his life hounded Shikinya joined rival
NLFT and went on a killing and abducting spree before
being arrested in 1999.

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