Kerala convent a hub of abortions and limitless affairs of sisters and priests: Christian nun

Revelations put nun’s life in danger

G Rajiv
17 Oct 2008
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A nun’s life is under threat following her revelations about the alleged abortions performed on nuns and the “limitless”’ affairs the priests were having with nuns of the Congregation of Daughters of Mary Convent, Anchal.

Following a complaint from the nephew of this nun, the State Women’s Commission member P.K.Sainaba met the nun at a mental hospital in Thodupuzha.

Her nephew has alleged that she has been forcibly admitted to the mental hospital by the Convent authorities.

The complaint makes an even more serious charge that one of the nuns of the congregation, Sister Serenna Jacob, had committed suicide unable to bear the trauma.

Now the State Women’s Commission has sought the urgent intervention of the Health and Home Ministers in the issue. In a report submitted to the Ministers, the Commission said: “If things continue like this we fear that the life of the nun is in danger.” In her statement given to the Women’s Commission member, the nun said: “My hands and legs were tied up and I was forcibly given anaesthesia and then I was taken to the mental hospital. I am given 18 tablets a day now for making me mentally weak.” She narrated all that had happened in the convent and told the Women’s Commission member that she was ready to repeat all that she had said in the court.

The nun pleaded that she be rescued from the clutches of the convent authorities.

The 60-year-old nun has been with this congregation for the past 43 years and she had complained to her relative over phone on August 17 that she was being mentally and physically tortured by the convent authorities.

However, according to the nun’s nephew, the very next day the nun’s relatives and her brother received a call from the convent authorities seeking permission to admit her to a psychiatric hospital. Sister Lilly Thomas Paikada, Mother-Provincial, had termed the nun as extremely abnormal.

“Her sharp criticism about the abortions carried out on some sisters and her questioning about the limitless affairs with sisters and priests made the authorities violent and was the reason behind their decision to give psychiatric treatment with the intention to make it seem that her statements were meaningless and baseless,” the complaint to the Women’s Commission says.

6 Responses to “Kerala convent a hub of abortions and limitless affairs of sisters and priests: Christian nun”

  1. 1 joseph January 23, 2009 at 10:06 am

    It is true but nobody wants to say outside this scandals. As far as I know many nuns from Kerala who work in northen states have good sex with priests and often sleep with them. Other scandal even in Roma and Europe countries many nun from kerala are working as nurse and doing many good ministries but a lot of nuns have sex with priests and work for money. The worst thing is when they get a chance they leave nunhood and marry some old man to settle the life. Even a normal indian girl does not like to marry old man but manythigs happen here for visa permit and for work. many nuns come from the poor family and they don’t have real voction. Just to come out and settle the family. This is happenning in abroad and vatican does not say anything. Through them lot of illegal immigrations.It is also one kind of injustice of Church doing aganist other people those who want to come italy but find many difficulties in embassy and everything because of the local kerala Church who import many illegal immigrants as nuns and as participants of many conferences. Soory to write but it is true.

    • 2 bhupinder April 4, 2012 at 12:25 am

      the best way is marriage, so far majority of religious people being hypocrate, in newzealand, majority of public consider church hypocrate on sex offence,what they preach act oppositely, it is fact,,sex is part of human life, more you control,,when they see lady next to their room, they always excite ,feel dreamy and penetrate,,feel guilty to their soul,,their are million case,,it should be accepted that without dharma religion is regimentation of falsehood,,,better to go to usa,uk australia to see what real christianity is,,,,

  2. 3 Stephen August 26, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    If 60 year old sister’s allegation is true then the perpetrators of such crime must be expelled from the Church. But first truth has to found out.

  3. 4 rahulraj March 17, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    these kerala catholics really sucks in the way that they are the most dumpers on earth,, i personally feel they are alien kind because they dont know what happens around them(globe). in western countries and in u s they are so rational and they are released from the clutch of these evil preisthood but here in india they are oppressed both speech and action by the church. is it do any good for socity , i openly challenge any rational christian regarding this matter ,, i personally know catholic belivers who got social appartehied from church, they cant go to court because in india church got special privilage like private institutions ,, come on free christians dreams for free speech and free life please do act regarding this

  4. 5 P. Nelpura October 9, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    I personally know the case of this particular sister. She had mental disorder and was taken to the hospital. Spreading caluminy against any community or religion is not acceptable. Those who promote hate campaign against fellow religious prove their stuff and they are not religious at all. I personally feel pity for them. Please be just, gentle and genuine.

  5. 6 Sebastian July 27, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    there is hypocracy and sexual exploitation I sense in many convents and other places by priests. I feel sorry for nuns as they are better off married or live a single life integrated to society. however, finding aborted corpses from convent wells and the likes were reported back from 1950s itself. the catholics on the other hand knows about this evil especially in Ernakulam district and bold enough to stop the priest class from dominating.

    I have nothing much to say, but please prevent adding up more nun numbers. I believe they live a very pathetic life and are exploited. I know of a incident where a nun ran away with the milkboy who comes to the convent to milk cow. nuns are also into forced lesbian acts I believe. leave alone priests who are pervasive enough to molest children and turns gandoo(homosex). I feel this is where church needs to open up.

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