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Bible promotes genocide, the systematic destruction of entire populations of human beings.

Secrets of the Bible: Thou Shalt Commit Genocide

How Christian hatred for Jews led to the Hitler’s Jewish holocaust

“I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so” Hitler, the most evil man in living history.

“By defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord” Hitler in Mein Kampf

The Christians hate Jews since they blame the Jews for killing their mythical god Jesus. In other words, Hitler and his holocaust was a child of this Christian hatred.

In the end it is not Hitler to be blamed for the most horrific genocide in the 20th century, but the root of such hatred which is rooted in Christianity itself.

Verse in Bible condemning/cursing Jews: Serpent Jews
“Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” (Matthew 23:33)

Chapter 23 describes the famous diatribe of Jesus against the Jewish leaders. Such biblical words has, for centuries, given believers justification for Jewish hatred. This verse, spoken by the alleged Jesus himself, compares the unbelieving Jews with the serpent devil.

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”
These verses by Jesus has fueled the engine of anti-Semitism throughout Europe and the rest of the world for centuries. Unfortunately many believers today still justify their hatred of Jews based on Scripture. source

How Christianity was the catalyst of the Holocaust

Hitler’s anti-Semitism grew out of his Christian education. Austria and Germany were majorly Christian during his time and they held the belief that Jews were an inferior status to Aryan Christians. The Christians blamed the Jews for the killing of Jesus. Jewish hatred did not actually spring from Hitler, it came from the preaching of Catholic priests and Protestant ministers throughout Germany for hundreds of years. The Protestant leader, Martin Luther, himself, held a livid hatred for Jews and their Jewish religion. In his book, “On the Jews and their Lies,” Luther set the standard for Jewish hatred in Protestant Germany up until World War 2. Hitler expressed a great admiration for Martin Luther constantly quoting his works and beliefs.

How loving persecuted Christian church destroyed temples, libraries and work on art

All done in the name of loving, merciful Jesus source

From the fourth century and forward, the now mighty Christian Church, used harsh measures to suppress other faiths.
With pious enthusiasm the ancient pagan temples, works of art and libraries were destroyed, and trampled by rampant Christians in a frenzied religious demolition craze. Under the command of bishops and abbots Christian monks were often the most active. The Greek called them “swinish black-cloths”, because “they looked like men but lived like pigs”. A contemporary writer tells us “armed with clubs or stones and swords they ran to the temples, some without these weapons only with their bare hands and feet” (Libanios “Pro temples” 389 AD). As soon as they had destroyed one temple, they dashed away to the next. They toppled over walls, smashed idols, statues and art-objects and altars, and stole the temples wealth for themselves.

Bishop Theophilius of Alexandria participated personally in levelling pagan temples and altars. This busy bishop is personally credited with destroying a huge statue of Sarapis with an axe in 391 AD, a statue made by the great Athenian artist Bryaxis. The Christian demolition craze destroyed a huge parts of antiquity’s religious artworks and written texts. Numerous priests and bishops made a name and a career for themselves as temple-destroyers. A bishop named Marcellus distinguished himself in this area, he demolished among other things the big Zeus temple in Apameia. Among the ravaging Christians it soon became popular to gather souvenirs and trophies from the holy pagan places they levelled. Bishop Theophilius organised boisterous mocking-processions with these trophies through the streets of Alexandria.

Some were more drastic than others. Particularly in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire, pagans, priests and priestessses were exiled or massacred during the temple destructions, or chained to the ruins and left to starve to death. The East Roman Emperor Theodosius 2 (401-450) executed even children for playing with pieces of a broken pagan statue. An early Church historian tells us that Theodosius 2 “exceeded everyone with his kindness and humanity”. Right!
Theodosius 2 became emperor in the age of seven, and he was thoroughly indoctrinated by the priests and became a very effective instrument for the Church. He removed all non-Christians from official positions, and introduced in 434 the death penalty for the practice of all pagan religions. The reason given for this was, funny enough, all the natural disasters the pagan gods caused(!).

Not all temples were destroyed but transformed into Christian Churches instead. The ancient pagan idols, altars and religious art were removed and smashed, and a cross was nailed up on the wall instead. By destroying the pagan temples, torching the libraries and with them huge parts of antiquity’s rich written literature and accumulated knowledge, – the Church were responsible for turning of the lights off and sending Europe into a darkness of superstition and ignorance. They destroyed a flourishing civilisation, set science and progress back centuries and created a Dark Age that crippled Europe intellectually for over a thousand years. And we have still not fully recovered.

As we have seen, real systematic persecutions of the early Christians by the authorities happened within a timeframe of only five years in the first three centuries. When the Church itself rose to power and became an authority, it has been merciless persecuting thousands of people, both non-Christians and Christians alike, more or less constantly, for seventeen hundred years. They have started wars, crusades, the Inquisition, burned people as heretics and witches, they’ve killing Jews since the very beginning, slaughtered Indians in the New World, and most of their “martyrs” are lies.
Who is the bad boy here? Oh, yeah, it is Emperor Nero.
Yeah, right!

(c) R.L. Børsheim

Account of Victims of Genocidal Christianity

*As soon as Christianity was legal (315), more and more pagan temples
were destroyed by Christian mob. Pagan priests were killed.

*Between 315 and 6th century thousands of pagan believers were slain.

*Examples of destroyed Temples the Sanctuary of Aesculap in Aegaea,
the Temple of Aphrodite in Golgatha, Aphaka in Lebanon, the

*Christian priests such as Mark of Arethusa or Cyrill of Heliopolis
were famous as “temple destroyer.” [DA468] *Pagan services became
punishable by death in 356. [DA468]

*Christian Emperor Theodosius (408-450) even had children executed,
because they had been playing with remains of pagan statues. [DA469]

According to Christian chroniclers he “followed meticulously all
Christian teachings…”

*In 6th century pagans were declared void of all rights.

*In the early fourth century the philosopher Sopatros was executed on
demand of Christian authorities. [DA466]

*The world famous female philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria was torn to
pieces with glass fragments by a hysterical Christian mob led by a
Christian minister named Peter, in a church, in 415.

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