The Curse of conversions in Ulhasnagar. Christianity destroying Hindus brick by brick

The nation is facing the curse of conversions. In Ulhasnagar, missionary activity is at an all-time high. It has been going on for few years, but now it is unstoppable. Some people who complained against it are themselves being harassed. I request you to pass around the information and let’s help in any possible way. The missionaries combining the usual false promises of ‘miracle cures’, ‘moral guidance’ and ‘economic relief’ are trying to convert the poor to their missions. In the old days, it was churches, which were centres of conversion. Now they have been replaced by a curious entity called ‘prayer hall’. As an example, in Ulhasnagar, as in other places, it occurs that homes of those who have converted acts as these ‘prayer halls’. Let us work to put a stop to this conversion by missionaries for whom a ‘derooted’ Hindu is a desired Hindu. The Dangs district in Gujarat comes to mind, where there were only Vanvasis first and today it is a hotbed of conversion. In that case the local state administration is tackling the issue with a stern hand. And the activists of various social organisations are running a ‘Return to Roots’ programme for the welfare of the Vanvasis.

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2 Responses to “The Curse of conversions in Ulhasnagar. Christianity destroying Hindus brick by brick”

  1. 1 Kunal March 11, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    A person who may wish to convert is free to convert as long as it is not against his will.

  2. 2 Jason October 9, 2010 at 3:55 pm


    1. Jesus Never Existed. Jesus Christ is a myth. His whole story in the Bible is just myth. The authors of the Bible, claiming to be his disciples who knew him personally, do not even know his name! JEsUs means a JEU = JEW. The s (-us) is a common Greek suffix, such as in JuliUS, RomulUS, etc. His name is basically JEU/JEW, a Jew, any Jew. Christ is NOT a Hebrew name, but a Greek one. It just means annointed. Over a hundred books have been written by famous white Europeans and Americans showing that the Jesus story is a fraud.

    These books include:

    Forgery in Christianity : by Joseph Wheless
    The Age of Reason, by Thomas Paine.
    The Christ Myth, by Arthur Drews, C. Deslisle Burns
    The Forgery of the Old Testament, by Joseph McCabe
    The Jesus Myth, by George Albert Wells
    “Pagan Origins of the Christ myth” by Jackson


    The Jesus myth was copied from the myth of Mithra, a Zorastrian myth. They scribes who wrote the Bible just put a middle-eastern man, a Jew (who were Egyptian and therefore African negros) in place of Mithra.

    2. The Bible (especially the Old Testament) is full of African myths, violence, barbarity, criminality, pedophilia and incest. See:

    ” There is no text more barbaric than the Old Testament”–Sam Harris.

    “It would be more consistent that we call it [OT] the word of a demon than the word of God” –Thomas Paine, in The Age of Reason.

    The OT “was put together by crude, uncultured human animals.” (–writer Christopher Hitchens).

    3. There is little morals and culture in Christianity. Christians, even pastors, smoke, drink and use drugs. Sexual abuse by clergy is rampant.

    4. Christianity is a cult with bizarre beliefs. The biggest fraud is: Worship Jesus and just believe in him and you will be “saved” and will go to heaven. Christianity says that a killer and a criminal will go to heaven if he only believes in Jesus but a good honest man who has never sinned will go to hell, just because he does not believe in Jesus. Why would God tell us to worship another man, not Him? God, if there is one, would judge people by their morality, character and good deeds, not believing in one man.

    Another strange belief is that God sacrificed his only son (Jesus) for our sins? Sacrificed to who? Why would God sacrifice his own son to himself–why not just forgive us directly? And for our sins? We were not even born when Jesus supposedly died? How could we have sinned if we were not even born?

    These bogus beliefs prove that Christianity is just a big fraud.

    5. Jesus, if he existed, was a negro, since he was a “Jew”, descendants of Abraham. And Abraham and Moshe were negros who lived and blended in in Egypt (Africa).

    Abraham was from the Ur of the Chaldees and the Chaldeans were negroid (–Sir Godfrey Higgins). Moshe (anglicized to Moses) was raised by the Pharaoh`s daughter as her own, i.e. an Egyptian. Egypt is in Africa. The Egyptians were negroid.

    Throughout history, great people like Mark Twain, Bertrand Russell and Thomas Paine, one of America`s founding fathers, have attacked Christianity. Educated people laugh at it.

    Christianity is dying in the West. Westerners are leaving it in droves. 15% of the Americans (20 Million+) have left it in the last 10 years. So they are desperately trying to save it by conning people in the 3rd world to convert into it.

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