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Seven Christian terrorists found guilty of the brutal killing of Swami Laxmanananda in 2008

Seven convicted for Laxmanananda murder of 2008
IANS | Sep 30, 2013

BHUBANESWAR: A court in Odisha Monday held seven people guilty of the murder of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati and four of his aides in Kandhamal district of Odisha in 2008, a lawyer said Monday.

Special additional district session Judge R.K. Tose pronounced the verdict in his court at Phulbani, the headquarters of Kandhamal district, about 200 km from state capital Bhubaneswar, prosecution lawyer Bhagaban Mohanty told IANS.

The quantum of sentence would be pronounced Oct 3, he said.

Those convicted were Duryodhan Suna Majhi, Munda Bada Majhi, Sanatan Bada Majhi, Garnatha Chalanseth, Bijay Kumar Samseth, Bhaskar Suna Majhi and Budhadev Nayak.

The convicts were part of a mob of about 50 people who had attacked the swami and his aides, the lawyer said.

All of the convicts are Christians and they had committed the crime because according to them the swami was forcing Christians to convert to Hinduism, the lawyer said.

Two of the men were convicted under the Indian Arms Act, 1959, for possession of illegal guns, the lawyer said. “The judge convicted them purely on the basis of circumstantial evidence and the deposition of witnesses,” said lawyer Mohanty.

Saraswati and four of his aides were killed at his ashram at Jaleshpata in Kandhamal district Aug 23, 2008. The killing triggered communal violence in the state, in which at least 38 people were killed.

More than 25,000 Christians were forced to flee their homes after their houses were attacked by rampaging mobs, who held Christians responsible for the murders. Police, however, blamed the murders on the Maoists.

Police arrested seven people and filed a charge sheet against them in January 2009.

The crime branch subsequently arrested two more people, including Maoist leader Polari Rama Rao. It also filed a supplementary charge sheet in 2011 against them and five others, including Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda, who are still absconding.

The court is scheduled to pronounce its judgment on the second charge sheet Tuesday.

The BJP welcomed the decision.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ashok Sahu said: “We welcome the court’s verdict. The investigation should continue till all the conspirators are nabbed.”

“A criminal has to be punished whichever religion he belongs to. The moment he commits a crime he loses his religion,” Orissa Minority Forum president Swarupananda Patra told IANS.

Cannibalistic Catholics Eat Flesh and Drink Blood of their God Jesus

For Jesus said, “If you do not eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink his blood, you will not have life in you.” (John 6:53) and again: “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I in him” (John 6:56).

During Eucharist the Catholics consume bread and wine with great relish as they them consider to be the body and blood of Christ.

Christians accuse natives of consuming flesh of human beings. But devouring the flesh of one’s own God? That is taking things to another level.  But not surprising coming from a ghoulish cult.


Catholic Ireland kills pregnant Hindu lady”.html
“I am a Hindu and not a Catholic, please save me”
Sridhar Vivan and Niranjan Kaggere

Bereaved Belgaum family wishes daughter had not got admitted to a hospital in Ireland which refused to terminate her 17-week foetus. As a result, 31-year-old dentist died of blood poisoning

November 15, 2012

“What wrong did my daughter do,” asks Akkamahadevi whose daughter, Belgaum girl Savita Halappanavar, died on a hospital bed in Ireland, begging to be saved.

Savita, a 31-year-old dentist, was 17 weeks pregnant when she died on Oct 28 after suffering a miscarriage and septicaemia, or poisoning of the blood. Her husband, Praveen Halappanavar, 34, claimed she had complained of agonising pain while in Galway University Hospital. After a scan, doctors said the foetus would have to be aborted and yet, they refused to carry out a medical termination because the foetus’s heartbeat was present. Despite several requests for termination, they were told, “This is a Catholic country.”

“She begged the doctors to save her, pleaded with them to go ahead with the abortion as it was crucial at the moment…but they just would not listen as the rules in Catholic-majority Ireland do not permit for abortion. She did not die, she was killed,” Akkamahadevi told Bangalore Mirror.

The grieving mother just can’t forget her daughter’s smile before she left Ireland. “On learning that she had conceived, we told her to come back to Belgaum for her delivery, but she felt that treatment in Ireland would be safer and better. But she’s gone and I just cannot believe that she is no more with us.”

Though Akkamahadevi is not aware of the legal framework in Ireland, her anger is palpable. “My daughter begged the doctors to save her, she repeatedly told them that she was a Hindu and our tradition allowed us to undergo an abortion. She told them that she was not a Catholic and that she could be saved if the baby was aborted. But the doctors would not listen, citing the law of the land. Had she come back to India, she would not been living with us now.”

In fact, Akkamahadevi and her husband Andanappa Sangappa Yalagi were visiting Savita in Ireland when she broke the news that she had conceived. “We were very happy. We were very eager to see our grandchild. But as our visa expired, we had to return to Belgaum. However, tragedy struck and we are not in a position to explain our grief.”

