To expose the lies, deceit, violence, sex abuse, hatred of the religion of love.

If Hindus do not wake up to Christianity’s diabolic plan ….they will find themselves equivalent to the decimated native Americans in America

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34 Responses to “Why Christian Terror and Aggression”

  1. 1 shelly vincoure September 6, 2008 at 5:03 am

    I am completely suprised! I didn’t realize what insanity can reign in the minds of people.

    Wow we americans are very much protected and naive about how twisted people can become…….You people or “person” writing this cow dung are a MORON.

    I would laugh at its unmidigated stupidity if it were not for the fact that people are being slaughtered in Orissa. Its the Christians being slaughtered by the way.

    You aren’t trying to expose “lies” you are the source of lies. You aren’t trying to help, you are just another desperate voice of evil.

    May God find you and bring you to sanity and to His love. May the darkness be exposed in your own hearts so that the innocent may be protected. And may God provide protection to those who are called Christians.

    • 2 michael June 30, 2010 at 3:52 am

      You are scary!

    • 3 ramadeva August 31, 2010 at 4:56 pm

      Everybody knows what you did to the “American Indians”!!And,remember “Skull And Bones”?Whose are they?Is this not barbarism?Ever heard about Spanish Inquisition?

    • 4 LiBerty April 15, 2012 at 2:13 pm

      Americans are NOT ‘protected’ they are deceived, lied to, and unwilling to disturb their lives to expose themselves to the horrors of christianity its ways, deceptions and the devastating effect it is having on innocent people around the world; especially in the name of ‘conversion’ and spreading the ‘word of god’.

  2. 5 christianwatchindia September 6, 2008 at 1:41 pm

    If you wish to find out what is happening in remote villages where missionaries work far from the prying eyes of the media, have a look at this video:

    Videos on effects of evangelism in Asia

    All the three parts are available here

  3. 6 A Christian September 15, 2008 at 4:21 am

    Respected Sir,

    How can you say that Terrorism is Christian or Hindu. Please note that terrorism does not belong to any religion. And is there any proof that the killing of a monk has been done by any Christian group. Please understand that this has been done to mislead people.

    Belief in GOD never tells anyone to kill someone else. And by the way was it Graham Staines and his two something old sons who had committed any acts of terrorism. Well, the kids would not even be out of their playing days.

    Religious fanatism has never helped anyone and needs to be proved before taking any such extreme steps.

    I will give you some examples of what is happening in Orissa:-
    1) One 22 year old hindu sister was burnt just for her belief in Christ and a priest who tried to save her has 80% burns.
    2) One family, out of which the kids were shot just for their belief in Christ and the parents on rejecting turning away from the faith even after the terrible fate of their kids were burnt alive. Well where is the freedom to practise religion.
    3) People are not being allowed to supply food/water to our Christian brothers and sisters in the forests who have fled because of this.

    Congratulations and the media does not cover it. Watch Shalome TV and you will come to know.

    Find the real people behind the incidents first and then punish them. Massacring people is always easy and Christians are always an easy target. Please remember killing of innocent blood is very hard to be forgiven and it will cause more grief to the people who have done it.

    There are so many Catholic schools that give education to the backward classes and people. Many of the local rich people do not want this to happen since they will not have people to work for them if they study and hence what results is such acts of terrorism. We all need to remove the so called blind fold of hatred and come to the light because the truth can never be covered up. Practising peace and love is one of the most sacred rules od Christianity. If we learn to love one another, then only can we realize what we are doing and can progress our nation to development.

    It is high time to tackle the problems of corrupt politicians, bureacrats which seems to be a more impending problem rather than these kind of issues. Solve this problem and you can get to terrorists and any such criminal groups which cause the country to be in flames.

    Check the following links:-

    Hope to get some more links which will be helpful.

  4. 8 Prasant September 15, 2008 at 12:50 pm


    I am not surprised at the diabolical and nefarious activities of the Christian missionary activities in India.

    These people are hard pressed to hold on to their ‘flock’ in the western world, and are resorting to taking on blind converts in third world contries a.k.a ‘rice christians’.

    This spreading of hatred and fundamentalism is India’s bane and curse. It is what we deserve for having elected people like Sonia Gandhi and YSR at the center and state governments. But there is hope.

