Top 30 reasons why Christianity is against science

Top 30
Submitted by Daedalus (not verified) on May 10, 2007

Here is a Top 30 list.

1.) Galileo’s trial. Heliocentrism was also attacked by Luther, Calvin, and Melanchthon).
2.) Demonization of mathematics during the Dark Ages as Pythagorean occult numerology.
3.) Persecution of alchemists during the Middle Ages/Early Modern Era. This retarded the science of chemistry for hundreds of years in Western Europe.
4.) Execution of Michael Servetus.
5.) Over a hundred years of opposition to the theory of evolution. Scopes Trial.
6.) Destruction of libraries and the burning of books all across the Roman Empire by fanatical monks during the fourth and fifth centuries (annihilation of most of the accumulated knowledge of Antiquity).
7.) Banning the works of Descartes (which formulated an early version of the scientific method).
8.) Condemnation and imprisonment of Roger Bacon for heresy, an early Medieval empiricist, for the crime of sorcery.
9.) Condemnation of Francis Bacon by the Catholic Church.
10.) Destruction of thousands of Islamic manuscripts by Cardinal Ximenes in massive bonfires after the conquest of Grenada.
11.) Execution of Giordano Bruno.
12.) Execution of Lucilio Vanini.
13.) Murder of Hypatia.
14.) The theological faculty at the University of Paris forcing Buffon to recant his theories about the age of the earth. Nineteen centuries of Flood Geology and Young Earth Creationism.
15.) St. Paul’s rants against the “wisdom of the wise” in Corinthians and the centuries of anti-intellectualism it inspired.
16.) Justinian’s closing of Plato’s Academy in Athens.
17.) The ecclessiastical monopoly upon lay education which lasted for centuries. This diverted countless talented minds down the worthless rat hole of theology.
18.) The vicious attacks upon rationality by Martin Luther (i.e., “reason is the whore of the devil.”)
19.) Hostility to modern medicine by superstitious Christian sects like Jehovah’s Witnesses.
20.) The ban placed on several of Kepler’s works by the Catholic Church.
21.) Condemnation of the Monophysite John Philiponus (an early critic of Aristotle’s physics, and a precursor of Galileo) and the destruction of his writings in the seventh century.
22.) Condemnation of 1277 (an attempt by conservative theologians to subvert Aristotelian natural philosophy at the University of Paris).
23.) Condemnation of Peter Abelard for heresy.
24.) Torture of Tomas Campanella.
25.) Subordination of natural philosophy to theology in Medieval universities prior to the fourteenth century.
26.) The late St. Augustine’s complete and utter rejection of his previous limited support for natural science.
27.) Demonization of chemistry as one of the “seven devilish arts” during the Middle Ages.
28.) Proscribing human dissection until well into the Middle Ages. The superstitious belief that man was made “in the image of God” held back anatomy for centuries.
29.) Hostility of the Papacy towards the first Italian scientific societies.
30.) Glorification of ignorance by the Church fathers.

3 Responses to “Top 30 reasons why Christianity is against science”

  1. 1 ryanschatz April 21, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    Not everything that the so-called ‘church’ does is sanctioned by God. Everything you are describing are acts done by people outside the Biblical accounts aside from #15. In many of these cases you have people who behave poorly, don’t think carefully about how their beliefs should be carried out or have a faulty understanding of the truth.

    About #15, Paul is considered by most Christians as the most intellectual of all the Apostles and writers of scripture. By no means was he prescribing anti-intellectualism! It is easy to take what people say out of context and mis-interpret them so we can shoot arrows at them, but if you want to have any effect, you need to shoot arrows at what they actually meant by what they said.

    • 2 christianwatchindia April 22, 2012 at 12:33 am

      ryanschatz says “Not everything that the so-called ‘church’ does is sanctioned by God.”

      “God” is not your personal property and you don’t have any access to “God” to tell us what is sanctioned by God.

  2. 3 ryanschatz April 22, 2012 at 3:10 am

    Hi – when I said ‘sanctioned by God’ I didn’t mean to suggest that this is of my own opinion. I’m simply saying that according to the Bible, the God of the Bible doesn’t sanction all what the so-called ‘church’ does. Of course, that implies that the God of the Bible exists and truly inspired the Bible. But if such is the case, then what these so-called Christians are doing in many cases would be condemned by their own God.

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