Other members of the family are also shocked by the turn of events. Savita’s brother, Sanjeev Yalagi, asked: “Is religion bigger than humanity? My sister begged to be saved. But, the doctors waited for three days and it resulted in my sister’s death. If she were in India, which other advanced countries consider not so advanced, she could have easily been saved. Here, when the baby cannot be saved, efforts are made to save the mother, it is high time we realise the importance of life”.

‘Can’t believe she’s gone. She was so full of life’
It still hasn’t fully sunk in for Savita’s husband, Praveen. “I still can’t believe she’s gone,” he told Irish Times. “I was with her those four days in intensive care. Every time they kept telling me: ‘She’s young. She’ll get over it’. But things never changed, they only got worse. She was so full of life. She loved kids. It was all in their hands and they just let her go. How can you let a young woman go to save a baby who will die anyway? Savita could have had more babies. What is the use in being angry? I’ve lost her. I am talking about this because it shouldn’t happen to anyone else. It’s very hard.”

Praveen and Savita had gone to Ireland in 2008 and were staying there for the last four-and-a-half years. Though devastated at the loss of her pregnancy, Savita was already talking about when she could get pregnant again.

“She loved kids,” Praveen was quoted as saying.

And she longed for a daughter, her brother Yalagi told Bangalore Mirror.

“She always wanted to have a girl child. She was youngest of three siblings. But, more than the brothers, it was Savita who took care of her parents. Every day, she used to talk over Skype for at least two hours with our parents despite her busy schedule. This was the reason she always wanted to have a girl child so that even that child could be like her. She used to always tell her husband that she wanted a girl child. Though sex determination is legal in that country, her husband asked the doctor not to reveal the baby’s gender. His intention was that in case the child was male, Savita would feel sad and it would affect her delivery process. So, till the last day, Savita did not know the gender of her baby. Much, much later, they came to know that the baby was a girl.”

Meanwhile, the Galway-Roscommon University Hospitals Group and the state’s health officials have launched investigations into Savita’s death. The family will be interviewed as part of the review which is expected to be completed in three months.

A spokesman for the hospital said, “Firstly, the Galway Roscommon
University Hospitals Group wishes to extend its sympathy to the husband, family and friends of Ms Halappanavar.”

The Galway hospital said medics have carried out all standard practices in notifying the death to the coroner, informing the Health Service Executive and completing a maternal death notification. “It is standard practice to review unexpected deaths in line with the HSE’s national incident management policy,” it said.

“The family of the deceased is consulted on the terms of reference, interviewed by the review team and given a copy of the final report.”

In a statement, the Department of Health offered condolences to the family. “The department and the ministers extend their sympathies to the family of the patient on their loss,” it said. “There are currently two investigations under way and the department is awaiting the completion of these investigations before commenting further.”

Savita’s death is expected to spark a backlash against the Irish Government for failing to reform health laws to allow abortion if the life of the mother is in danger. A protest has been planned for in front of the Dail parliament. Left-wing TDs Clare Daly and Joan Collins described Savita’s death as an outrage. They criticised the Government for failing to adopt their X Case Bill earlier this year, which would have introduced new laws to allow an abortion in specific life-threatening circumstances.

Daly said, “A woman has died because Galway University Hospital refused to perform an abortion needed to prevent serious risk to her life. This is a situation we were told would never arise. An unviable foetus — the woman was having a miscarriage — was given priority over the woman’s life, who unfortunately and predictably developed septicaemia and died.”

Cyber world abuzz
Savita Halappanavar’s death has created a furore on microblogging and social networking sites.

A community page on Facebook – ‘RIP Savita Halappanavar’ – with the tagline, ‘Woman died because she was not allowed a termination’ was opened by an Irish national on Wednesday. Soon after the community page opened, an Irish woman named Elizabeth Lorraine Comiskey commented, saying: “I am sorry for our stupid Catholic laws in Ireland and our backward medical system. Rest in peace, Savita.”

Another community member, Hana Jurkackova, said: “This is absolutely shocking. What’s going on in Ireland! Those medical professionals should be jailed! RIP Savita.

“Salma Wazir commented, “Catholic law??? Can God be so cruel to let the mom die and try saving a baby who can’t be saved anyway as only 17 weeks pregnant. Can’t understand this at all in this modern age. She herself was an Irish qualified dentist. My sympathies with your whole family Savita and yes, the doctors and HSE should be sued.”

Meanwhile, the Tweeple were at it too. Here’s a sampling:
* “Ireland, please get your act together.”

* “Words from Savita Halappanavar’s husband are a very powerful message.”

* “Someone’s daughter, wife, friend… is now dead. Why? Because a non-viable foetus was more important than her life”.

* “So, did you know that Ireland just straight-up murdered a woman named Savita Halappanavar?”