    It is time for us (funded by NRI Hindus) to unite and present a unified lobby to influence the central government to do the following:

    1. Stop issuing ‘business’ visas to these charlatans from western countries
    2. Ban missionary activity across all states (especially the Protestant ones)
    3. Cut off the conduits of funding for Indian-run missionary activity (given the socal unrest that these activities cause, this tantamounts to funding global terror)
    4. Lastly (but in no way the least), get funding from the government for the social and economic upliftment of the people in the most poverty-stricken areas (for these are the places where the missionary goes first), and appoint private bodies for running these organizations.

    Vande Mataram.
    – Prasant

  5. 9 An Indian Christian September 16, 2008 at 6:03 am

    Respected Sirs,

    I have a couple of questions to ask of all the people who think forced conversions are taking place.

    1) Till some years back the Christian population in India was 2%. Now the census says it is 1.8%. According to my math taught in school, if conversions are taking place, this percentage should have increased. I am wondering if my teacher was teaching me wrong.

    2) All that the religios fanatics have to say is conversions are taking place and these have never been proved. All that these religious fanatics do is go in groups like a pack hyenas, burn innocent people including kids, rape innocent nuns, destroy religious places. Does this prove any point? They do not have the guts to come face to face and have a peaceful discussion. If you cannot do good, atleast do not do harm to the people.

    3) India is supposed to be a country where you have freedom of religion. These religious fanatics claim there are conversions being done and forcibly go and reconvert people who have converted of their own free will to any other religion. Well congratulations. Are people blind to this?

    4) People like Mother Theresa and so many other nuns having given their whole lives to serving the poor people of our country. And all that these people get is the kind of treatment metted out by these fanatics. Well let these fanatics give some selfless service to the people of the country and that would help develop the nation.

    5) The country has a constitution to be followed and it should be adhered to strictly without the slightest leniency not allowing such religious groups to raise their heads wherever they want to.

    6) Christianity has undergone persecutions a million times in the last 2000 years. But nobody has been able to harm it. More people have turned to the religion of their own free will seeing the dedication and the love of christians towards others.

    7) And last of all, let the media cover all these incidents and show it on TV. Nowadays they just show news that is hot and that sells. You might be able to make some income out of it but it is harmful in the long run. Well anyways they have the freedom of choice too. Let them show incidents such as these so that people can express solidarity to such incidents of violence and condemn these incidents.

    REMEMBER True Religion looks at saving the oppressed, helping the widows and looking after the orphans. Anything other than this is pure sham.

    Congratulations to all the religious fanatics. Trample the lowly under your feet for your own selfish purposes and turn the nation into a burning cauldron of religion.

    The following are the issues being faced by our country now:-
    1) The poor still stay poor, uneducated, never able to make even enough to have a full days meal and it is of no concern to anyone.
    2) Government officials fill their pockets and get assets worth tens of crores from hard earned tax payers money and nobody questions them. Corruption is by far the biggest problem in our country. Please note that money is good only when it is hard earned and not by such corrupt means. Such corrupt money carries along with it curses of the poor who might have cursed it out of distress.
    3) Human Beings are made in the image of GOD to love their neighbours and help them out in times of need.
    4) Unemployment and as a result crime are on the rise. Let the scheming minds of the religious fanatics be put into creating new work opportunities.
    5) When somebody is being beaten or assaulted, all people want to do is to stand and watch as if it is some entertainment going on. Let us take a stand against this and help out such people who are in need.
    6) Please understand that terrorism is a country issue and not a religion issue. Terrorists are just making use of religion as a tool so that they can mislead people.
    7) Let us all open our eyes and refuse to be mislead by such foolish propoganda. Let us think for a moment what is right and what is wrong, have discussions on it and arrive at conclusions.

    I just hope that with time these people are brought back to their senses with the love, grace and peace of GOD.

    An Indian Christian
    (Learn to love and you will make the world a better place)

    • 10 ramadeva August 31, 2010 at 4:48 pm

      Where did you get the population figure for Christians in India?There are many other lies in your reply.Catholics convert people of other religions aggressively.They try conversion in India because:-
      1.Hindus are the majority and do not fight against them.
      2.Muslims are very aggressive towards them.
      Even Western Protestants are having a very deep hatred for catholics.

