Sunday school Bible classes

Steven D Campagna on December 14, 2011 at 2:08pm

Priests, pastors, mastors, bishops, friars, ministers, prophets and pope’s all spew lies with nearly every breath they take.

In those Sunday school Bible classes they give those ‘lessons’ to little 6-year-olds which say snakes once talked to a female who then ate a piece of fruit which then caused untold birthing pains and basically ruined the entire humans race.

Next, they tell these little children that Jesus died on a cross, all bloody and with untold pain and suffering just to save you little children from your sins. Jesus loved you so very much – and the very ‘least’ you can do is love him right back.

Those that do not accept Jesus as Lord and savior will be sent to Christian hell to be ‘burnt’…with their mommy’s looking down on them from Christian heaven each day – to view you’re suffering and torture – forever.

Yes, now we have a new convert and saved soul through intimindation and threats. Religion is lovely and every single one of them believe the basics and spread this poison along. Children grow up not being to think clearly – that evolution is from the devil – and that atheists and homosexuals don’t deserve equality nor should they even be allowed citizenship because we are ‘One Nation Under God’ and you damn well better get used to it.

So yes, I do throw all god-believers in a basic bucket of crap – because that’s what they believe and spread around like dog-shit. If there is a Christian out there that doesn’t believe any of the basic tenants of Christianity – such as the resurrection and that Christians go to heaven and I certainly do not – let them step forward and let’s talk

3 Responses to “Sunday school Bible classes”

  1. 1 ryanschatz May 6, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    If there is a Christian out there that doesn’t believe any of the basic tenants of Christianity – such as the resurrection and that Christians go to heaven and I certainly do not – let them step forward and let’s talk

    There are plenty of such folks, but they shouldn’t be calling themselves Christians. Many people who went to Sunday School and were taught without being shown why and how these beliefs make sense end up questioning them and trying to find ways out of them. I have a friend who used to believe the Bible but now has convinced himself that judgment day has passed, that there is no Hell, that Jesus is just a man and not also God but still calls himself a Christian. There are others like Mother Teresa who believe that everyone who is sincere in their current beliefs will go to heaven. But she, like many others, never truly understood the reason for the things they were taught – or they simply bowed to threats from those who want to eliminate them because of their beliefs.

    Do you ever wonder why you die? You don’t remember your past life, but you think that you will just get to do this over and over again… but why do you die in the first place? Everything that you accumulate in this life, including your wife and your children, will one day be taken from you when you die. Its true and we all know it. If you commit a crime, you know that time doesn’t forgive. People are condemned for crimes they have committed 30 or more years prior, even if they are ‘sorry’ and don’t live a life repeating their crimes. Why is that? We have a sense of justice even in this life, and are adamant that justice must be served. But what about the crimes you have committed against God? If you have lied before, you are a liar (people who lie are called liars, right?). If you have stolen something (cheated on your taxes, falsified something that has benefitted you, taken from someone else what isn’t yours, download copyright media without paying for it), you are a thief. But God also sees the heart (something we as humans can see in ourselves but not in others unless they tell us). If you dislike your brother or sister so much that you are thinking about murdering them or have considered them dead to you and will have nothing to do with them, God sees that as murder of the heart. If you lust after someone and fantasize about them, you are committing adultery/fornication in your heart (even if you don’t end up physically carrying out the act). How do you resolve all of these sins you committed? Do you think that by being ‘good’ from now on will absolve you of punishment? Try that in a court of law here on earth — “Judge, I know that I murdered that person, but I promise I won’t do it again” – will the judge just let you go? How about if you shine his tires on his car or give him a bribe. If he was a good judge, should he let you go for that? Is that how you conceive of justice?

    No one needs to convince you that you will die physically because you already believe this. You look all around you and see people dying. But people are not judged in this life – criminals get away with their crimes all the time. Murderers are not all brought to justice, and some live a fantastic life right until the end. Where is the justice here? If we were on a plane and knew that it would crash, and I told you to put on a parachute or you will die, would you claim that I am being intolerant and wicked to say such things? By all means, if you feel that you can jump and survive by your methods, you are more than free to do so. No one is forcing you to accept the parachute. But as a Christian, when we look each other in the eye at the day of judgment, if I didn’t warn you about the ‘jump to come’ and show you the way you can be saved, you would most certainly be incensed at me – and you would be justified. Why? Because I knew the truth and didn’t try to convince you and therefore would share some responsibility for your demise.

  2. 2 Khalid May 11, 2012 at 12:19 am

    Toronto pastor drowns his wife
    It’s honor killing when it comes to Imams – what is it called when a pastor does it ?

  3. 3 ranjith November 5, 2012 at 6:35 am

    this is ranjith from tamil our area there is on pastor who claims that he is a prophet. he cheats people and steal money. he converts innocent hindus with threats. he says if they don’t convert their children will die, their family will come to road etc. he currently building a large church with money exploited from poor people and threatening that he will one day demolish all hindu temples in the are with his powers. his number is 9003553604. try pretending like a poor hindu and ask something like “i am sick and pray for me” he will shamelessly blame hindu gods and threaten you.

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