* “I’m glad Savita’s story is spreading worldwide, Ireland needs to put in the spotlight for this monstrosity.”

* One of the tweet from India, Parul Sehgal @parul_sehgal said, “Have Indian feminist groups spoken out yet?”

A wonderful dancer

She was a “wonderful classical dancer” recalls a friend, Dr CVR Prasad, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Merlin Park hospital in Galway.

“She would gather Indian and Irish children together to teach them Indian dances. She had a diamond in one of her front teeth and all the children would ask, ‘Oooh, where did you get that?’ and she’d tell them, ‘Aha, you will have to go to India to get that’.”

She had also become central to organising the annual five-day “Diwali” festival for Galway’s Indian community, choreographing the dancing. Praveen would organise the music and the couple would dance together on stage. “They were so attached to each other and a lovely couple,” said Prasad.

ABORTION has been (and remains) a criminal offence in Ireland for more than 150 years.

The Offences Against the Person Act 1861 makes it a criminal offence to procure a miscarriage (by a woman herself or anyone who assists her).

In 1983 the Irish Constitution was amended, following a referendum, to secure the right to life of the unborn.

Under Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution, the State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.

But in 1992, during the infamous X case, Article 40.3.3 fell for interpretation by the Supreme Court.

The court ruled that if there was a real and substantial risk to the life, as distinct from the health, of the mother, and that this real and substantial risk could only be averted by the termination of her pregnancy, this would be lawful.

As a result of X, there is a constitutional right to abortion, albeit in highly limited circumstances, but no law has ever been introduced to
give effect to the ruling. Instead, doctors must rely on the Medical Council’s guide to professional ethics which says “abortion is illegal
in Ireland except where there is a real and substantial risk to the life (as distinct from the health) of the mother”.

The guidelines acknowledge that “rare complications can arise where therapeutic intervention (including termination of a pregnancy) is
required at a stage when, due to extreme immaturity of the baby, there may be little or no hope of the baby surviving. In these exceptional
circumstances, it may be necessary to intervene to terminate the pregnancy to protect the life of the mother, while making every effort to preserve the life of the baby”.

The Government argued before the European Court of Human Rights two years ago that there is a bright blue line provided by Irish law in rare cases where there was a risk to a mother’s life.

But the court rejected that argument and criticised the Government for failing to implement the existing constitutional right to abortion and leaving our courts with a lack of clear information.

Although the ECHR held that there is no right for women to an abortion, it found that Ireland had violated the Convention by failing to providean accessible and effective procedure by which a woman can have established whether she qualifies for a legal abortion under current Irish law.

Abortion services are available on demand in 30 European states; available on health grounds in 40 and available on wellbeing grounds alone in 35.

Dearbhail McDonald Legal Editor, The Independent

Sunday school Bible classes

Steven D Campagna on December 14, 2011 at 2:08pm

Priests, pastors, mastors, bishops, friars, ministers, prophets and pope’s all spew lies with nearly every breath they take.

In those Sunday school Bible classes they give those ‘lessons’ to little 6-year-olds which say snakes once talked to a female who then ate a piece of fruit which then caused untold birthing pains and basically ruined the entire humans race.

Next, they tell these little children that Jesus died on a cross, all bloody and with untold pain and suffering just to save you little children from your sins. Jesus loved you so very much – and the very ‘least’ you can do is love him right back.

Those that do not accept Jesus as Lord and savior will be sent to Christian hell to be ‘burnt’…with their mommy’s looking down on them from Christian heaven each day – to view you’re suffering and torture – forever.

Yes, now we have a new convert and saved soul through intimindation and threats. Religion is lovely and every single one of them believe the basics and spread this poison along. Children grow up not being to think clearly – that evolution is from the devil – and that atheists and homosexuals don’t deserve equality nor should they even be allowed citizenship because we are ‘One Nation Under God’ and you damn well better get used to it.

So yes, I do throw all god-believers in a basic bucket of crap – because that’s what they believe and spread around like dog-shit. If there is a Christian out there that doesn’t believe any of the basic tenants of Christianity – such as the resurrection and that Christians go to heaven and I certainly do not – let them step forward and let’s talk

Top 20 Bible Passages to use against Christians

20 reasons to reject Christianity

20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity ..

1. Christianity is based on fear
2. Christianity preys on the innocent
3. Christianity is based on dishonesty
4. Christianity is extremely egocentric
5. Christianity breeds arrogance, a chosen-people mentality
6. Christianity breeds authoritarianism
7. Christianity is cruel
8. Christianity is anti-intellectual, anti-scientific
9. Christianity has a morbid, unhealthy preoccupation with sex
10. Christianity produces sexual misery
11. Christianity has an exceedingly narrow, legalistic view of morality
12. Christianity encourages acceptance of real evils while focusing on imaginary evils
13. Christianity depreciates the natural world
14. Christianity models hierarchical, authoritarian organization
15. Christianity sanctions slavery
16. Christianity is misogynistic
17. Christianity is homophobic
18. The Bible is not a reliable guide to Christ’s teachings
19. The Bible is riddled with contradictions
20. Christianity borrowed its central myths and ceremonies from other ancient religions

The pagan roots of Easter

The pagan roots of Easter
By: Heather McDougall, Guardian, UK

From Ishtar to Eostre, the roots of the resurrection story go deep. We should embrace the pagan symbolism of Easter
Easter is a pagan festival. If Easter isn’t really about Jesus, then what is it about?