  6. 11 An Indian Christian September 16, 2008 at 6:19 am

    Hi All,

    Just another point to add.

    The assasination of the Swamiji was a Maoist attempt. Maoists are terrorists. If they considered themselves as true Christians, they would have walked in the steps of Mother Theresa or some such saints. But they consider themselves terrorists before being Christians.

    So when the Maoists themselves consider to be terrorists for some cause, why do the religious franticos of India consider them Christians and seeth revenge by killing or committing crimes on the peaceful Christian people?

    An Indian Christian

    • 12 ramadeva August 31, 2010 at 4:52 pm

      Tell this to the indigenous people in the North East India and the Evangelists,who are terrorizing the locals,there,which includes kidnapping and gruesome murder/s.

    • 13 Raj March 4, 2012 at 3:48 pm

      India is a country with cradle of cultures. So many nations trying to adopt
      multi-culture and miserably failed. It is very difficult to integrate with in a span of 100 year old culture with respect to 5000 years old Bhrathieea samskhar. Religious tolerance,harmony, live and let live policy is the only way in a global way of life.No one can stop the global warming, it is all man made for their own material perish.All the empires will vanish. No super-macy of man claims in this world. See the melting side of Arctic.The balance of gravity, you can just assume with weight, mass and velocity. Those balance is melting in-front you. Can any one imagine its break ups. It is twisting with not normal balance.Example a baloon with water in it, just twist that ballon , you can see the variations of momentum.So our earth is just like now !

    • 14 LiBerty April 15, 2012 at 2:10 pm

      Mother Teresa was by no means a saint. Read this book if you get a chance. Do a little research into the true history of christianity. There is an overwhelming amount of deception in their history.

  7. 15 Matt September 16, 2008 at 10:21 pm

    I, a Christian, must apologise on behalf of shelly vincoure who posted on September 6th. It seem she has forgotten grace.

    I can only hope that if what you say is true, that Christians are doing these despicable things, justice would come to those who grieve and that the perpetrators would learn the error of their ways – there is no room for this sort of action in the love of Christ.

    I hope that as you look for answers to your questions about Christianity, you would find the truth about the character of Christ that we follow. Truth is transcendent, human interpretation and action is not.


  8. 16 satyam September 19, 2008 at 10:00 am

    If Christians are doing what they are alleged to be doing, then it is really shameful. What you sow, you are going to reap. The same law is applicable for those who are posting blogs against Christianity. Please sirs, ensure what you are writing is true.

  9. 17 Truth September 24, 2008 at 8:48 am

    If Western Culture and Religions are so great, then how come their societies are so degraded as shown below:

    1) One out of four teenage girls in US has sexually transmitted diseases.

    2) There are 800 cannibals in Germany.

    3) There are regular shootings and killing in Schools by deranged children.

    4) Murder rate in US is double that of India, even when we have so many murders by terrorists etc. There are 16,670 murder in a year in US. If US had been as big in population as India, then the murders would have been 62,000, where as murders in India are just 32,000 per year even though most people in India are poor.

    5) The lies that are propagated by Time magazine and Swami Agnivesh that there are 25,000 dowry deaths in India per year, where as in reality the the number of convictions are just 1830 per year even though it is easy to convict under dowry laws.

    6) Women in India are two times safer at homes or outside than women in US. Every year, 3200 women get murdered in US compared to 7900 in India (please note, US has 1/4th of population) of India.

    So, why the God and faithful are not able to create harmony and peace in western countries if their religion is so great?

    The western powers are funding to destroy the peaceful Indian society. They have already succeeded to a great extent. Lets stop them now.

  10. 18 lalson October 4, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    To Dear Prasant,
    hinudu religious leaders also collecting fund from christian nations.

  11. 19 An Indian Christian October 6, 2008 at 11:22 am

    Hi All,

    Why should any of the western country’s religion and customs have any effects on India. What every country does is upto itself. That does not mean we go ahead and destroy the peaceful minority community fabric of the country.

    How can western powers fund to destroy the country. According to the news reports, it is the VHP and Bajrang Dal that seem to be destroying the fabric of the country. The christians have been peaceful and none have even attacked back even after so much of anguish, torment and sorrow that has been caused by groups such as these to the christians.

