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Christian Punjabis try to convert Sikhs during funeral service!

What disgusting scums!!

Christians interrupt Sikh Funeral in the US, seek converts
Posted March 4, 2004
San Jose, Feb. 29, 2004
The American GI Forum Hall was packed with hundreds of mourners as members of the huge Sikh community of the Bay Area gathered for the funeral service of Hari Singh and Satnam Singh, two of the three people, who were killed by a gunman in a high-profile attack the previous Sunday. Speaker after speaker came up to address the grieved for their lost loved ones and prayed for their families.

However, members of Indian Christians United (ICU) took this advantage of the Sikh community in mourning as an opportunity to convert them. Brother Younis Masih and two other Punjabi converts walked on top the stage and announced they would be playing a gospel song. Younis then walked to his harmonium, one sat down with a tabla, and the third held a Bible.

In the following minutes, the Christian converts inappropriately began singing to Christian songs, preaching the virtues of Christianity over Sikhism and read two passages from the Bible. Younis spoke in fluent Punjabi in an attempt to convert as many Sikhs as possible.

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