Today, we see a secular culture celebrating the spring equinox, whilst religious culture celebrates the resurrection. However, early Christianity made a pragmatic acceptance of ancient pagan practises, most of which we enjoy today at Easter.

The general symbolic story of the death of the son (sun) on a cross (the constellation of the Southern Cross) and his rebirth, overcoming the powers of darkness, was a well worn story in the ancient world. There were plenty of parallel, rival resurrected saviours too.

The Sumerian goddess Inanna, or Ishtar, was hung naked on a stake, and was subsequently resurrected and ascended from the underworld. One of the oldest resurrection myths is Egyptian Horus.

Born on 25 December, Horus and his damaged eye became symbols of life and rebirth. Mithras was born on what we now call Christmas day, and his followers celebrated the spring equinox. Even as late as the 4th century AD, the sol invictus, associated with Mithras, was the last great pagan cult the church had to overcome. Dionysus was a divine child, resurrected by his grandmother. Dionysus also brought his mum, Semele, back to life.

In an ironic twist, the Cybele cult flourished on today’s Vatican Hill. Cybele’s lover Attis, was born of a virgin, died and was reborn annually. This spring festival began as a day of blood on Black Friday, rising to a crescendo after three days, in rejoicing over the resurrection. There was violent
conflict on Vatican Hill in the early days of Christianity between the Jesus worshippers and pagans who quarrelled over whose God was the true, and whose the imitation. What is interesting to note here is that in the ancient world,
wherever you had popular resurrected god myths, Christianity found lots of converts. So, eventually Christianity came to an accommodation with the pagan Spring festival. Although we see no celebration of Easter in the New Testament, early church fathers celebrated it, and today many churches are offering
“sunrise services” at Easter – an obvious pagan solar celebration. The date of Easter is not fixed, but instead is governed by the phases of the moon – how pagan is that?

All the fun things about Easter are pagan. Bunnies are a leftover from the pagan festival of Eostre, a great northern goddess whose symbol was a rabbit or hare. Exchange of eggs is an ancient custom, celebrated by many cultures. Hot cross buns are very ancient too. In the Old Testament we see the Israelites
baking sweet buns for an idol, and religious leaders trying to put a stop to it. The early church clergy also tried to put a stop to sacred cakes being baked at Easter. In the end, in the face of defiant cake-baking pagan women, they gave up and blessed the cake instead.

Easter is essentially a pagan festival which is celebrated
with cards, gifts and novelty Easter products, because it’s fun and the ancient symbolism still works.It’s always struck me
that the power of nature and the longer days are often most felt in modern towns and cities, where we set off to work without putting on our car headlights and when our alarm clock goes off in the mornings, the streetlights outside are not still on because of the darkness.

What better way to celebrate, than to bite the head off the bunny goddess, go to a “sunrise service”, get yourself a sticky-footed fluffy chick and stick it on your TV, whilst helping yourself to a hefty slice of pagan simnel cake? Happy Easter everyone!

Top 30 reasons why Christianity is against science

Top 30
Submitted by Daedalus (not verified) on May 10, 2007

Here is a Top 30 list.