    How can you consider a militant organization to be hindu or christian. The maoists are neither hindu nor chistian. They are terrorists and the only religion they have is terrorism.

    And the point about western society. So many so called indians migrate to these western countries in search of jobs and a good life. Even with the points mentioned above by Mr. Truth, people still migrate and they do not want to come back and settle there for good. Is this not irony that when it comes to money and a good life, people do not consider religion/country as a barrier even though the country might be twice as bad as ours. But when things like terrorist attacks happen, some so called religious franticos along with the Government support these violent activities against christians who are living peaceful.

    Well why do we forget the following points:-
    1) Millions of IT and call center jobs have been created in India from MNCs belonging to the West.

    To finish it off here is a link

    Even though police confirm a maoist hand, the government still disagrees. Remove the blindfold of hatred and see the reality or the country will have serious problems going ahead. Tackle the issues such as corruption, illiteracy and poverty and stop killing/tormenting innocent children and people in the name of religion.

    An Indian Christian

  12. 20 Indian - Vinayak October 14, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    When you call western Countries as Christian Nation, It shows that no matter how developed you are, but still not as secular as India where we don’t call ourselves a Hindu Nation.

    To all Indian Christians, Especially those, who have statistics as proof (number of Christians in India is 2%) that Conversions aren’t happening is really being naive, Given that the conversions are happening in Tribal areas where hardly any accurate census data can be gathered.

    When the swami was killed in Orissa not a single News Channel reported it, but when an Nun is raped (I agree this is a horrible Crime) , the media gets paranoid and is covered day and night. Why is the Maoist Suddenly taking responsibility, when earlier they had denied any involvement? Also NO channel is fighting for justice for the Swami – Why are they not fighting to prosecute the accused.

    And Most importantly to all the Christian brothers – how can you convert a tribal, illiterate or poor people and claim that the conversion is Legal when any sensible guy can tell that those people really wouldn’t have understood any of your preaching’s. People like Mother Teresa and thousands like her are welcome to help the needy, but why convert people in the name of Service ???

    I really wonder how the media (specially western) never associates any atrocities to Christian religion – like the genocide in Bosnia ,the genocide in Germany against Jews , Mass Rape by Japanese Soldiers in China , Rape of Iraqi Prisoners by US army , Racism and Apartheid in US ,South Africa ,Europe.

    Lastly to those Indian Christians – if you had an ounce of patriotism you wouldn’t have gone to the hypercritic western countries to lodge a complaint. It’s really crazy on one hand to defame & degrade Indian religion & Gods and ask the same Indian people (Police ,army and government ) for justice and protection.


  13. 21 manas October 20, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Dear Editor

    Though I condemn the violence against the Christian & their missionaries in Kandamal & Karnataka in India but it’s a known fact that they use every cunning & unfair methods to convert the innocent poors in India. They take full advantage of the poverty in India as very little reaches the poors because of corruptions in the bureaucracy thereby they are vulnerable to poaching. There are many areas in rural India where clean drinking water, electricity & roads will take another 100 years to come.
    They have even converted many staffs & students who studies in Christian (convent) schools by offering money or jobs & if that doesn’t work they use threats & demotions to frighten them in changing their minds.
    Unlike the Hindus who believes all religions are true and inside every person there is a divine soul irrespective of caste & religion & one needs to lead a pure life & meditate in order to realize God (Supreme soul) Islam & Christianity preaches that there is only one God that is Allah or Jesus & others are worthless & therefore they are to be hated. Christianity & Islam both preach violence like killing of heathens & Kaffirs respectively. On the Day of Judgment or Quamat (death) eternal hell is stored for the unbelievers (Hindus) whereas the believers (Christians & Muslims) will enjoy heaven.

    The New Testament & Bible sanctions killing of heathens (Hindu idol worshipers) from earth that’s why they are always hungry for their blood.

    Wherever the Christian have gain majority they have stopped the entry of Hindus like in the states of Nagaland, Mizoram & Arunachal Pradesh where one needs permit In Kashmir no Hindus (under law) can buy any land or property whereas Kashmiri’s can buy properties anywhere in India. Majority of Maoist & Naxals violence which targets the innocent policemen & corrupt ministers crops up from wherever missionaries begin their work.

