After nun, former Kerala priest writes a tell-all book on sexual exploitation–former-priest-writes-a-tell-all-book-on-sexual-exploitation/675649

After nun, former priest writes a tell-all book on sexual exploitation

Shaju Philip Sep 01 2010

Barely a year after a former Catholic nun wrote in her autobiography about the suppressed sexual life and draconian rules within the convents, a former Catholic priest has come out with his own experiences of homosexuality at seminaries, sexual misconduct of priests, lack of transparency in money matters and the unfair approach of superiors.

In his 160-page book, Here is the heart of a Priest, K P Shibu Kalamparambil has written about life he had had to lead as member of the Catholic congregation Vincentian for past 24 years — 11 years as priest, 13 as seminarian.

The 39-year-old former priest left the Catholic order in March 2010, and flew to Doha where he joined as a teacher with an Indian school. A native of Angamaly near Kochi, Shibu has found his leave period to release and distribute the book. “I have faced stiff opposition from the Vincentian congregation and my family alike when I broached the idea of publishing my story.”

His book is an open letter about alleged sexual anarchy of priests, injustice meted out to members and mismanagement of resources at a Catholic order. “Three times I had met with road accident. As my Congregation failed to support me, I had to meet the hospital bills on all occasions.”

“While working as a teacher with the Congregation-run educational institution in Kasargode, I had to face agitations from student outfits. The Congregation did not come to my rescue. When a priest is insulted continuously…, what is the logic in the Church saying that he should suffer everything for Jesus?”

On his early days at Papal Seminary in Pune, Shibu alleges he was sexually abused by senior seminarians. “Homosexual relations were rampant in seminaries. The victims had to suffer silently. If they complain…, both the accused and the victim would be shown the door. Hence, succumbing to the urges of the seniors was the only option….”

“During pastoral work, the seminarians used to travel on cycles. While moving around on a cycle, seminarians made a point to give lift to children. They (children) would be asked to tightly embrace the riding seminarian. Such acts were done with deliberate sexual intention,” he alleges in the book. “There had been incidents of senior seminarians pretending as priests and hearing confessions. ”

He alleges several priests sexually exploited widows or nuns sexually. He also alleges, “Certain priests have no qualms to divert donations from believers for their personal purposes. Church funds should be handled by government agencies….”

Shibu himself is the publisher of his work, which has only 100 copies in the first edition. “I am planning a second edition of 10,000 copies.”

Provincial-General of Vincentian Congregation Fr Paul Puthuva said he would comment after reading the book.

Fr Paul Thelakkattu, spokesperson for the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, said: “Unfortunately the Church is one in which people like him are also living and working…. He has simply betrayed the trust of the faithful.”

In 2009, Sister Jesmy had embarrassed the Kerala Catholic Church by writing about her sexual encounters with priests in her work Amen.


2 Responses to “After nun, former Kerala priest writes a tell-all book on sexual exploitation”

  1. 1 manojkj September 3, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    I am compelled to support the news item and say that most of the RC priests (and also nuns, as alleged in Sr. Abhaya murder case) indulge in sexual encounters in the field wherever they work, whether it is seminary ,convent, charitable (?) organizations, educational institutions, institutions for deaf & dumb or mentally handicapped, health care institutions etc. by them . These are all business establishments run by professionals trained by the RC church. I can give atleast 5 cases known to me personally where RC priests/ nuns eloped and got married after breaking their holy vows, although I respect them for what they did because they did not continue to commit adultry while in their holy white robes!

    A few years back, a priest principal of a prestigeous RC educational institution (college) in Central India was accused of sexual harrassment by students and there was an agitation also for days together. He (the priest principal)used to call christian girl students (especially RC students) to his chamber in the guise of “counselling”(?) and was talking vulgar things. The outrageous, sexually overtured vulgar talks in the guise of “counselling” from an elderly man of an RC priest’s white attire (not stature), holding the “respectable”(?) position of the Principal of that college had made widespread resentment amongst the students who went on an agitation indefinetely (Pl. note that it was without any help or instigation from the so-called Hindu or Safron outfits). The christian students were tolerating the outrage and reporting it to their parents. However, it leaked out when the priest principal “counselled” a Hindu girl with a Christian name. In this case, although the student leaders met with the top police authorities and even the Chief Minister of the state, no case could be filed against the culprit principal because of vote bank politics and the clout the RC church had on the then State Government. The then Arch bishop, who never talked directly with a layman of his diocease, personally called on phone the parents of all the affected agitating RC girl students and asked them to keep quite in the name of the great RC Church and threatened them to face consequences if acted otherwise. The top police authorities also expressed their inability to take action in the wake of top political interference. The parents of the affected RC girl students were also pressurised through their relatives, friends, police force, influential nun teachers of their children and political leaders of their locality! For relatives , friends and fellow parishners, an individual is a non-entity and the Church was above everything else!! Ultimately, the indefinite agitation of the hapless students of the college ended without taking the culprit to justice!!! The “pious” principle of the “prestigious college” later on organized a mass congregation of the faithfuls in a great event organized by him at the expense of the RC church by inviting “charismatic” or “devine centre” people from Kerala and declared that he is actually a “saint” who “overcome” the temptations of the devilish designs of his teenaged girl students!! He further explained that the devilish girl students were trying to fail him becuase of his strict discipline on moral traits!! The story ended there and the “pious father principal” continues to enjoy the public respect as the principal and RC priest of that “prestigious college-cum-church campus” and the victim students who stood against his unholy designs stand condemned even today in the society!!!

    This story is published today to the parents to emphasize that you alone are the parents, spiritual teachers and everything else on earth to your children and do not trust or rely on the RC priests solely because the Church teaches you that they are your spiritutal teachers. Gone are the days they were spiritual teachers, they are now killing professionals, criminals, devils with the vast power of the Roman Catholic Church, power of money collected from you and political clout for exploiting your faith in God and the Church.

    Have faith in God, but do not trust these devils on earth in white robes who exploit you and your faith in our Holy Father. ‘PRAISE THE LORD”!!

  2. 2 K M Mishra December 15, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Respected Sir,

    Kindly add google language converter tool on your blog so that people can read all these matter in hindi and other Indian Languages.

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