1.) Galileo’s trial. Heliocentrism was also attacked by Luther, Calvin, and Melanchthon).
2.) Demonization of mathematics during the Dark Ages as Pythagorean occult numerology.
3.) Persecution of alchemists during the Middle Ages/Early Modern Era. This retarded the science of chemistry for hundreds of years in Western Europe.
4.) Execution of Michael Servetus.
5.) Over a hundred years of opposition to the theory of evolution. Scopes Trial.
6.) Destruction of libraries and the burning of books all across the Roman Empire by fanatical monks during the fourth and fifth centuries (annihilation of most of the accumulated knowledge of Antiquity).
7.) Banning the works of Descartes (which formulated an early version of the scientific method).
8.) Condemnation and imprisonment of Roger Bacon for heresy, an early Medieval empiricist, for the crime of sorcery.
9.) Condemnation of Francis Bacon by the Catholic Church.
10.) Destruction of thousands of Islamic manuscripts by Cardinal Ximenes in massive bonfires after the conquest of Grenada.
11.) Execution of Giordano Bruno.
12.) Execution of Lucilio Vanini.
13.) Murder of Hypatia.
14.) The theological faculty at the University of Paris forcing Buffon to recant his theories about the age of the earth. Nineteen centuries of Flood Geology and Young Earth Creationism.
15.) St. Paul’s rants against the “wisdom of the wise” in Corinthians and the centuries of anti-intellectualism it inspired.
16.) Justinian’s closing of Plato’s Academy in Athens.
17.) The ecclessiastical monopoly upon lay education which lasted for centuries. This diverted countless talented minds down the worthless rat hole of theology.
18.) The vicious attacks upon rationality by Martin Luther (i.e., “reason is the whore of the devil.”)
19.) Hostility to modern medicine by superstitious Christian sects like Jehovah’s Witnesses.
20.) The ban placed on several of Kepler’s works by the Catholic Church.
21.) Condemnation of the Monophysite John Philiponus (an early critic of Aristotle’s physics, and a precursor of Galileo) and the destruction of his writings in the seventh century.
22.) Condemnation of 1277 (an attempt by conservative theologians to subvert Aristotelian natural philosophy at the University of Paris).
23.) Condemnation of Peter Abelard for heresy.
24.) Torture of Tomas Campanella.
25.) Subordination of natural philosophy to theology in Medieval universities prior to the fourteenth century.
26.) The late St. Augustine’s complete and utter rejection of his previous limited support for natural science.
27.) Demonization of chemistry as one of the “seven devilish arts” during the Middle Ages.
28.) Proscribing human dissection until well into the Middle Ages. The superstitious belief that man was made “in the image of God” held back anatomy for centuries.
29.) Hostility of the Papacy towards the first Italian scientific societies.
30.) Glorification of ignorance by the Church fathers.

Why I am not a Christian – Bertrand Russell

Why I Am Not A Christian
by Bertrand Russell

On Indian Christian Missionaries – Treason from within

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

–Marcus Tullius Cicero

Great Treachery – India and the Syrian Christians of Kerala

Baptist Church Backs Terrorism in North-East India
Christian Conversions and Terrorism in North-East India
Petition- Protest Christian Aggression in Orissa and India

India’s vengeful Christians turn to murder as Hindus step up their killing campaign

Christians have to blame only their own machineries (missionaries) who are intent on destroying Hinduism and replacing it imperial Christianity. This genocidal practice is a finely crafted art through centuries of destruction of olden cultures and civilizations from Europe, to Africa to  the Americas. In the  21st century Asia is the last bastion and India the focus of Christian genociders.

September 27, 2008
India’s vengeful Christians turn to murder as Hindus step up their killing campaign

Rhys Blakely in Bombay
In the remote Indian state of Orissa your religion can cost you your life. Now a Christian mob has resorted to murder. Wielding knives and axes they have stabbed a Hindu man to death.

The killing followed a month-long campaign of murder, gang rape and arson by Hindu fanatics that drove Christians to take up arms to defend themselves, church officials in the area said yesterday. As many as 50,000 members of the minority Christian community have been forced into hiding in the jungle.

The Hindu man was killed near the town of Raikia in the Kandahmal district, which in the past month has featured some of the worst anti-Christian violence in India since partition.

“Christians have defended themselves after their houses were burnt down by Hindus. The two groups clashed,” Father Ajay Singh said from the office of the Archbishop in Bhubaneshwar, the state capital. Praveen Kumar, a senior local policeman, confirmed the account.

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Pictures: anti-Christian violence in India
Christians in India face extremist attacks
The Home Ministry in Delhi, which faces international criticism for failing to stamp out the violence, admitted that a situation of apparent lawlessness now reigns in the state.

Police are investigating unconfirmed reports of Christian militias being formed, with some attempting to make bombs. The reports have been denied by Christian leaders.

Similar tensions are simmering across India, where at least 45 Christians have died at the hands of Hindu fanatics in recent weeks, according to the Roman Catholic Church. Government officials, who in some areas have been accused of being complicit in the tragedy, have put the death toll at 27.

An estimated 4,000 homes have been razed, crops have been spoilt, livestock slaughtered and possessions looted. Witnesses have described Christians being forcibly converted to Hinduism while axes were held to their throats.

David Griffiths, of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a campaign group, said: “Christians going back to their homes are facing violence or coercive conversion to Hinduism. And yet the state government continues to claim that everything is normal.”

The Rev Harish Arisalya, the regional secretary of the All India Christian Council in Orissa, said: “Perhaps Christians should have defended themselves since the beginning of the attacks, but they chose to avoid conflict. Now Christians are being killed every day. The situation is going from bad to worse.”

There were further reports of trees being felled across roads to prevent security forces from reaching remote regions.

The unrest is thought to have been spearheaded by the Bajrang Dal, an influential extremist Hindu youth organisation. “They are highly communal and fascist in their approach.

The Government must move strongly against them,” a spokesman for Congress, the leading party in India’s coalition Government, said. Amid signs that the violence was spreading across the country, President Bush was urged this week to exert pressure on the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, to take firmer action.