    I have listed following tricks which they use among many to convert.

    1.They will make idol of Bhagwan Ram(Hindu God) & Jesus the former being made of clay & the later of wood & will be paint them perfectly & will place them in a bucket of water & invariably the idol of Ram will sink in which they will then prove to the innocent tribals the efficacy of praying Jesus.
    2 When a person in a village becomes sick he will be given a spurious medicine & will be told to invoke the name of a Hindu god this will make his conditions worse , finally he will given REAL tablet & will be told to pray to Jesus & thus he will be cured.
    3. Missionaries will place “Miracle boxes” in local churches where villager writes a request for a loan, a house, and fees for the son’s schooling. A few weeks later, the miracle happens, paid by Western Christian donations. And the whole family converts believing it is a miracle of Jesus, making others in the village follow suit.

    4. At times of national calamity they refuse to give relief to unless they convert, this has happened many time in tsunami, earth quake etc

    The richest Hindus are to be blamed for this as they are one of the stingiest people they will hold marriage parties in 5 star hotels, travel in private jets & live their life in luxury but they won’t think about their poor brethren.

  14. 22 N.C.Raj October 22, 2008 at 10:16 am

    Dear Manas,

    I think you need to learn more about other religions. Over all you should know better our own coutry. Who on hell told that Hindus are prohibited in North east. Have you ever been here to know the situation. I am a Christian but a pure kannadiga. Do you think Indians are so cheap to surrender to few bucks they offer. My dear Manas it is a question of self dignity that what makes people choose a religion and money. If people want there are other several ways why hell they should suffer unnecessarily?

    People look for human dignity. When that is missing you know life becomes worse than animal. For your information worse than a cow.

    One thing I’ll like you to know that all are Hindus in this world. Because Hinduism is a way of life. I don’t know wheather you have read the beautiful holy books of Hinduism. Especailly the Philosophical books. I would be happy if you could sponser a book to your freind who is an anti-christian to read the book and than speak as a true Hindu without any bias.

    A friendly word to you manas. I am not angry with you nor you are my enemy. we are Indias and I respect you an Indian. If any one of us make a record in the international event I suppose you and I will be proud of each other.

    My mother tongue is Kannada, you know have a special love for those who speak but unfortuanately, religions divide us. Can we not move higher than this? It’s a challenge.

    with love
    N.C. Raja

  15. 23 N.C.Raj October 22, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Dear Vinayak and Mr. Untruth,

    For your kind information, Christianity is not a western religion. Please study before you make comment. Unless you lack sufficient knowledge Then it’s OK. Don’t worry.

    Some History. Before Christianity reached West, is was already present in India from the first Century onwards. It’s after east only the west encountered Christianity. And Jesus Christ is an Asian.

    It shamefull to compare western culture with Indian culture.
    I am a christian, but we have our Indian culture and I am proud of it. If you are so much worried about the western culture, why the hell we wearing pant and shirt, using things from the west, even the basic use of toilets which is purely western. It’s of no use arguing things which are useless.

    What is patriotism? Protecting only one religion is not patriotism but acceptance of each an every one as Indians. Irrespective of religion, caste and financial status.

    All Hindus are saint neither all Christians are saint. In all the religion there are bad elements because of human weakness. Because of one man’s madness you can’t blame everyone. I have friends from different religion. Upto date we have been gathering for fun. But never we had any problem.

    If such problems arise I don’t know where we are going to reach.

    You know trouble makers are always on the search for creating troubles. They target Muslims, Christians once the targets are over. They will have to fight someb0dy. Next will be fight between Tamilians and Kannadigas for water, Kannadigas and Marathis for Belgaum, fight between caste low and high, if these don’t work they may try to bring some other tension.

    As educated people we need address the realy issues than simply creating hatred among each other. Tomorrow if you and I meet in Pakistan how will you approach me as Indian or pardeshi. It’s upto you.

    I have no hatred towards. I jsut i want to be what i am

    Sorry if i have hurt you.