Felice D. Gaer, the chairman of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, said: “If India is to exercise global leadership, Prime Minister Singh should demonstrate his Government’s commitment to uphold the basic human rights obligations to which it has agreed.”

The criticism followed condemnation from the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Government has promised to send thousands of troops to Orissa and the Home Ministry in Delhi has rebuked the regional state government — but itself faces widespread criticism for failing to act effectively.

Concerns are now mounting that, without international pressure, attacks against religious minorities will increase as Hindu extremists seek to mobilise voters before general elections in India, which must be held before May.

In the past two weeks more than 20 churches have been attacked in and around the southern city of Bangalore, the centre of India’s flagship IT industry. Anti-Christian violence has also erupted in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Kerala.

The violence was prompted by the murder on August 23 of Laxmanananda Saraswati, a figurehead of the extremist Vishwa Hindu Parishad — VHP, or World Hindu Council — in Orissa, who had campaigned against the alleged forced conversion of Hindus to Christianity by foreign-backed missionaries.

India’s Naxalite movement, a faction of armed Maoist militants that holds sway over large parts of eastern and central India, claimed responsibility.

The VHP, which is closely linked to the Bajrang Dal, blamed Christians.

The anti-Christian violence now threatens to feed into wider religious clashes across India.

A series of bomb blasts that killed 22 people and injured 100 in Delhi earlier this month stoked fears that the country faces a newly emboldened faction of home-grown Muslim militants.

Several major cities have been hit by elaborate bombing campaigns that have claimed more than 150 lives over the past five months. The Indian Mujahideen, a previously unknown Islamist group, has claimed responsibility.

In one e-mail purportedly sent by the Indian Mujahideen, the terror cell warned its “Christian brothers” to stay away from rallies held by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), India’s main opposition. “Our main objective is to blow LK Advani [the BJP leader] into pieces,” it read.

Conversion of the lower castes

— Christians make up 2.3 per cent of India’s population after colonisers spread the religion largely among the poverty-stricken lower castes

— Hindus allege that conversions by the Christian missions are forcible conversions, which are illegal under the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act of 1967

— According to the 2001 Census, there are 897,861 Christians, compared with more than 34 million Hindus in Orissa

— Hindus burnt to death Graham Staines, an Australian missionary, and his two sons in their car in 1999

— Violence broke out between Hindus and Christians in December 2007 over Christmas decorations, resulting in an attack on the property of a Hindu leader and the burning of 19 churches

— Further violence occurred during the last week of 2007, driving 1,200 people into camps

Sources: Human Rights Watch, Times of India, Indian Census

Loving Christian Pastor had sex with daughters to educate them on how to be good wives

This is an unbelievable case of Christian persecution in Australia.  We need to immediately galvanize support from the United Nations, Californication, Europe, Major Western countries and get this poor guy freed.  After all he was being a good Christian teaching his daughters holy Christian virtues.

Pastor had sex with daughters
August 30, 2007 – 5:37PM

A fundamentalist church pastor had sex with two of his teenage daughters to educate them on how to be good wives, a South Australian court has heard.

The 54-year-old man, who cannot be named, was today sentenced in the SA District Court to eight and a half years jail after pleading guilty to seven counts each of incest and unlawful sexual intercourse.

The court heard that the man had sex with his daughters for nearly a decade from 1991 when they were aged 13 and 15 at the family property.

The sex took place at various locations including in a shearer’s shed, a paddock, on the back of a ute and, on one occasion, at the girls’ grandparents house.

The man told the court the sex was not about fulfilling his desires but about teaching his daughters how to behave for their husbands when they eventually married, as dictated in scripture.

In sentencing, Judge David Lovell said the misrepresentation of scripture used to justify the abuse of the girls “defied belief”, and that he had “hypocritically betrayed” his religion and principles.

“You said the acts were about learning about sex rather than engaging in the acts of sex,” Judge Lovell said.

“I do not accept that.

“You treated your daughters as your property … using them to satisfy and gratify your sexual urges.”

Judge Lovell gave full credit for the man’s guilty pleas, saying he was genuinely remorseful and had a good chance of rehabilitation as his wife and the church remained supportive.

The man will be eligible for parole in four years.


Why Christian Terror, Savagery and Genocide?

The persecuted Church involved in terror, deceptions, violence, savagery, genocide and more

Find out here

Loving Christian Pastor Arrested On Child Pornography Charge: Christian persecution in America

Pastor Arrested On Child Pornography Charge

updated 3:54 a.m. ET Sept. 26, 2008
FORT WORTH, Texas – A North Texas pastor was arrested Wednesday and charged with transporting child pornography, authorities said.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents took Steve Richardson, 36, the pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Royse City, Texas, into custody after searching his home and church.

The agents confiscated Richardson’s computer, which he is accused of using to send pornographic and erotic images of children using Google’s “Hello” software program, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Richard B. Ropers’ office.

The First United Methodist Church has put Richardson on suspension, NBC 5 reported.

Christians desecrate Hindu temple in Madurai: Genocidal Christian aggression

This is how genocidal christianity destroys all pre christian religions all over the world. And they are working overtime in India too.

Communal tension in Madurai
Wednesday, September 24, 2008 13:10 [IST]
Madurai: Tension prevailed in Perumalkoil Patti village in Dindigul district after some unidentified persons painted the symbol of another religion on the walls of the over 400-year-old Narasingaperumal temple, police said.

Police said people of the Vanniyar community,belonging to the Christian and Hindu religions, were at loggerheads for the past few years over celebrating the local Church festival.

However local revenue and police officials intervened and made arrangements for the celebration of the festival, though most of the Hindu vanniyars had left the place during the festival,complaining that the police were biased.

The officials said the “symbol” painted on the walls of the temple was erased and the walls white-washed. A case had been registered.
Source : PTI

Comments Policy – No Christian Preaching or Propaganda

Hindu dharma allows for search for truth and debates have been an ancient Indian tradition as opposed to Jihads and genocides being the defacto means to quell dissent by followers of dogma based religion viz Christianity, Islam. These followers have little or no freedom to explore/question their religion.

We welcome alternate view points but cannot allow nauseating Christian preaching & propaganda in this blog. Christian lies, deceit, fake grace, love, stand in great contrast to the terrible misdeeds they have done to hundreds of pre-Christian cultures. Behind your love and sweet speech, I realize you want to commit genocide on Hindu religion and culture. Does it not boil down to it? !!

Bangalore:- Missionary Inducements lure poor to convert

‘Inducements lure poor to convert’

17 Sep 2008, 0210 hrs IST, Rishikesh Bahadur Desai,TNN

BANGALORE: Raju Gouda of Ucchangi Durga in Davanagere district has changed his religion twice, but not his name. He was born a Veerashaiva and converted to Christianity in his 20s.

A few years later, he met VHP volunteers who were involved in reconversion. He came back to Hinduism after a few meetings with them. Now, Gouda leads the re-conversion movement.

Similar is the case of many others. “The reconversion movement is slowly taking root across Karnataka. We have already succeeded in bringing back over 50,000 converts,” said Ga Ra Suresh, who oversees VHP’s Paravarthana movement.

He is convinced that none of the reconverts have gone back to Christianity. To him, the process is not reconversion. “We call it mainstreaming,” he added. Paravarthana focuses on the recent convert. “We are not bothered about Christians who have been converted centuries ago. They embraced that faith under different socio-political conditions. Christian beliefs and practices are ingrained in them. We don’t touch them. Our primary targets are those who have been converted by inducement, or under duress, in recent decades,” Suresh said.

According to him, Protestant para-church organizations like the New Life institution (that was targeted in Mangalore and Chikmagalur) are into large-scale illegal conversions. “Such organizations can’t be called churches. They are run by salaried employees whose job is proselytizing,” he said.

According to him, such people are more likely to become the targets of attacks by rightist organizations, rather than priests. They choose particular caste groups in different districts.

In Hyderabad-Karnataka region, they target Madigas (scheduled castes). In North Karnataka districts like Bijapur and Gadag, they have converted Lambanis, and in Bagalkot and Dharwad districts, Kurubas have been converted.

“Most of the time, they use a neo-convert to carry on conversions,” he said. According to him, converts are induced with land, free education for children and other gifts like sewing machines. “Most conversions happen in hospitals. The poor who are denied quality healthcare are impressed by the way missionary hospitals are run. They become easy targets,” he said.

He does not completely accept the argument that low caste Hindus convert to escape untouchability and atrocities by the upper castes.
“This is not fully true. There may be some such cases. But escaping caste-based discrimination is not the only reason behind conversion,” he said. According to him, caste-based discrimination exists even among Christians.

“There are separate churches for Dalit Christians. Upper caste converts don’t marry lower caste converts. In fact, several churches in Kollegal have —— for Dalit Christians and others,” he said. The process of reconversion is simple. Paravarthana volunteers visit the house of the converts regularly, and convince them of the need to come back. They are told stories about the achievements of saints and leaders from lower castes. The volunteers ensure that they regain pride in their community and Hinduism.

When the family is ready to reconvert, the members are given Ganga jal or ‘gomutra’ (cow urine) to drink. A swamiji of the same caste or from a Veerashaiva mutt visits their house and performs the ‘ling dharana’ ritual to bring them back. Most of these families embrace Veerashaivism.

“They become followers of Basavanna, who had produced saints from all castes,” Suresh said. Paravarathana also seeks the Arya Samaj, which has been carrying out the Shuddhi reconversion movement for nearly a century. Arya Samajis perform a small homa and issue a certificate. This works well for large-scale reconversions.