    Thank you

  16. 24 jayadeepan November 6, 2008 at 5:13 pm

    om shanti

    In ravan rajya there are many religion. in ram rajyam there is only diety relgion and dieties lives peacefull life. there are no islam or christianity or hinduism . there are just narayan and his subjects. laksmi nerayan is worshiped in india

    is this ram rajya or ravan rajya?

    can man establish ram rajya or only god can establish ram rajya?

    religious gurus like jesus muhamed budha established big big relegion. did that lead to patit se paven or paven se patit?

    patit pavan khon? ram or raven?

    does ram use the worldy wepon or wepon of knoweldge?

    does ram follow the deviotion and bakti or raven rajya or . He use knowledge to distroy the 10 head of letie religion of raven.

    ask yourself.

    what is happening in india? people are killing each other.

    what is happening in foriegn land people are killing each other?

    they all giving sorrow to each other otherwise. any human being can be kalyankari to other human being?

    ram krsihna be human being . thos who become nar se narayan one day.

    who makes them nar se narayan. who makes ram jagathpita?

    it is supreme soul who makes rambap the jagat pita?

    is it krishna the nar the god of geetha or parathma the god of geetha or ram bap the god of geetha?

  17. 25 PROUD HINDU November 11, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    PART 1 To all the Christians who raise a hue and cry about persecution, I want to make the following points: 1) Although some Muslims indulge in terrorism, they do not resort to large scale conversion of Hindus nor do they indulge in aggressive evangelism or televangelism. In this respect they are better than EVANGELICAL Christians. As far as I know, in TAMIL alone there are THREE 24-hour Christian propaganda (TV) channels, namely ANGEL TV, BLESSING TV & SALVATION TV. They are NOT pay channels nor do they get a single advertisement. It requires crores of rupees for running a 24 hr TV channel (for hiring a satellite transponder, uplinking facilities, etc.) Where do they get the money for all this? The cat was out of the bag when EVANGELIST SADHU SUNDER SELVARAJ who runs ANGEL TV said in a program on his TV that he goes to the USA frequently. Apart from these 3 full time channels, if one switches on the TV in the morning, at least half a dozen Tamil TV channels broadcast Christian propapanda programs by evangelists. The same is the case with Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam & other language channels. Some televangelists make false claims like “All those who are watching this program are going to be cured of their illnesses, their wishes are going to be fulfilled,” etc. I know one Hindu who used to watch these programs, pray with the televang elists, send prayer requests to them as well as to American evangelists & read the Bible but not an iota of improve ment happened in his life. TO BE CONTINUED.

  18. 26 I'm only human December 20, 2008 at 5:52 am

    Here are some points tell me who does not agree –

    1. Poor dalits, tribal are not allowed into temples since ages – not right.
    2. There is no equality among humans – educated, rich sit on the chair, the tribal has to sit on the floor – all should be equal.

    3. No education, no medical facility.

    so if some missionary is giving these people some importance – education and medical facilities which these people have been deprived of for the last couple of thousand years – whats wrong.

    Nobody can force anything on anybody in India, It’s a free as a bird country.

  19. 27 Reddy December 21, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    Sir, Absolutely there is no truth in talking about forced conversions. Actually no one can be forcefully converted. Please understand that if one converts himself for money or a favour, he would reconvert himself once his need is accomplished. People believe in Christianity and follow it. That is the Truth

  20. 28 PROUD HINDU January 1, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Untouchability & castism are worse in Christianity than in Hinduism. For example, in Tamil Nadu, more than 80% of Christians are Dalits/Harijans but more than 80% of Christian BISHOPS belong to the upper castes.These upper caste Christian bishops do not allow Dalit Christians to become bishops & hate & suppress them. In many places in Tamil Nadu, there are separate churches for upper caste Christians, Fishermen Christians, Toddy Tappers, various castes of Dalits, etc. Is this Christian love, compassion & equality ? There are separate cemeteries (burial grounds) for upper caste Christians & Dalit Christians in many places in Tamil Nadu. There is a Tamil book titled “Chrithavamum Saathiyum” (Christianity & Caste) written by a Communist & published by one publishing house called “Kaalachuvadu Pathippagam”, Nagarkoil, Kanyakumari Dt., which graphically describes the anti-Dalit prejudice, discrimination, segregation mentality & atrocities of the upper caste Christians. That is why nowadays some Dalits are leaving Christianity & are coming back to Hinduism or are converting to Islam.

  21. 29 GueSS January 7, 2009 at 3:01 am

    Why Christian Terror and Aggression?

    karena tak punya adab kemanusiaan,
    rasa takut yang berlebihan,
    karena tak percaya Tuhan
    hidup tanpa cinta

  22. 30 GueSS January 7, 2009 at 3:06 am

    bukan hanya kristen saja tapi semua agama dapat dijadikan kedok/topeng, maka lihat akhlak/perangai pribadinya.

  23. 31 PROUD HINDU January 19, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Evangelical Christians are INCORRIGIBLE IDIOTS. They are so fanatical that they will not see reason. Because of their fanaticism & consequent foolish behaviour, they are endangering the lives of Christians belonging to mainline churches who don’t indulge in mass conversions nowadays. Christians have 2 options before them : Either they see reason & stop aggressive evangelism & conversion drive in India or they don’t care a fig about the sentiments of the majority community & face the consequences of incurring the wrath of the majority community. No minority, especially a 2.3% hopeless minority like the Christians of India, can afford to estrange the majority. See what happened to the Muslims of Gujarat who are a sizeable 9% minority in that state. The reason why evangelical Christians don’t stop aggressive proselytism is the big money they are getting from USA & Europe. One good thing that has happened recently is the change of guard in the USA. Even the secular “Tehelka” had accused George W.Bush of diverting American Govt. funds for conversion activities in India. Moreover, we may expect that funds will stop coming to Indian evangelists because of the global financial crisis.

  24. 32 mr singh May 10, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    ki? trouble is, mary wasnt a virgin and jesus didnt come back from the dead. Xtians believe in lyes and force it on others, if you have blind faith of miraculous healing ect you have been turned into a fool. I got baptised in a born again church because i was into black girls (yes i did fuck on girl too)and soul music then but they talk rubbish and say they speak in tongues and the pastor wants 10 percent of your wage as a tithe. Teefing fat man molested his female flock and soke of fasting yet was a fatty. Funny that leader of indian congress is white catholic eh? The real ghandi must be turning in his grave! Maoist naxals are nutters so wtf to do? i agree to some xtian arables llike share fish and bread and non violence ect but i dont believe in white jesus or all the other bolox of anglo xtianism. True st thomas came to india and maybe only st thomaseans are only real christian in india actually. i HOPE INDIA KICK OUT ALL FORIEGNER AND CONFISCATE MONEYS ALSO REDISTRUBUTE WEALTH AND LAND REFORM AND HAVE REAL INDIAN LEADER TOO JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  25. 33 raj March 15, 2010 at 10:59 am

    hi folks,,

    what now happens on india is happend most of countries except muslim and communists states because they are out of focus by christians,, hindus never opened cross wars and jihads in the so called history even the ancient indians had the military supremacy and awesome wealth,, they never sent missionaries to west to hinduize them,,, can any deny it ??

    hindus the community never belongs to anyone like pope, mecca authority.each one belives in his free will, never worship a single god never said there is single god even thearotically is,so how the tolerent christians say their aristrocracis in past, uncountable killings,, mea culpa’s heard by world so far, and the pope even never deny it.. and how you christian brothers say your hand has no blood stains on it,, one more thing what they did all is when they got power, in india they yet had to power( check past british rule). just mind the case of indian state kerala where christians won their battle. all wealth and all dirty politicians are under their feet,, even they can challenge court rulings their if verdict opposes them, so what will happen to whole indian states if they got power like kerala,

    it is not thou silence but their strategy to take over when the time comes they will hit and run…. they are violent(christians)in nature, they proved it in past ,check ‘wiki’ for cross war casulties and other,s,,,,,,,

    the white men came to africa with cross and bread,, thus they converted for food ,, they said they shall give freedom and salvation , centuries past when they asked for so told freedom ————— they said it was the cross of chage.

    good day folks,,, and think twice before you speak.

  26. 34 Gagan Singh February 17, 2011 at 1:25 am

    Everyone must know There are 4 great religions that originated in the Indian subcontinent and these are are the only true religions of Mother India. Everything else was brought by Muslim invaders or the British invaders. If you belong to none of those 4, you must admit that you’re a convert either by force or manipulation or by your own sheer greed.

    Gagandeep Singh

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