Missionary Physicians Deluge Bangalore to uproot Hinduism

Missionary Physicians Deluge Bangalore

Posted November 28, 2004

Bangalore, Karnataka, one of India’s fastest growing cities and IT hub, is now in the crosshairs of missionary physicians. The International Mission Board (IMB) says that through its efforts it will convert the local population to relieve them from “the spiritual suffering” of those “who fear Hinduism’s vengeful gods.”

A IMB map of Bangalore shows the city dotted with Baptist churches – mainly due to conversion through hospitals. Just a few years ago, when Baptist Missionaries scouted one community a couple of miles from the hospital years ago, there were no Christians and no churches. However, within a year there were 20 converted Christians. Today, the Trinity Baptist Church has started 18 other churches and is attempting to convert other communities as well.

The Bangalore Baptist Hospital, one of the most primary institutions used for conversions, delivers nearly 1,500 babies a year (about 4 a day) and treats more than 100,000 patients a year. Though these medical services are needed by the local population, there have been numerous reports of extortion by the local population. Many Indians have complained that the hospital only provides services to those who either pay an exorbitant fee or convert to Christianity. For many impoverished patients, they are forced to choose the latter in this life or death decision. Others complain that the hospital clearly discriminates against non-Christians and reserves a majority of the beds for those who have already converted to Christianity. The hospital also tries to convert patients when they in emotional distress. When a man died at Baptist Hospital some years ago, the staff gave the man’s wife and family a Bible and soon after converted the family.

With the government failing to protect the poor from these practices, the hospital has begun to establish clinics in smaller villages as it targets the “lost people” in the state of 52 million in 33,000 villages, towns and cities.

Christian missionary assault on India to destroy Hinduism

“Missionaries are systematically targeting specific regions of India in hopes of converting the entire nation to their brand of fanatic Christianity. Below is a detailed look into their designs and plans. ” Read rest of the report at

Orissa Freedom of Religion Act: The Christian conversion debate

Orissa Freedom of Religion Act: The conversion debate

Thu, Aug 28 02:40 AM

Last weekend, communal violence rocked Orissa after a group of masked gunmen killed VHP leader Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati (84), who was known for his campaign against conversion of tribals to Christianity. As the Christian community was attacked in the state, the alleged conversion of tribals in the its backward pockets was back in focus. It was the Orissa Freedom of Religion Act, enacted in 1967, which sought to regulate forced or manipulative conversion. A look at the Act:

• The origin
Post-independence, Orissa was the first state to enact a law prohibiting conversion from one religion to another by using force, allurement, through inducements like gifts or gratification and grant of any benefit, either pecuniary or otherwise, or by fraudulent means. The Act was enacted in 1967 by the Rajendra Narayan Singhdeo government.

• What it says
Punishment pertaining to the violation of the Act makes one liable for imprisonment that may extend to one year, with or without fine, which may be up to Rs 5,000. The Act prohibited conversion of anyone under the age of 18. For conversions involving persons below the age of 18, a woman, or a person belonging to a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, the punishment was for two years and fine was up to Rs 10,000.

The offences will not be investigated by an officer below the rank of a police inspector. The prosecution has to be made with the sanction of the district magistrate. Under the Act, each district magistrate has to maintain a list of religious organisations propagating religious faith in the district. The district magistrate, if he thinks fit, may call for a list of persons receiving benefits either in cash or in kind from religious organisations or institutions or from any other person.

Any person intending to convert needs to give a declaration before a first class magistrate, prior to such conversion that he intends to do so on his own accord. The priest will have to intimate the date, time and place of the ceremony where conversion would take place, along with the names and addresses of the persons to be converted, to the concerned district magistrate 15 days prior to the said ceremony in a prescribed form. The district magistrate has to maintain a register of conversion and enter particulars of the intimation received by him. The district magistrate by the 10th of each month needs to send to the Government a report of intimations pertaining to such conversions.

• Its implementation
Though the law was enacted in 1967, it could not be implemented for the next 22 years due to the absence of Rules to support it. In 1989, the Orissa Freedom of Religion Rules was framed. The first case under the Act was registered in 1993 when a superintendent of police booked 21 pastors in Nowrangpur for breaking the law. The SP was transferred immediately.

• Interpretation of the Act
The minority communities have steadfastly opposed it claiming that such a legislation is aimed at restricting the right to propagate religion, guaranteed under Article 25 of the Constitution.

In a prominent case challenging the validity of the Orissa Act, Chief Justice A N Ray in Reverend Stainislaus versus State of Madhya Pradesh (AIR 1977 SC 908) and Yulitha versus State of Orissa and others ruled that propagation is different from conversion. Adoption of a new religion is freedom of conscience, while conversion would impinge upon freedom of choice granted to all citizens alike. After examining the different meanings of the word “propagate” in Article 25(1), Justice Ray expressed the view that “what Article 25(1) grants is not the right to convert another person to one’s own religion by exposition of its tenets”.

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